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Samsung Galaxy S4 to Utilize New “Eye-Scrolling” Feature

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With the introduction of last year’s Galaxy S3, Samsung showed the world how smart a smartphone could be. With Smart Stay, the S3’s camera would see if your eyes were open and focused on the device, and would determine if it should dim its display or not. Fancy, right? Well, Samsung is looking to take that a step further with a new eye-scrolling feature that is said to come equipped on the Galaxy S4.Β 

With eye-scrolling, once a user has reached the bottom or end of a page, the device will automatically scroll onward to the next section of whatever it is you are reading/looking at. According to the source, it was not yet determined if this feature would be shown off at the March 14 Unpacked event, but the device’s software enhancements were most definitely in the front seat compared to hardware this year.

As for me, I don’t have any of the Smart features enabled currently on my Note 2, but this one is definitely something I would like to try out.

Via: NYT

  • Just like how smart stay was supposed to be really awesome… This is another marketing ****… I got so used to touching my screen every 25 seconds or so that I never had the need to use smart stay. I tried it out, it was neat I guess but really not needed imho. I’m sure other’s will make some use of this but is it really that hard to scroll with you’re finger? I mean you’re holding the device in you’re hand anyway. I just can’t wait to see the look of the S4. I hope they keep the look of the S3 but just with a thinner bezel and I hope they keep the home button the same too. I was reading it’s going to have a full aluminum body, ect. I just think that would be a little to much like the HTC One and some of the other HTC phones. The reason I’m not for that look is once it dents you’re screwed. Polymer has come a long way and I hope they use advanced polymer and keep the slim green look they have gone with in the past Galaxy S line of smartphones and tablets. I want to see a more utilitarian+style like they have been using. Another thing that would be nice is the structure they used with the S2. That phone was by far the strongest phone I’ve ever owned. It could handle serious drops, you could pick the phone up and not have a broken screen, the S3 seemed to have a big issue with broken screens compared to the S3. Imho the S2 is the best phone Samsung has made. It was solid all the way around.

    I most likely will not buy a S4. Only because I just got my Note 2 a few months ago and I’m going to wait for the Note 3. It’s mainly because of what I use my phone for and I’ve found the S-Pen to be something that really comes into handy with the work I do and even for the recreational use I use my device for. It’s just something I can’t live without for now.

  • Bo

    Whaaaat? I have almost all the “Smart” features enabled on my Note II.

  • NorCalGuy

    Kinda creepy…what else will it see??

  • angermeans

    “… but the device’s software enhancements were most definitely in the front seat compared to hardware this year.”

    That is a very scary statement as Samsung really needs to step up the hardware as my Gs3 (and brothers note 2) feel really cheap compared to the competition (especially now they don’t have just apple to go against, but also HTC stepping up their game with the One).

    • SemahjLam

      when they say hardware they mean specs not what its made out of my gs3 does not feel cheap at all there is nothing wrong with plastic because i had many htc devices that felt and looked expensive but fell apart

  • Richard Yarrell

    Another wonderful feature coming soon gotta hand it to Samsung they understand innovative solutions. They are the best in software development and features implementation of devices. Nobody comes close to Samsung in the software department it never amazes me at how innovative they are. Other manufacturers can learn so much from Samsung even Google with it’s boring stock Nexus line and tired Motorola projects. Samsung are the leaders in this space.

    • Diablo81588


  • Bionic

    I’ll believe it when I see it. And I’ll only respect it if it isn’t buggy.

  • Shaggy723

    Samsung is a hardware company for the most part. I’m going to bet that this new feature will prove that once again.

  • hkklife

    This is nothing new…well, in the smartphone world, yes, but it HAS been done before. Canon had Eye Control for focusing and a number of menu functions on several of their Hi8mm consumer camcorders around 1995-1996. I think it may have even won a “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science and/or at CES. I vividly remember this, as my father almost bought one of these before determining it was a gimmick and it would probably not work while wearing glasses and might lose calibration after a while.


    We auditioned a Canon camcorder with this feature at Incredible Universe (remember them?) back in early ’96 and it worked amazingly well, if a bit sluggish from what I recall. I am certain the technology has improved by leaps & bounds but I still feel it’s better used on a camera or camcorder than on a smartphone!

