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The Weather Channel for Android Receives Visually Impressive Update


Somebody over at The Weather Channel offices spent quite a bit of time working on an update for their Android application. It was pushed to Google Play this morning and brings a whole new look and feel to the app. So new in fact that they greet you with a informative splash page as soon as you open the app, listing out all of the new features. 

While I didn’t have time to go looking through their video galleries or checking my local weather radar, I did have time to appreciate the smooth gesture-based UI, and all of the neat Toyota advertising placed throughout the app. All in all, this weather app might find itself sitting on my device for a little bit.

What’s in this version:

  • “Expect rain to start at 3:15p”—No more guessing! If your weather is changing within 6 hrs, we let you the exact time it will happen.
  • Faster maps with past & future radar, severe weather bulletins
  • More detailed forecasts
  • A better selection of videos
  • Optimized for Android tablets
  • Set up your favorites places to take full advantage of our weather widgets and notifications.
  • What everyone has been asking for, a Refresh button!
  • It is now easy to share your weather with your friends & family

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Cheers Peter!

  • CarolynA

    Thankfully I had the prior version backed up! The new map feature isn’t worth putting up with the awkward UI that presents HUGE type and bubbles but still requires expanding everything for details. (That UI was so annoying that I barely noticed TOYOTATOYOTATOYOTA) Also, Weather Channel, on the main menu why are videos more important than Forecast??

  • drathos

    ““Expect rain from storm Billy Bob to start at 3:15p”—No more guessing! If your weather is changing within 6 hrs, we let you know what it’s called and the exact time it will happen.”


  • ckeegan

    They should definitely consider renaming it “Toyota advertisements…NOW with weather!”

  • Jo

    I’m fine with free apps making money thru advertising, but this update is like one big advertisement that happens to show the weather.

  • bill q

    I am sorry I can’t have my old weather channel back for my Htc 4G it was much easier to use and also didn’t have a large portion of the screen used by Toyota adds

  • NexusMan

    Does the app still require the recording of audio on your device as a permission? If so, I’m not updating.

  • trwb

    HD Widgets

  • Rikpa

    Saw it…got rid of it. Don’t want all that advertising. Got WeatherBug instead. Much cleaner. I want the weather–not a totyota!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    1Weather has an awesome widget and a great GUI layout.

  • I have not used a dedicated weather app in a while. Don’t the fine crop of homescreen widgets with weather do the trick? HD Widgets, DashClock… cLock (CM).

  • Marshall P.

    Whoa, this looks waaaay better than the old UI.

  • lrohenaz

    Amazing how the headline seems to change the comments. At rootzwiki right now the headline is:

    “Weather Channel For Android Updates Into A Giant Advertisement”

    Needless to say you don’t see any of the mildly positive comments we’re getting here.

  • XvierX

    Can honestly say I haven’t needed a weather app since Google Now. I’ve got all I need to know about the weather with the flick of my thumb.

  • Elthon Cisneros

    Not sure that i like the UI. Its taking up MUCH more RAM than the older version of the app. Before the app used 20-30MB of RAM. Now it takes up 80-90MB of RAM on my DROID RAZR MAXX!!! WTF?!? Im sure ill get used to the UI eventually, but the massive RAM usage increase is not good. -DROID RAZR MAXX ICS 4.0.4 unrooted.

  • anezarati

    i’ll stick with the Google Now weather tile

  • melhall

    Live weather cameras on Weatherbug are da bomb.

  • jzwerlz43

    its a little thing called google now. got my weather tile there as well as on my accuweather connected clock widget from beautiful widgets. im set on weather updates

  • They went a little over board with the Toyota advertisements. Uninstalling until a paid, ad free version is available.

  • joejoe5709

    Agree with most comments below: Weatherbug is by far my favorite. Eye in Sky weather is cool mostly for the widgets, Holo notification and 15-day forecast. So I’m not sure I need a third weather app, but I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks DL.

  • zepfloyd

    I always laugh when people bicker over weather apps. There’s a few models that do the actual predictions and forecasts, the rest is largely automated. Most of the work is piggybacked off the National Weather Service anyway. To say one is any more accurate than another is silly. Really comes down to the UI for an app.

    • Jeff

      I hardly hear/read people argue over which is more accurate. Mostly more about UI, stability and feature set.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Uninstalled for wather: local forecast, radar and loving it. It has a minimalistic feel and lots of details!

    • Nathan D

      I can’t find it.
      Are you sure it’s spelled wather?

  • Ihauntu2

    Any guesses as to why the new update requires the ability to read phone state & identity? I use Weather Channel App, but not willing to update and give it this kind of permission without knowing why.

    • James

      The phone state and identity permission has always seemed to be an issue where they should be separated. An app that needs your phone’s state doesn’t need to know your phone number and IMEI number.

      You can star this issue if you want it to have more visibility http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=17675

      • Ihauntu2

        Thanks. The permissions really do need split up. I’m at the point where I’m uninstalling apps rather than update them when they request this permission.

  • Weatherbug gives hourly windchill forecasts (super important here in the Midwest, where it can be above freezing but easily feel like it’s -5C), TWC doesn’t. Weatherbug remains the champion.

  • I think I’ll stick with hyperlocal weather app Nooly.

  • Like the interface. Hate the full screen ads.

    • fartbubbler

      download Adaway.

  • After finding eWeather HD through the App Sales app that Kellex recommended, I won’t even try the Weather Channel. eWeather HD is by far the best weather app I’ve ever used. Not free but only 1.99 on sale right now.

  • Brian Smith

    This looks amazing, I might just keep it as my go to weather app on my phone!

  • Russell Tanner

    A full-featured weather app that isn’t ugly????


  • wickets

    cant wait to see those giant toyota ads everyday!!!!! gross on toast. They should offer a paid, ad free version ala accuweather etc

    • JOhnny5

      oh, who the F cares. use your precious accuweather then.

    • Alexander Anteneh

      full screen ad is too much. I know its free, but it has to be alot more subtle

      • michael arazan

        Hopefully it’s not a video ad that plays for 5 seconds or more everytime you open the app

  • Tyler Bowden

    I used the Weather Channel’s app back when I had my OG Droid, but after they released an update that made it crash as soon as you opened it I switched to Weatherbug. Is there anything that this app does that Weatherbug doesn’t that would make me want to switch back?

    • Anon

      If you have WeatherBug Elite, you have one of the better apps on the market, and Elite is ad-free. Keep it.

      • Tyler Bowden

        I just have the free version. I mainly use it for the alerts so I don’t mind the ads.

    • Nathan D

      Eye in the Sky weather is pretty sweet.

  • Somewhat better…

  • Tommy Thompson

    Finally! They definitely needed this! Looks great, I like the widgets too!

  • What state is this particular Hillsboro shown in the screenshots in?

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    weatherbug is lacking nothing imo. this would have to be pretty pimp to pull me away

  • Finally!

    • Cowboydroid

      I’m very impressed. They actually went the whole way with Android design guidlines, instead of half-a$$ing it like some others (I’m looking at you, espn).

    • Nathan D

      Might replace Eye in Sky Weather!

      • JetBlue

        Eye in the sky is too good to be replaced unless a new app comes around.

  • Hmmm … this might replace WeatherBug on my end, downloading now.