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EA Games Hosts Sales on Game of Life, Monopoly, and Bejeweled 2

EA Games

Have you been looking for a classic board game to play on your mobile or possibly looking to fill that Bejeweled craze you currently have? EA Games is hosting a little sale on a few titles that most certainly carry some weight. You can grab either Monopoly or The Game of Life for $2 or Bejeweled 2 for $1. Not too shabby.

I have played Monopoly on my phone and it isn’t too bad. Sometimes the animations are a bit unnecessary, since I’m more into the strategy of the game and not the looks, but it’s still a classic.

Play Link: Monopoly ($1.99) | Game of Life ($1.99) | Bejeweled 2 ($0.99)

  • Matreyu Hermano

    Same prices in Amazon app store for Kindle Tablet editions

  • Mike Petty

    Monopoly still not compatible with the Nexus 10, but Monopoly Millionaire is. It’s almost enough to make me miss my old tablet on long flights.

    Game of Life also not compatible with N10, nor NBA Jam. Half of my freakin’ EA games support the N10, and half don’t. Come on EA, they all worked on my old tablet.

  • summit1986

    I hate EA with a passion but am considering picking up Monopoly

  • NYAvsFan
  • mike

    And I just bought monopoly for $4.99 smh

  • Keeler

    Just fyi, you linked Game of Life for Bejeweled too. 😉

  • Bejeweled 2 link brings you to the game of life