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Verizon 4G LTE Expands in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Connecticut, Missouri, and Pennsylvania

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Verizon continues to push out new LTE markets and expand in others on its way to matching 3G coverage across the country. In the latest batch of expansions and rollouts, we get territories in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Missouri as the recipients of shiny new 4G LTE coverage.

Since Big Red covers almost all major cities, we are now listing out new coverage areas that include highways, counties, and other bodies of land. The entire list is below. 

West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky:

  • North of Charleston, W. Va., along Interstate 77 to the Kanawha/Jackson county line, including the town of Sissonville; and northeast of Huntington, W. Va., in Proctorville, Ohio.
  • Bridgeport, just east of Clarksburg.
  • North along Interstate 77 from the Washington/Noble county line to the Noble/Guernsey county line, including Belle Valley, Caldwell and Dexter City.
  • Along Interstate 70 from Blaine to the Pennsylvania state line;
  • Along routes 7 and 2 from the Ohio County, W. Va., southern border to the Belmont County, Ohio, northern border;
  • Oglebay Park
  • This expansion covers the city of Norwalk, U.S. Route 20 and U.S. Route 250.


  • Mount Washington
  • Site enhances coverage along Grandview Ave. on top of Mount Washington from Shaler Street on the west side to Wyoming Street. Coverage also extends down Wyoming Street to Virginia Avenue.


  • Harwinton
  • Litchfield
  • New Hartford
  • Plymouth
  • Thomaston
  • Torrington
  • Bristol
  • Burlington
  • Collinsville


  • Kirksville
  • Unionville
  • Green Castle
  • Lancaster
  • Pollock
  • Greentop
  • Poplar Bluff
  • Advance
  • Grayridge
  • Dexter
  • Harviell
  • Fisk
  • Fairdealing
  • Doniphan
  • Wappapello
  • Bloomfield
  • Puxico
  • Williamsville

Are you a part of this new expansion?

  • ldog70

    You know i guess i can accept that we don’t have LTE in Paducah, Ky yet. I just wish one of those verizon reps would be HONEST and say you will get it LAST!!!! If we bother to give it to you at all. I mean just like another poster said below. They have 4g in the small town of Metropolis, IL for christ sake!!!! Places like Joppa, IL little bity towns have full 4g. Yet Paducah, Ky with at least a population of 100 thousand ZIP, ZERO, NADA!!!! I guess we are not supposed to understand their mentality. I have heard others say it before and i agree. 4g phones are selling like “HOTCAKES” here in Paducah. Mifi 4g hotspots etc. They better do something here soon.

  • ldog70

    Figures not one word about Paducah ky.

  • mikel61101

    GROVE, OK FINALLY HAS 4G LTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like to see some 4G LTE love in London Ky. I would be so happy

  • Devi8

    Nexus 4 on straight talk, work provided 4g jetpack, perfect….

  • Gerret Walczak

    That “Pennsylvania” list should be relabeled “Pittsburgh”.

  • was suprised how well teh 4g in lexington performed i was downtown saturday night for a conf while the uk/missouri games was going on and even with downtown packed with 20k fans i was still pulling 10 meg down and 15 meg up on 4g on my mifi

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Still have massive dead spots in michigan. Especially in Oakland,
    Macomb, and Wayne county, arguably some of the most populated counties
    in michgan.

    • ostensibly

      Washtenaw is solid though.

  • Senor Saleem

    Litchfield has had LTE for a few months now

  • westky

    i live in the largest city between st. louis and nashville and still no LTE. it’s really getting sad. mush smaller ares around here have it but no love for paducah ky.

  • Austin Warren

    Finally. Every time i’m hiking or hunting in West Virginia I feel like something from Deliverance is going to happen. Can’t call anybody either with no service.

  • croixd

    Sissonville WV……I wonder why Verizon chose that area. If my city hosted the show Buckwild maybe I’d have LTE

  • I experianced some testing or faint signals this morning in Miami OK

  • Glad to see that my parents are getting more LTE love!

  • westkyvzw

    They didn’t list new sites in the southern tip of Illinois northwest and west of Metropolis, IL. near Joppa, IL along the Ohio River. Funny it’s there, and not Paducah, KY and I-24, where there is a greater population.

  • Ethan Ash

    Going to school in WV, I’m mystified that Parkersburg and Wood County as a whole are yet to be lit up. With Marietta, OH across the river, a major federal government subdepartment in town, and being WAY bigger than a lot of the rural areas that are lit up, I figured we’d have had 4G long ago. I wish VZW provided more timetables just so I’d know.

  • Trevor

    You know that when you have to describe the expansion areas like you did for WV, OH, KY and PA, that VZW is nearing completion of their LTE rollout.

  • Montana has gotten a TON of new sites popup in the last week… the state is littered full of new blots of 4G service.

