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HTC Rezound and DROID Incredible 2 Set to Receive Updates with “HTC Device Enhancement”

incredible 2 update

Both the HTC Rezound and DROID Incredible 2 received approval on new updates from Verizon this morning, though it’s not much to talk about from what we can tell. While the Incredible still needs Ice Cream Sandwich and the Rezound could use a dose of Jelly Bean, neither will see them with this update. All the update includes is an “HTC Device Enhancement.” We have no idea what that means, but will do our best to figure it out.

The Incredible 2 update is 32.88MB in size and will bring the phone up to build 6.04.605.07. The Rezound update is 6.9MB and will bring the phone up to build 3.14.605.13.

rezound update

Update:  Verizon re-created the Incredible 2 document with the correct phone.

incredible 2 update1

More info:  Incredible 2 | Rezound

  • IrritatedToNoEnd

    It’s screwed me, thanks HTC!!!!! 🙁 No longer will it allow you to set up Go Launcher EX as your default launcher app. It automatically loads HTC Sense. Heading down to Verizon to convey my displeasure with them for allowing HTC to screw me without even a peck on the cheek.

  • toothgnome

    My Droid incredible2 got the upgrade yesterday (26 Feb). The wi-fi connection hasn’t worked since! I’ve revolted 3 times, including removing the battery, but nothing helps. Is there a way to undo the upgrade?

  • GaryS

    File this under weird. Last year when my Rezound was about six weeks old I dropped it and cracked the screen. I was out of town at the time so bringing it to Verizon for repair was not possible. I found a place that did screen replacements for $125.00 and had it done. It worked fine at first, but over the past couple of months the screen would freeze at random, sometimes when typing a message the only letter that would display was q, and other odd things happened. I figured it was a problem with the screen and just hoped to keep the phone working until I qualified for a new phone.

    Then the software upgrade message appeared and I set it to occur on Saturday afternoon. I was asleep at the time and so assumed that the upgrade took place automatically. Amazingly, after that the screen problems were gone. I’ve had no trouble since.

    Then I found out that my daughter had similar problems with her HTC and that they had also been fixed when she did the upgrade.

    The only problem is that it appears that the software didn’t take place, because I just checked and the phone told me it needed the update. I just did that, so now I’ll see if it fixed anything or broke it again.

  • Real Estate Chicago

    Been very frustrated because my Rezound did not have Windows 8 drivers. Since this upgrade Rezound finally has Windows 8 drivers. Yeah!

  • Lisa

    I LOVE my Rezound. My hubby has a Nexus, and his phone sucks! We can be sitting right next to each other, and I’ll get 4g, while his will only pick up on 1x or 3g, and this is his 2nd Nexus phone in 6 months. I haven’t had any issues with mine.

  • Kheir Francis

    just did my update, WHAT CHANGED?

  • Got the update today. Thanks for nothing Verizon…

  • Does anyone know how it will affect already rooted phones?

  • Stuart Callahan

    has anyone that downloaded this update tried to root and flash? curious as to if this reencrypts the bootloader as speculated.

  • Yat Man

    My Rezound got the update this morning. Not sure all of what’s changed as it’s updating now.

  • Chris

    Got the update yesterday morning around 10:30 am EST for the Inc2, got excited thinking i got ICS finally, seen it was only 4MB, got pissed. I seriously see nothing different at all, what a joke.

    • Stuart Callahan

      The description of updated features on this link is for the lg spectrum 2

  • Captain_Doug

    Incredibile? That’s a terrible superhero name. 1 too many i’s.

    • Its “Incredible” how you can’t spell…

      • Captain_Doug

        That’s how it is in the picture… I was making fun of it. I even said it had 1 too many i’s. Are you kidding me?

  • shehippie

    Guess its time to grab the old Rezound out of the kitchen draw and fire it up.

  • What a joke. Glad I dropped my Rezound long ago.

  • Holisk

    Definitely leaving htc. I was briefly considering the Htc one but considering how my 2 year old phone is missing an update that was supposed to be given a year and a half ago…I know they just want more money but come on.

    • Tech Pro

      Agree. Move to ATT ot T Mobile and buy a Nexus. Google update Nexus for 2 years. Nexus S was able to get Jelly Bean 4.1. Moto is getting better after acquired by Google. The rest of manufactures are even worse than HTC.

  • Yoderz

    Is this the update that slowly makes the device more sucky? You know, the one that makes you start thinking, “I guess it’s time for an upgrade.”

  • Dad has the Dinc2, says screen clarity is brighter and there are now labels below apps on his homescreen. Also the notification bar is brighter.

  • Thenameswayne_ BruceWayne

    I can’t tell any differences on my Droid Incredible 2… Maybe is a prep…

  • norro

    Too little too late. I traded in my htc for samsung.

    • Tech Pro

      I would take Thunderbolt and ICS Andoird 4.0 over Droid Charge Gingerbread Android 2.3 anytime.

