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Swiftkey 4 Released to Google Play – Includes Flow, Improved Prediction Engine, and New Language Support

swiftkey 4

Last night at midnight, Swiftkey released the newest version of their keyboard to the market, fittingly called Swiftkey 4. As expected, this version of Swiftkey includes Flow, the swipe-style keyboard that allows you to write words and sentences without having to lift up a finger. If you have been in the beta game for some time, then you have been testing Flow for a while now. It’s brilliant, because it predicts just as good as Swiftkey has for years, but it gives you another way to input text. 

In version 4, you’ll also find new personalization that learns from your typing style, better predictions, easier corrections, more languages, and the ability to “Flow Through Space,” which is a fancy way of swiping to the space bar to add a space between words so that you can type out whole sentences in Flow.

Both tablet and phone versions are half off for a short time, so be sure to grab them for $1.99.

Play Links:  Swiftkey Phone | Tablet

To celebrate the launch, Swiftkey is hosting a contest that could land you a Nexus 7, simply by following @Swiftkey and then Tweeting ”I’m tweeting with SwiftKey 4 to win a Nexus 7! Try Android’s smartest keyboard now – http://bit.ly/swiftkey4 #swiftkey”.


Via:  Swiftkey

  • steve

    i prefer Swype 1.4

    The version u can dl directly from them. It seems to do a far better job in recognizing the “swipe” of words.

    kept trying the beta and now swiftkey 4, but keep going back.

  • FAL_Fan

    So this is the culmination of the beta version? There are to be no more beta, just this official version?

  • yungqb7

    Play store didn’t see that I needed the update, but Amazon app store did. Then again I did get it for free off Amazon, but that shouldn’t really matter. (Using it on LG Revolution running 2.3.6)

  • Nakrohtap

    My phone won’t recognize the update. I cleared cache and confirmed I purchased it from the Google play store.

  • Raven

    Anyone using the Tablet version on the Nexus 7? How come no Arrow Keys or Numpad in between the split keyboard. Back to Thumb Keyboard for now.

  • Bewara2009

    I bought this new version but it doesn’t swype flow do I have todo ssomething in order to do that? I email customers service… Nothing so far

    • you have to enable it in settings

      • Bewara2009

        Thanks got it 🙂

  • gambit07

    This official version of flow is AWESOME. I used the first two betas and thought it was awful, lots of bugs and limitations, but the improvements they made since then make the flow aspect work fantastic and swiftkeys prediction is good as ever. If you tried the beta and didn’t like it I encourage you to give this a shot.

  • vinny

    i still just like the stock 4.2.2 keyboard tried the swiftkey beta and found my self going back to the stock keyboard

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Fsfega bahfdga bh bakhbgahd (It works great!).


  • rfranken

    still can’t flow in certain fields where swype can…swype

  • jzwerlz43

    flow is simply a piece of work. so much better then the swipe on samsung’s default keyboard. the ability to swipe over the space bar to continuously swipe an entire sentence is great. something that every swipe keyboard should have. word predictions and ability to learn how u type is still as great as ever. i see no flaws here with this app.

  • Still a limited number of themes? I guess that’s the same as Swype though, right?

  • nyr2k2

    Best keyboard on Android, hands down.

    • Austin Warren


  • How do you swype double letters on this? I cant use Flow to swype the word “too” to save my life! lol seriously

    • Raven

      Just give a little wiggle at the end of your swype so that you go off of the “o” and then right back on to it.

  • anezarati

    is 4 free, if i bought the previous versions?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      yes just an update

      • Austin Warren

        Yes is 4 fwee

        • michael arazan

          I’ve had it for over 6 months and it just updated itself on my paid version, works 2x better than the 4.1.1 stock keyboard, but it also is slow to start/ open up compared to the stock keyboard, I have to wait 2-5 seconds for the swiftkey to open up which sucks

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    After Better Keyboard got the ban hammer dropped on them by Google… I moved on to Swift Key… love it

    • wickets

      have to go google that…..i had better keyboard once upon a time lol

      edit: amzn still has it….woot!

  • Kyle Cole

    If I already have beta, is it worth buying the final version?

    • John

      the beta will expire at the end of the month, iirc.

      But yes. It’s absolutely worth it

      • Jake

        Agree that it’s worth it, especially now while it’s on sale. I got it as the Free App of the Day on the Amazon App Store, and I still bought it on Google Play a couple of years ago, when Amazon was slow to release updates. The phone version of Swiftkey worked well on my Nexus 7. When the Flow Beta started I switched to the beta tablet version on my N7. Now that the beta is ending I’m wondering whether I should buy the tablet version or just continue using the phone version on the N7.

    • wickets

      you cant give up two bucks for the real thing???? Sheesh, developers deserve it…..best keyboard evahhhhhhhh. To anwser your question; yes its worth it

      • JetBlue

        Don’t you remember? Android users can’t afford to buy apps.

        • udk

          no android users know how to get around without paying for them hahaha

  • Austin Warren

    I like Samsungs built in Swype, but ever since I used Flow. I love it.