    • Paul Gormley

      Except Great Falls, no love here at all.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Just got 4G LTE last week in Smithfield VA

  • cloisterhound

    Their rural cell partners seem to be doing a good job, Bluegrass Cellular has got LTE lit up along the I65 corridor south of Louisville

  • Doesn’t matter since lte gnex radios blow. Can’t get more than 2 bars anywhere in Pgh. My friends gs3 gets full bars all over.

  • ynksbsbll2

    Interesting that they list Bristol, CT. I’m sitting pretty with absolutely zero service right now, yet if I drive a mile down the road I have full 4g

  • Jaron1226

    Verizon does not care about the southeastern states. I mean really, I can’t believe I’m still on 3G.

    • Tim242

      What? They have great coverage in the Southeast Almost whole states covered, including AR

      • Jaron1226

        I’m in North Carolina. Scotland Neck, NC to be exact, and we don’t have it here yet. US Cellular is the only carrier in town with 4G.

        • Daniel Richardson

          I was surprised when I got 4G in my little town but I am “close” to Charlotte, you are not close to anywhere LOL..

    • Dylan Patel

      I live in Georgia, and the coverage is great in rural georgia. I get lte in my town with 15000 people in it

    • Austin Warren

      are you wearing make up in your pic?

      • Jaron1226

        No. My eyes are naturally squinchy, and the filter made it appear that way.

  • Radgatt

    That puts AT&T expansion to shame. Places where if you’re not from there you haven’t heard of them. Verizon LTE for everyone!

    • Pedro

      I’ve paid my ETF to leave the VZW tit. T-mob $30 deal works for me. StraightTalk for wife and daughter, as I’ve learned that they blow through the 100 minutes in about.. uhm… 103 minutes..

      Great cell coverage for EVERYONE, more choices for everyone.

      I get it that that VZW has spent a boatload of cash to get the coverage they have. Thing is, where I go, all the providers have great coverage. I don’t need to pay for the VZW coverage in middle South Dakota. And a $120 bill v $250 every month adds up.

      I’m on the unlocked phone, pre-paid bandwagon. When you can do it with the Nexus 4 for $350 upfront a phone, even better. Another provider comes using the same towers for $5 cheaper a month, I’m in. Daughter/wife wants another phone, buy an unlocked version, and I don’t care. I’ll never sign another contract for phone service.

      • Tim242

        What are you going to do when GSM is gone and everything is LTE? No more unlocked phones

        • Jarred Sutherland

          LTE is a branch of GSM….

          • Tim242

            No, it really isn’t. That is a common misconception. HSPA+ is not even a branch of GSM. It is a branch of CDMA. However, LTE is not a branch of either. LTE is actually a branch of WiMax. Regardless, none of that matters. As it stands now, unlocked phones only work on GSM and HSPA+. LTE will not work. So, when that is all there is…no more unlocked freedom.

      • I am happy you now have a lower phone bill, but no one gives a damn that you no longer with Verizon

      • Sara Frey

        This article is about LTE expansion. Neither T-Mo nor Straight Talk have LTE. So what do they have to do with anything? You get what you pay for, like LTE for example. On top of that Straight Talk throttles data usage once you consume an “excessive” amount of data. That amount varies by where you live and what network you use and they refuse to reveal what the amounts actually are. Also, they reserve the right to cut off your data completely after an undisclosed amount of usage. TMobile throttles after 5 Gb on their $30 plan and where I live T-Mo is just plain unusable and I’m not in the sticks either. At least with Verizon, you know what you’re getting- reliable service natiowide plus LTE in most places.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Reliable service nation wide? Hope you don’t venture around my neck of the woods.

      • Randy Luna

        That blows loads to be you and your family to switch but it is for the best

        • michael arazan

          Don’t be mad at him, Vzw drives everyone crazy at some point with their shatty business ethics and practices. I feel for those that need to vent out their dissatisfaction against vzw, everyone at Nexus forums at vzw community are now bashing vzw, but their complaints fall on deaf ears and deleted posts from vzw mods.

          Let’s all just hope that dish/ google will have a carrier up by the end of this year

          • I am starting to have enough of my verizon bill. The bummer is as long as the demand is there, they have us by our balls.
            Based on a previous post, folks need to stop upgrading and buying the newest phones. Once demand is reduced, we may see better pricing in all areas.

    • cb2000a

      Maui just recently got ATT LTE.

  • A lot done here in the Antelope Valley area here in California as well

  • Tim242

    They also did a huge expansion in Arkansas. There’s barely any 3G left here now


    Athens, OH (Ohio University) has LTE now as well. Flipped on sometime last week.

    • Steevka

      I jumped out of my seat mid-lecture when I checked my phone and saw that beautiful LTE logo.