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Updates: Foursquare’s Explore Feature Enhanced and AIM Gets Complete Redesign


Today, there are updates available for Foursqaure and the official AIM application through Google Play. For Foursquare, they are currently enhancing the Explore feature and have set their goals on making sure you find the best spots to hang out near your current position. By utilizing your friend’s check-ins and photo uploads, it displays this on a Google Map, letting you know where to head for a good time. On top of that, they have also implemented the fancy hidden menu and slide panel UI which we are always in love with. To see the full changelog, check out the What’s New section in Google Play. 


This might be the first time we have mentioned the official AIM application on DL, but with this new update and a brand new user interface, this seems like the perfect time to start. On top of a re-vamped look, users can now comment on AIM and Facebook posts without leaving the app, use easier navigation through feeds from Instagram, and benefit from a whole ton of bug fixes.

If you are a die hard AIM fan or the mayor of your favorite coffee shop, go pick up the updates now.

Play Link: Foursquare | AIM

Via: Foursquare

Cheers Brian!

  • Kevin McDole

    Foursquare’s still rocking that old widget like it’s 2009…lets see a Holo UI style widget. Hell, I’d settle for a gingerbread style widget.

  • Anthony E. Lyons

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  • I use AIM to communicate with my colleagues at work. Easy to link up Google Talk as well

  • Diablo81588

    Didn’t know aim still existed.

  • mbaldwin85

    Do people still use AIM? I’m only being half sarcastic.

    • or foursquare?

      • I do. Im a pretty big Foursquare fan, im even a low-level admin on it. but i totally agree that not many people use it. I just don’t really get why.

        • mbaldwin85

          I enjoy Foursquare. Especially in big cities or at major events.

    • eirenawilmot61uk

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    • Fattie McDoogles

      My school really recommends it as a way to keep in connect for the teachers and students. Other than that I haven’t used it in years.

  • Still using AIM and IRC to this day!