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AccuWeather App Updated for Phones and Tablets, Brings Revamped UI and Widgets


Yesterday, an update was pushed out to the AccuWeather for Android app, bringing a completely redone UI for both smartphones and tablets. On top of a spanking new UI, multi-location widgets have been added, users are given the ability to create custom forecasts, and push notifications for severe weather warnings are a go for tablets. 

What’s in this version:

  • Completely redesigned for tablets and phones, with landscape & portrait modes.
  • Multi-location, resizable widgets with more detail.
  • Customizable My AccuWeather forecasts.
  • Pushed severe weather notices for tablets.
  • European radar and a snapshot view for your saved locations.

I will say, the ads in the free version are pretty darn annoying. If you don’t like them either, you can pick up a paid version on sale for $1.

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  • mikel61101

    The new accuweather doesnt acknowledge my location by gps and its tickin me off… lol

    • sunupe

      When a weather app can’t keep track of my location, then its useless to me!!

  • C-Law

    So far my favorite is weather bug. The new weather channel app sometimes slips up when loading radar data and stops working right. accuweather app always says I’m in Houston even though I live right on top of it in spring, it actually says Houston for every city next to Houston. Every other weather app on the planet gets my location correct.

  • enigmaco

    I have been using 1weather with my nexus 4 been working out pretty good, might check out accuweather again

  • Jim

    I bought the 99 cent version last night to replace the new crappy Weather Channel app. Very happy with the switch.

    • Same situation here. The weather Channel’s app redesign is just godawful. AccuWeather seems to have gone the right direction with theirs

  • Charge your battery, yo.

  • Thomas

    Who cares about this, Real Racing 3 is out !!! YES !!!

  • Oh look… it’s the weather

    • JoshGroff

      To think it’s only 42 here. >.>

      • Definitely pretty spoiled here

        • picaso86

          44 degrees here in Jersey is BBQ time!

    • Thomas

      What is the girl eating out of your ear 😉

    • sunupe

      Smart ass…#googlenow

  • Personally, I have no use for a weather app being that I can check it with Google Now… Not only that, but in socal the weather is pretty predictable and generally I can just look outside and see what the weather will be like for the day.

    99% of the time it’s shorts and t-shirt weather

    • Nashole

      Thanks for the biography.

      • Thanks for the useless reply to my useless comment?

    • Herbie


    • Weather give MUCH more detail than Google Now. Not a huge deal when all you need is temp. But if you need/want humidity, radar, etc. then you need a good weather app.

    • grumpypants

      Valid point, but remember not everyone has access to Google Now yet.

      Heck, I have JB but have turned Google Now off to squeeze out a little more precious battery life.

      Nice to know of other options.

      • Valid point as well. I think people thought I was being negative when I was just stating what I use and my experience. Everyone has a different way of doing things, apps they prefer and the choice to do so is what makes things great

    • Not so in Kansas. It can go from being sunny and 70 one day to a 12 inches of snow the next. Literally. We have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.” Not to mention the tornado threat. Google Now just doesn’t cut it here.

      • Amen @facebook-500019603:disqus, I used to live in Wichita myself and that’s exactly how it is there.

        Personally I use WeatherBug for the hourly windchill forecasts. That’s very important here in the Midwest, where the actual temperature and what it feels like can differ by 8C or more.