    Like all of Samsung’s other silly features, I’d probably end up disabling this entirely. Why can’t HTC, LG and Samsung put the resources they devote to TouchWiz/Sense bloat & gimmicks into better specs, materials, and R&D into sourcing leading-edge batteries, screens, and camera sensors. STOCK Android is good enough for everything nowadays, other than maybe the camera & gallery apps!

  • Eunice M. Hyslop

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  • NexusMan

    Am I the only one who think these Samsung features are dumb? How hard is it to scroll a page? What happens I happen to look at the bottom of the screen?

  • ChrisI

    I’m not too stoked on smartphones becoming smarter than me. We should all be a little concerned with the level of AI in today’s gadgets.

    • SemahjLam

      there is no AI in a gs3 lol

      • ChrisI

        Anything that can supposedly view my eyes and decide for itself what plan of action to take next is AI. And this is an article on the GS4, not GS3. Definition: The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception…

  • nightscout13

    What if you’re trying to read the last line of a paragraph on your screen, will it scroll too? Seems like a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist

  • Granted

    This is a little too much for my tastes. While I can barely see how it might be beneficial, I do not really want my phone reading my eye’s. These kind of things are just slippery slopes in my mind.

    • LegalAmerican

      I agree. First the phone can sense where your eyes are, next you’ll come home and the phone will be throwing wild parties with any number of devices being invited over. Vases broken, alcohol spilled everywhere, loud music. It’s only a matter of time before the slippery slope of indoor plumbing will force us to get rid of our lovely and perfectly convenient outhouses.

    • niuguy

      TW allows you to turn on and off all these features. So, no harm no foul, right? Wait. How is it a slippery slope?

  • Great, another useless feature that I’d never use.

    • bananatroll

      Its a gimmick within the biggest gimmick of the industry, called touch wiz.

  • what if you’re cock eyed?

    • gary

      then it will swipe the page for you. Duh !

  • Smartphone eyes, they’re watching you *clap clap*

    • zwade

      They see your every move…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Whatever man. Smart Stay barely works…. matter of fact I’m not even sure if it knows what it’s supposed to do.

  • joejoe5709

    Such will be the GSIV. I bet it will be more software changes than tangible hardware changes. This isn’t a bad thing, really. The SIII is already leaps and bounds beyond most phone including its fruity archenemy. Here’s hoping the best and most popular features make their way to a future Nexus.

  • user311

    Nothing to see here, its not as innovative as an extra row of icons. /s

    • Jared

      Or a noise canceling microphone…

      • Crockett Kimberlin

        …that was already there.

        • Jared

          It was revolutionary! Didn’t you know that the i*hone 5 was the first phone ever with noise cancelation technology!?! πŸ™‚

          • john

            Nobody, not even Apple, ever said it was the first.

          • angermeans

            It’s kind of ironic calling apple out for stealing features when we are talking about Samsung here. I guess people just don’t realize or give Samsung forgiveness as Samsung wouldn’t be Samsung without first ripping off every facet of apples phones, tablets, and the marketing that goes into them.

          • michael arazan

            The same way android ripped off apple before there was an ios to rip off?

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      Or Passbook….err…..Samsung Wallet

      • user311

        Yes, because Apple clearly invented the concept of mobile payment solutions…

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Copy the functionality all you want…everyone including Apple does it to a degree. There was no reason for Shamsung to copy the look and feel of Passbook; yet another deliberate attempt by that disgusting company to copy Apple’s style. Please use what little brain you have…

          • user311

            Yeah, the article has to do with a new concept which hasn’t been introduced into mobile which shows Samsung innovating new ideas. The best new idea Apple has had in the last few years has been to copy Android. Your little brain made a weak connection at best regarding a played out concept and you actually tried to set that as a premise for an argument. Brilliant! By your statement in your little mind I can see you value form as being more important than function. A perfect I-fag you must be…

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            I rest my case….