    • Jody Harvey

      As I did the same thing two weeks ago. I have a galaxy s3 now and I have been missing out while stuck with HTC. Never again.

    • John Hillers

      How did you do that? I would love to trade my Rezound for a GSIII or a Note.

  • reyalP

    Verizon has become such a dirty word. They update old phones that nobody cares about and leave the Galaxy nexus sitting idle. WTF? They screwed themselves out of the nexus line.

    • Tech Pro

      Can’t agree more.

  • jbeise

    the d2 sucks ive replaced mine twice and i have to call verizon again today. same issue it turns off and will not turn back on!

    • Aaron

      same exact thing happened to my gfs dinc 2. Her second just decided to die. The first time verizon replaced it because it was less than a year old, now another 7 months later and the 2nd one died. Verizon said too bad and will do nothing. Looks like I’ll never be buying another HTC phone again.

    • Captain_Doug

      I’ve had the same one for my whole contract no issues. Although I didn’t wait to get ICS. I’m on JB and have been for like 3 months.

    • Becky V

      Mine does that too!

  • tryptech

    What a joke. The Dinc 2 missed its ICS update back in August so this is no more than a kick while its down. If HTC released its kernel source, at the very least there would be the proper drivers to build a proper stable ICS or JB update for it but that would never happen.

  • Harold Goldner

    If you are one of the more than 95% who run stock, it can’t hurt. It’s too small to be bloatware. My guess is it’s an hboot update and a radio fix (and that’s purely speculative). The Official ICS update was v. 3.14.605.12 so this is a tiny increment. The Global leak radio/firmware was,, so this radio firmware version number is actually lower. For those of us running S-OFF, custom ROMs and the global leaked firmware, probably nothing of interest here. Certainly not worth RUUing back to stock to “check it out.”

    • Wade

      Im hoping this is the global update. Nothing like waiting until the phone is almost irrelevant to update it.

      • Michael Chediak

        I agree, we’ve waited long enough..

  • HTC Device Enhancement = (Re)Encrypted Bootloader, blocked root methods & Verizon remote diagnostics

  • Its like spanks for your phone…

  • rezzler76

    It’s good to see updates on older Verizon phones even if just bug fixers!

  • My wife has a Rezound. Would love to know if this is just bloat or if it is worthwhile.

    • brando56894

      I’d say it’s something that you probably don’t want.

  • James_C_L

    When I see “Device enhancements” All i think is “more bloat”

    • Granted

      The Rezound currently has more bloatware than I have ever seen in a phone that I’ve owned, if they do indeed add more bloatware, I will be microwaving my Rezound. It really does make me nauseous when I think about how much bullsh!t that Verizon loaded on to this phone, with Google and HTC’s approval, it is truly disgusting.

      Yet I could possibly tolerate this sick infection, if HTC had not been retarded, and partioned the internal storage, and allowed no stock way of installing applications to my 32GB micro SD card. The fact that I am pretty sure that all retarded phone manufacturers do this idiotic practice now. Well, it seriously makes me consider going back to an older phone that just had internal storage and SD storage, and not the immensely moronic idea of splitting up the internal.

      I would like to kick whomever came up with this idea, straight in the testicles with a pair of spiked, steel-toed boots. Plus, as I have always said, I will never be buying any new phone that doesn’t offer both removable storage and battery. So basically, with how things are going with these greedy manufacturers now, I won’t ever be buying a newer phone again. Oh well, their loss, a smartphone is a luxury, not a necessity.

  • Pandalero

    The photo they have for the Inc2 is actually a first gen Incredible. Verizon are dummies.

    • Hah, didn’t realize that, but it definitely is.

    • Toyz

      I was gonna say, “I have a DInc2 right here at my desk and it looks nothing like the one in the picture…”

    • El Big CHRIS

      the 1st gen DInc had an optical trackpad. I know because I owned one. The one in the pic doesnt have that.

      • michael arazan

        My dad had that trackball one, was a crappy phone because people had problems using it with apps and games and they wouldn’t recognize that trackball

        • Fake Name

          That’s crappy app building…. not an issue with how the phone was made. That was a failure of the developer being lazy with his coding.


    • bwferg78

      Then you’re blind, cause that’s definitely a DInc2. The original DInc had a narrow red speaker instead of a wide black one.

      • Greg Rodgers

        You are correct….but please note the disclaimer that says..”Update: Verizon re-created the Incredible 2 document with the correct phone”…which was done long before your response..

  • Nick Norman

    Wait… Did a fire get lit under HTC and Verizons ass? All these updates for older phones are poppin up left and right!

    • Aaron

      These phones aren’t that old, and they SHOULD be getting 4.0 or 4.1 upgrades. Updates are meaningless without something to actually improve the device. “HTC Device Enhancements” is a joke.