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Samsung and Visa Sign Global Alliance Agreement, payWave App to Come Pre-installed on All NFC Devices

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This morning, Visa and Samsung have announced a major agreement regarding mobile payments and the future of Samsung’s NFC-capable lineup. According to the agreement, all NFC-enabled devices from Samsung will launch with Visa’s payWave application, as well as Visa’s Mobile Provisioning Service, allowing banks to load payment account information securely over-the-air to your Samsung device. 

As cool as this sounds, with NFC mobile payments becoming the future, exclusive deals such as this one could hurt consumers that are not using Visa. We don’t know yet if Samsung will be able to partner with Visa’s competitors going forward for similar services, but I wouldn’t think Visa would be too happy about all of that.

With Samsung getting ready to launch their new flagship device, we can almost be certain to see this agreement manifest in the Galaxy S4.

Via: Engadget | Visa

  • This is why Google needs to get wallet worldwide fast…. Stop beta testing Google

    • Tim242

      That ship has sailed.

  • Anyone think this new app might be compatible with the Galaxy Nexus, and available in the play store for older devices with the NFC hardware?

  • Thomas

    Verizon..don’t F this up like you did Google Wallet !!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Whatever happened to that App Tmob VZW and ATT was working on? And if that’s still a go we can almost guarantee that this app will NOT come pre installed on the GS4 for those carriers …. Espcially you know WHOZW

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Well a lot of people including myself thought we had to wait for apple to include NFC for it to take off but I think with the amount of Samsung devices out there they might have a similar influence. Of course I’m talking about payment via NFC there are already many people using It for other things.

    • Tim242

      The problem is that there are too many competing “standards” and lack of marketing. . Has nothing to do with apple.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Its not necessarily apple, but insert x brand of whatever that has taken off and the market will follow. Look a k cups they are every where now but there were plenty of competitive options for coffee. Samsung has so much market share right now that it should apply pressure to retailers to get with NFC as a payment option.

        • Tim242

          I have no idea what k cups is. We have Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Krispy Kreme here. I agree with you. However, limiting it to only one type of card is killing it before it starts. My debit and credit cards are MasterCard. Not to mention, MasterCard pioneered NFC in the US with PayPass.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            I never thought about the about the master card so that is a valid point. K cups are what goes in a keurig coffee machine. I only brought that up because since keurig machines went big it seems like every company from dunkin to starbucks started making them. Keurig set a standard and pretty damn quick because of its popularity and thats what I hope this partnership does.

  • Radgatt

    I don’t mind this at all. From what I’ve seen a lot of banks use visa as their debit cards. This could be the one alternative for people not on sprint and don’t want to root their phones.

  • “…all NFC-enabled devices from Samsung will launch with Visa’s payWave application” – Unless you’re on Verizon. /speculation

    • Tim242

      Or at&t, or T-Mobile.

  • I am fine with multiple APPs if only they all use the same hardware standards so vendors only need one reader and I only need one NFC device. I can pick and choose whose APP I will use based on who gives me the best deal at the time.

    Credit cards are universal hardware – NFC payments need to be the same.

  • DC_Guy

    All except Verizon, I’m sure…

  • More of these stupid apps? Why cant we just have one that works instead of having 1000 half assed ones?

    • EC8CH

      I don’t mind if there are multiple NFC payment apps, so long as they all use a compatible system and don’t attempt to block each other from the market *turns slowly and stares at Verizon logo on the back of my Galaxy Nexus*

      • I mean as long as they work yeah. My main point was the fact that I have not yet used one that works as advertised. I always have to try a few times before it will work. With the exception of vending machines with my Nexus 4 for whatever reason. Those always work super fast.

    • DC_Guy

      Agreed! I was excited to finally get Google Wallet after a recent software update on my Sprint Note 2. It is hit or miss at best. It worked perfectly fine the first time I used it, but has not worked the last three times I’ve tried to use it. Just says “transaction not approved”, then I have to use the actual plastic card. So much for my phone being my wallet. -____-

      • I tried to use google Wallet on my old Galaxy Nexus once and It caused my phone to bootloop and I had to re-flash the stock rom before It would boot again. Thats never happened to me with any other app. Its googles app.. On googles phone, with googles rom. This shouldnt happen. Ever.

        • David Narada Brown

          Are you sure that was a google rom? Which rom where you running when you got bootloop?

      • renGek

        I use my google wallet half a dozen times per week. Have been doing so for at least 10 months. I generally don’t have any issues and it all works well. The times it does not work I can almost predict it by looking at the terminal at the cash registers. There is a variant of those terminals that fails 50% of the time. I used to see them at Old Navys, Whole Foods and some Macys. Whole foods no longer has any issues for me because they changed to a new type of terminals.

        Sometimes the issue is with the cashiers because they don’t know what to do. They’ll ask “what did you just do” and I’ll tell them “just select mastercard paypass” and all is good.

        • DC_Guy

          I just tried it again at the grocery store about 10 minutes ago. Didn’t work yet again. That’s the fourth time in a row. What gives Google?

        • michael arazan

          I wonder if Samsung will block Google Wallet from their phones and tablets, or try too block it, in similar fashion that VZW does. Or how will Samsung get it past their vzw branded phones that they sell on vzw. VZW will not allow Sammy to include it on their phones for vzw network.