          • user311

            Lol, “I rest my case” dork. Go back to your apple sites. You’re too mentally challenged to hang around here. “I rest my case.” really, who says that. Your comment belongs in the past decade, it’ll sit there well along side Apple’s popularity.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            So glad u mentioned Apple’s popularity: http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-74499448/


          • user311

            Grats a new phone OUTSHIPPED an older model phone…Get your facts right.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Actually Apple reports sales to end users, not shipments to retailers…that would be SAMSUNG’S department: http://sammyhub.com/2012/11/03/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-sales-reach-30-million-units/

            Also, like most fandroid logic, your argument about a newer model iPhone 5 outselling an older model GS3 has a fatal flaw in it: the iPhone 4S is actually OLDER than the GS3 and it STILL outsells is. Get YOUR facts right, fandroid πŸ˜‰

          • user311

            My facts are in check


            I’ll just leave this here to educate you. De’ja vu, its the 90s all over again. Investors are losing faith in Apple. Apple is reducing their parts orders. Like you they fail, and in the end Apple loses…. You bore me…

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Anything you can do, I can do better:

            Ah the ramblings of a butthurt fandroid….such a joy to see!! πŸ™‚

          • user311

            Lol an IGN artice that concludes “Samsung may debut a Galaxy S4 this spring.” Yeah this guy has his facts in check. If you’re going to cherry pick an article, you may want to use someone more creditable. You’re a homo, I rest my case. -No reponse is necessary; You’re gay and I am done with you.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Translation: I don’t have a valid rebuttal so I’ll run along an try to save face….

      • dsass600

        Even though you’re a huge troll, their’s no denying that. To be honest, I think that a lot of people here are starting to hate Samsung.

      • john

        Even Google thinks Samsung rips off Apple. Hahahaha.


  • When are these companies going to learn that gimmicks arent what sell devices. Give me the best SOC and the best GPU, monsterous li-poly battery, 5″ 1080p lcd 3, World LTE, and AOSP. I’d happily pay $600 for something like this. 1..2..3…. GO!

    • When are we enthusiast going to recognize that nerdy hardware specs aren’t what sell phones. Software features that are evident to the end user do.

      • Exactly. And with MIUI and the new TouchWiz coming out with more and more features fresh out, AOSP or “vanilla” are looking more and more bland.

      • bananatroll

        As of jellybean Android doesn’t need and cannot be improved upon by lame ass cheap Asian tricks from the biggest patent fraud company in the world(Samsung).

        All they’re doing is bogging down and even further diluting the Android experience to the the
        Point of everyday smartphone users not being able to recognize they have a Android device to start with.

        Samsung is the proverbial bull in Googles China closet, and one day the man who owns said closet will have to tame this ugly wild beast.

        • I see where you’re coming from. But the Galaxy S III is everywhere these days. Remember, people who are acutely aware of having Android will go out and get what suits them and everyone else will gravitate toward, well, whatever they see on the shelf first really. You’d be surprised at how little of a difference it makes to most people. A lot just want a Facebook app and a simple reader.

          Besides, if the Google team came out with something like Smart Stay etc., people would still welcome it with open arms. Its a nifty feature. You don’t have to set your backlight to never turn off and you don’t have to disable autorotation. Nifty. Besides, the people who have a problem with Touchwiz know how to root/debloat/instll custom roms. So what difference does it make really?

          I’m all for Google. Google’s Nexus line is great but inaccessible. It was my first choice but it was so difficult to get that I just gave up.If Google really wants to tame the beast they should make the phone available on all carriers and have an aggressive marketing campaign.

          • bananatroll

            You’ve got some great points here. I’m a stock Android guy, but on Verizon that means settling for three gnex, which for some rain has horrible radio drivers, and poor tech support from big red itself. Lol google treats out like a black sheep or something. So us Verizon users are stuck with getting the bloated Droid series if we want the best build quality and reception, or getting poor quality galaxy series with even more bloat and cheap build quality. This is of course knowing that the gnex has horrible Verizon update history said poorly developed radios and lack of decent tech support.

            So if we want a nice and robust phone with excellent build quality, along with excellent CDMA drivers and in general the best cellular tedious in the industry… we pick Motorola.

            But yet again there is a sacrifice. Locked boot loaders, stupid DROID this and DROID that every we time we boot up our devices, and of course that pesky Motorola policy of not updating their smartphones.

            But then again that kind of compromise is why God made made rooting, aosp launchers and other customizations dirt the Nexus oriented Android user without a paddle.

          • I loved Verizon while I was on it. It really is the best carrier available in the US. However, their recent choices with hardware and plans have been questionable at best. I left for T-Mobile and while I know its not as, well, amazing it certainly does the trick. At least in Miami, Boston and NYC, it was incredibly fast. Not LTE fast, but hey. Also I just had to ditch the CDMA set. I think GSM really is the way to go.

