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CyanogenMod 10.1 M2 Builds Running Android 4.2.2 Now Up Flashing

Cid CyanogenMod

Today, the newest official builds of CyanogenMod are now up on their servers for flashing. These 10.1 M2 builds run the latest Android 4.2.2 code, bringing the newest Android goodies from Google and tons of custom features, much like you would expect from Team Douche.

Noteworthy devices able to flash these newest builds are the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus (yes, toro is there), Nexus 4, OG Note, Nexus 10, and a ton more. For the full list of supported devices and links to download, check it out here.

Via: CyanogenMod

  • I revert back to touch wiz every once in a while but also go back to cm pretty soon.

  • David

    Does CM include gapps or does that need to be downloaded seperately?

  • John Perry

    The M stands for milestone. Not monthly. Yes nightly has been out for a bit but milestone is more stable with openness to report bugs. Not like on nightlies. Anyways. On gsiii. Love the cyanogenmod. I revert back to touch wiz every once in a while but also go back to cm pretty soon. Not as many options for convenience or flair but the smoothness and simpleness is there all the way love it. You can usually add other stuff through a zip or an app if you really miss a touch wiz feature. When on touch wiz I use intergelactic by stratatak 7. Real nice. Looking forward to the gsIV

  • Anyone got this running on Verizon GS3? How’s the battery life?

    • Mason Lammers

      I have been on the nightly since it was released and it continues to impress me. CM never disappoints and is always working on making their ROM better. Battery life has been good on nightly’s but haven’t had enough time to test on the M.

  • azholio


  • NexusPhan69

    Just updated back to cyanogenmod today. Had no idea 4.2.2 was even out or that it was pushed today. Funny how it works like that sometimes. Maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket or something.

  • I’m not sure what this article is about? CM10.1 has already had 4.2.2 merged in for awhile now. Nothing noteworthy happened over the weekend other than it’s a new month. CM10.1 M (monthly) builds have a different name, but are no different than the nightly builds.

    • Justin

      The M (monthly) builds are more stable than the nightly builds. The CyanogenMod team does not consider bug reports filed against nightly builds, but encourages them for M builds. The 10.1 M2 build released today is the first M build based on 4.2.2. Before today, the M builds were based 4.2.1.

      • John Perry

        The m is milestone

        • Justin

          Well, not necessarily. The official blog entry when they introduced the M-Series builds said even they “aren’t exactly sure what M stands for. “Monthly”, “milestone”, or perhaps ‘MINE ALL MINE!'”:


    • Jon

      The M builds are for the masses…like you could load CM 10.1 on your grandmas phone and not have to worry about it …in theory. Where as the nightly builds are not recommended for everybody.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    CyanogenMod is the best rom hands down!!

  • Bluez

    Now we just need someone to fix their Bluetooth MAP port that never worked

  • cole hartman

    No note 2? awww darn.

    • Geoff Johnson

      They’re are nightlies out for the Note 2, I just flashed a 4.2.2-based CM ROM.

    • Jon

      Yeah just download one of the nightlies. 4.2.2 has been on nightly status for a bit on Note II. It works great for the most part. I’ve been running it for a couple days. My only beef is the camera. Pics are a bit slow to focus indoors in bright daytime. Still takes good pics, but you have to pay attention, whereas on stock, the camera app is just fire and forget good.

  • Travis Shepherd

    Does the p31xx devices (galaxy tab 2 7.0) have tablet mode?

  • El Big CHRIS

    I’m running AOKP but noticed the post from sat about the pending update from VZW, would the devs include that in their next one? Basically I don’t want to update now only to update in a few days once that’s released. I use my phone for work

    • If you update to CM now you will be able to apply the next CM update with those changes without wiping or otherwise rendering your device unusable.

    • NorCalGuy

      If you are current on your AOKP build then you should already be running a 4.2.2 build. The big news from this weekends post was that there are new radios for the vzw gnex. With that being said the guy who has said radios is yet to get it uploaded for the masses and also according to the XDA post on it the only way to pull the radios is to have him flash back to 4.1 and then get the update again hopefully. So in reality we could have the radios tonight or we could be waiting until Vz releases the update…. So right now its just a waiting and guessing game.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        ok so i’d just wait for the radios zip then. Much appreciated 🙂

  • Color me Jelly

    Any news on the RAZR soak test…?

  • Michael Phillips

    I their actual name “Team Douche?”

    • BAoxymoron

      yes it is

    • thedanks

      i also didn’t know that. thats pretty douchey.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Honestly I always go back to Cyan…then I leave again… somethings missing from stock Android. We need more features… not just lockscreen fluff. We got the buttery smooth thing down pact…but we need “Features” go Synergy on my S3 and the Note 2 features (multi window) just are so unique…. but I still want more “features”

    • Jon

      On my Galaxy Note II, CM 1.1 is amazing, but I really don’t like the functionality of the camera app. It’s slick and way simpler, but too slow. It affects the quality of pictures I take…which really sucks. The split screen and s-pen stuff on Touchwiz is great surprisingly. So I’m torn.

  • Dan

    I’m on AOKP….Maybe its time for a switch. Any input?

    • Gy

      I for one have none of the issues I was having on AOKP build 3 (not build 2, mind) so far: random hard-locks and weird bugs (like short-pressing home button being mistaken for a long press). The two look pretty much identical too! >_>

      • Note: this entirely depends on your phone and how janky the support is.

      • SemahjLam

        that home button bug happens on cm too

        • QQ

          Really? That’s lame! Why is it all so buggy?! 🙁

          • SemahjLam

            well they’re all based off cm so if cm has that bug they all do

  • Gy

    Looking solid so far on d2vzw! GPS took a while to get working, but it seems to have no issues right now – it couldn’t lock on any satellites for the first half hour or so after flashing, then suddenly decided it’d work.

  • You got yourself a typo in the title there Tim.

    “Now Up Flashing”

  • kevin

    So how is this compared to the latest carbon build?

    • Ryan Ball

      I’d like to know too. Really liking carbon so far

      • what’s carbon?

        • kevin

          it is an aosp based rom that is pretty stable and buttery smooth. I never ran CM before but im just wondering if this rom has anything over the carbon rom

      • I’m also running Carbon 1.5. Any others tried this CM build yet? How’s it compare?

    • Also yes.

    • T_Dizzle

      This is really fast, the CM builds just prior made me try Carbon because they were a little clunky. I’m back on CM after this 3/4/13 build. The little extras really help like reboot into recovery. Try it, you’ll probably like it and if not go back to Carbon.

  • woohoo