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HBO GO and MAX GO Updates Include HDMI Out Support

hbo go android

The HBO GO and MAX GO apps received an update last night that included one of the most requested features of all time for video streaming apps – HDMI-out support. With HDMI-out support, you can fire up HBO and MAX content from your device, attach an HDMI cable to it, and then plug the other end directly into any TV or monitor with an HDMI port to view content from your device on a bigger screen. So in theory, you could take your content anywhere – work, friend’s house, etc. – and watch all of the Beyonce HBO goodness your mind can handle.

Play Links:  HBO GO | MAX GO

Cheers Anon!

  • Frank O.

    Pointless if you’re not subscribing to the (greatly) over-priced cable service. Make a mobile subscription & I’m in, otherwise…

  • a1locjaw

    Great! Now if I could pin content to my Infinity, would be great!

  • You mean I can finally use my MHL adapter for my GSM GNex?!? ABOUT TIME! =)

  • Silver Veloz

    Of course, now that I dropped the channels. LOL

  • The Jackal

    Now if only my Asus Eee pad would have support for HDMI out for Google play I’d have all the HDMI out I could handle. Also screw whoever is at fault on that Asus/Google Play no HDMI problem.

  • chanstar

    If only STARZ has an app for Android….

    • Justin

      Certain cable providers let you access STARZ through their own apps at least, like Verizon.

      • chanstar

        Seems like STARZ PLAY is only available if you are a COX subscriber….at least for iOS. Not sure if the app is available for Android yet. I have VZ Fios anyways so I prob won’t be able to get it. Sigh….all I want to watch is Spartacus.

  • Illinipoke98

    Woohoo! And WTF Max go?

  • Justin

    If your phone doesn’t have HDMI-out, is there a way to do this with a DLNA app on your phone, connecting to your TV through a DLNA-capable device like a PS3?

    • Daniel Maginnis

      DLNA only works for media stored on phone. So no. I wish there was. I’m charging my droid 2 and gonna test it with that

      • Justin

        Ah, that’s too bad – thanks anyway. I guess the only option would be to buy a microUSB-to-HDMI wire?

        • Daniel Maginnis

          maybe, only if your phone supports it. you would probably find a menu in the settings alluding to this fact. or you could look it up. this is called MHL-out. a lot of the phones last year or so had this. a lot of the newer ones do not. my razr m has no output except for DLNA. i think google is trying to kill it off with the newer versions of android supporting wireless display out (but not even the nexus devices right now even do it)

  • And still no Android tablet support for MAX GO. HBO GO got this months ago. They’re basically the same app. What the hell is the problem?

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Awesome. Good thing my RAZR m and nexus 7 don’t have video out! I don’t understand why Google would kill off MHL out before something is there to replace it.

  • jimingo

    Finally, glad to read it. Now if they can fix the “this is an audio stream, switch to a stronger WIFI or 3G signal” annoying pop-up, I will jump for joy.