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Samsung Looks to Set Up Shop in Silicon Valley, Will Invite Apple Over For Lunch Sometime

Samsung San Jose

According to the LA Times, Samsung has huge plans for moving some of their Korean business over here to the States, in no place other than Silicon Valley. Apparently, the company is looking to build a “massive semiconductor campus with a distinctive design destined to compete with Apple’s proposed spaceship-like campus for the title of Silicon Valley’s most distinctive architectural landmark.” 

Whether Samsung’s goal is to actually compete or not with the look of Apple’s building, it is still an interesting move. Samsung’s chief strategy officer stated that the area is the epicenter of disruptive forces and they want to make sure they’re a part of those disruptions.

According to the report, the building is set to open sometime in 2015 in the San Jose area.

Via: LA Times

  • byungjin

    Samsung (Apple’s phone nemesis) is the latest of architectural Bay Area campuses, rivaling Apple’s planned circular headquarters and Facebook’s Gehry-designed West Campus.

  • master94

    Once again, Samsung continues to invest in America, while American companies invest elsewhere. Thank you Samsung.

  • Google’s got an airport…. Bitches

  • The chances you’ll find an apple to buy in the cafeteria

  • frankandsimple

    I’m surprised.. this mediocre Shamsung looking building does not look anything similar to the new campus that Apple is building.

    • zurginator

      That’s not Samusung’s building, they don’t even have a design yet.

  • Samsung should build 70% of apple’s new campus, then get sued for building their own campus because they copied the idea of building a campus from apple. However, they will need to continue to supply them with construction supplies and labor while apple looks for someone else to do the job of building their next office.

  • Beezey

    This explains why Apple trademarked their offices…

  • renGek

    The building should be directly across from the round building in san jose and the building should be in the shape of a big finger with a big neo sign “sue this”.

  • Warwick

    Dont copy Apple’s building layout. Might get sued.

  • LionStone

    Love the title Tim! Haha!

  • DRizzyDroid

    Is there anything they don’t copy from Crapple? I mean i can’t stand the fruit but Samsung is just so blatant that its kind of annoying.

    • Jonesy

      Wait…a major tech company building a campus in the epicenter of the tech world came off as copying apple? wtf

  • NexusPhan69

    What an ugly building.

  • rfranken

    now steve jobs thermal nuclear warhead won’t have to fly nearly as far.

    • socalrailroader

      Thermonuclear 😉

  • DanWazz

    Soon the Sharks will be playing in “Samsung Pavilion” or “Samsung Galaxy S Note XII Touchwiz Exynos Pavilion.”

  • Thomas

    Oh thank goodness some Samsung news today !! We’ve been in HTC hell all day today.

    • Tim242

      Best comment of the day! : )

      • Thomas

        /takes a bow 😉

    • LionStone

      Look up top…oops…MORE HTC news haha! Love it 🙂

  • Prox

    Samsung can’t build in Silicon Valley. Apple already patented that. Sorry

  • They should make the building look like an iPhone…

  • MichaelFranz

    wonder if the design is a giant middle finger pointed in the direction of apple..

  • Kevin

    I smell lawsuits

  • DanPatrickFlores

    I wonder if the building will have rounded corners

    • New_Guy

      Or a home button in the middle of the front door 🙂

      • michael arazan

        So is Samsung going to build the parts for Apple, then apple will assemble it in china and then ship it to cupertino

        • New_Guy

          hat relationship ended about $1.054bil ago :)…

  • DC_Guy