    • Futbolrunner

      Gimmicks sell quite well. Look at the iPhone.

    • But they’re not gimmicks. These features are actually pretty cool and you know it. Smart Stay is so nifty, it even follows your eyes so that annoying auto-rotate doesn’t kick in. Come on, if an XDA dev made that feature you know people wouldn’t scoff πŸ˜€

      • bananatroll

        Hate to break it to you, but you’ve already fallen for the biggest gimmick of all…

        Touch wiz.

        • Well I use MIUI with a Touchwiz base. But I thought iOS was the biggest gimmick?

  • picaso86

    This will be very helpful while watching “adult entertainment” πŸ˜€

  • DC_Guy

    This is all becoming a little creepy.

  • Brandon Golway

    I can see this thing going haywire and scrolling all the time when you don’t want it to.

  • iScrolling…..sounds like a security and privacy issue. Can you imagine someone that inadvertently or maliciously accessed your phone starring at someone face who’s reading something.

    • niuguy


  • JohnPA2006

    Whoooaaaa, he said “iScrolling” I’m calling APPLE !!! Get’em !!!

  • fartbubbler

    SkyNet has become self aware…

    • I think I see this in every discussion thread

  • Dave

    I’ll settle for a better multi window experience on the GN2. If they abandon support for this (a big reason I bought it) I’ll never come back to them.

  • Dave

    There’s a lot of features that really seem cool but are not that practical, I see no problem with moving my finger along the screens.

  • Corey Foltman

    sounds like a battery killer…

  • interesting. while i wouldn’t use it, it sure is an interesting concept. i tend to read in the middle of the screen for some reason…my eyes dont like to drift to the bottom of a page when reading unless it is an e-book.

    • NexusPhan69

      Configurable settings is a must with this feature, if indeed this feature exists.

  • I think the biggest issue with it will be the same issue “Smart Stay” has, in that if the room is too dimly lit it wont’t work. being we are creatures of habit it makes for a really bad user experience when things don’t always work, and you can’t build up a good usage pattern around it.

    • niuguy

      Generally, smart stay does usually work pretty well. I’m happy with it.

      • Usually, yes it does. It’s those times it doesn’t and the screen just turns off when you aren’t expecting it to that really recreates a frustrating situation for a user. My wife had me turn it off as she couldn’t understand why it worked fine, then not at all..or would work on and off (she likes to read in bed before bed, poor lighting)

  • All these “smart” features must take its toll on battery life no? Can someone with an S3 voice their opinion on this? All Smart features on.. how’s battery life? compared to all Smart features off?

    • It eats into battery life, yes, esp the Smart Stay as it constantly polls the FFC. I only had the “Direct Call” and “Swipe to take screenshot” features enabled. The rest were more or less useless anyway.

      • Ken Bosse

        same, usually it never worked for me any way. I only keep direct call, smart alert, and screenshot on.

      • NexusPhan69

        Hmmm, I’ve been rocking the hacked version on my Gnex for months now without any noticeable battery drain. Maybe the screen’s battery drain is so overwhelming that everything else pales in comparison.

    • scorchedsky

      I use Smart Stay, because when it works it’s amazing and when it doesn’t it’s just like any other phone. I’ve watched the logs of the actual “Smart Stay” events – it’s a few seconds of wakelock (Face_detection_service) whenever the screen turns off. CPU will jump up from my minimum for about 2 seconds while the wakelock occurs, then screen off as normal.

      So even if your screen goes on and off 100 times a day, it’s only 3 minutes of wakelocks/CPU usage – never seems to affect me too much.

    • niuguy

      Not an issue with the Note II given its large battery, but i could see it as an issue with the S4 which, presumably, will have a smaller battery.

  • Shane Redman

    Not to be confused with iScrolling *patent pending*

    • angermeans

      I think you have it mixed up. Samsung severely copies apple not the other way around. I have yet to see apple take any ideas from Samsung.

      • Guest


        • michael arazan

          Steven Hawking has been using this technology for years, but not just with scrolling, he can formulate words, sentences, paragraphs and so on. He can also move his chair with the use of his eyes.

      • Avion

        That’s why Apple is losing the market share….

      • drew

        Pulldown notification center???