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Mokriya Craigslist – the Best Craigslist App for Android

Mokriya Craigslist

It is not everyday, in fact it’s more like never, that I come across a Craigslist app that visually stuns me. Usually, it’s just open up the app, thumb through boring looking posts and then exit out. With the Mokriya Craigslist app, the experience is much better and more beautiful than one could have first imagined. 

When you first open the app, you can specify a certain location with a pretty dial system or get straight to browsing by category. Each listing is wonderfully organized and it makes browsing a hectic site like Craigslist a fun and attractive time. The app is free on Google Play with no ads, but with an IAP of $1, it unlocks the ability to post listings to the app and also receive notifications on items that go up for sale, making sure you don’t miss anything you have been looking for.

Below, I go hands on with the app to give a brief overview of how it works.

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Cheers Rob!

  • Marco P

    “Mokrya” is feminine of the word “wet” in Russian, which is what you are if you by stuff on crairs ;). Get it, you’re all wet.

  • Jim

    Garbage. Very very slick design, but no substance. No categories search. No multi-state search. Very slow. Not everyone is smart enough to put in proper keywords for you to find their junk.

    CLApp is still king! (no I dont work for them).

  • this is amazing. Great find. thanks

  • Wow, this is sweet, just purchased the .99 alerts option. Been looking for a good CL app!

  • Sid Anderson

    it’s really good and interesting post. Thank you so much share this post.


  • Kills me when people put ads on craiglist but don’t make the time to rotate the damn image before finalizing the post. LOL! If you’re that lazy or unmindful, then why would I want to buy your crap?! LOL! #rantfortheday

  • Tim242

    It looks nice. However, no support for sub categories.

  • XxXDroidRocXxX

    Looks good

  • Radgatt

    I see this app and I just made a post on craigslist an hour ago via a different app lol, it looks nice though.

  • Gary Keeler

    It’s nice but I’m partial to CLapp for all of my craigslist needs. Disclaimer: I might be biased since I help with the design 🙂

    • JunMaan

      I use CLapp too. I like the design the best.

    • jim

      Just downloaded this app, doesnt have 1/4th of the features of CLApp… best there is! Can you do add a feature to search more then 3 statescities at a time? Like 10-20, or the whole US?Thanks for the great work.

  • It sure is! I just found out about it a couple days ago.

  • dannyWHITE

    Nice looking app! I use Craigslist enough so i will definitely be downloading it, thanks Tim!

  • Tony Allen

    Yeah, once the bugs get worked out of this app it’ll be great. Had a lot of display/UI bugs when I used it on my Note 2

  • Scottyb112

    Tim, quit looking at the casual encounters section… lol

  • nightscout13

    Is there a desktop CL app? I’m sick of the original

    • Tony Allen

      No but check out searchtempest.com it’s a great alternative on the home PC

      • nightscout13

        I dunno, looks tacky. Do you work with this site?

        • Ben Klene

          Not sure if he is or not, but I constantly use searchtempest. Not for the fantastic user interface *sarcasm* but because it gives me the results from multiple CL locations conveniently. It used to be a lot better, but the owners at CL didn’t like it because it was unlicensed so it has to search through google now which brings up a lot of old and expired posts.

          • Tony Allen

            No I sure don’t work for/with them. Fact is, the actual CL website is awful, it looks dated, and works even worse than it looks.

            Just as Ben said though, it’s the most powerful desktop/web interface for using CL, and also like he said.. it used to be much, much better. It comes down to the fact that the guys behind CL refuse to change the simple and archaic ways of their site.. when another site does what they do with their service better *much better in SearchTempest’s case* they nerf them for being unlicensed. Just have to search through the good/bad/indifferent like always. You’ll spend much less time looking for what you want though.

  • nightscout13

    And yet native CL still looks like 1996

    • Tim242

      That look is intentional. They want to keep a minimal look.

      • nightscout13

        You know, it is actually possible to maintain a minimalist look with an updated layout.

      • Tony Allen

        Intentionally bad? Minimalism has evolved since 56k was screamin speed for the web.

  • Silver Veloz

    You’re right Tim. This is a nice layout on this app. Want to play with it more, but gotta get back to work. Thanks.

  • Derin Richardson

    Actually makes me want to risk purchasing on craigslist for a change.

    Good find, Tim!

  • tharealoc

    great app, so much better than anything else out there right now