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SwiftKey Flow Beta Updated, Brings Load of Bug Fixes and New Looking Installer

swiftkey flow

For those of you still running the SwiftKey Flow beta, there is a new update available to build that introduces a ton of bug fixes, which should make using the keyboard a whole lot smoother. They have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work that should fix a lot of force closes users were reporting, and there is even a new looking installer that matches the colors of Flow a bit better. 

To download and try it out, download the right version for either your phone or tablet and install as you would any other 3rd party application.

Download: Phones | Tablets

As one could see, the changelog is quite extensive!

Changes in this version:

* Fixed crash on changing keyboards
* Fixed force close on clicking update language
* Fixed other crashes
* Resolved majority of non-English punctuation problems
* New look installer to match SwiftKey Flow colors and include an introduction to SwiftKey Flow
* Added Turkish layout
* Chrome Beta should now behave like Chrome
* Snap and tap (correction of words) now compatible with Vietnamese
* Memory usage of settings app reduced
* Improved handling of non-zero length selection in Chrome and Samsung mail client
* Fixed jumping cursor in ExDialler and Samsung calculator
* Microphone key disabled in fields that don’t support voice input
* Fix for keyboard disappearing when phone build installed on tablet sized devices
* Disabled predictions in Kingsoft Office and UC browser to make SK usable in them
* Double space for period turned off by default to prevent accidental period insertion when flowing
* Replaced ‘learnt’ with ‘learned’ in personalization page (US English)
* Turned off slide down from candidate bar to close keyboard when flow is on (to be consistent with the description in the Settings menu)

Known Issues:

* Crashes when looking at the heatmap if you visit immediately after using the alternative symbols layout
* Comma key on Arabic keyboard inserts western comma
* Predictions sometimes blank when switching between languages
* Flowing words sometimes results in surprising capitalizations
* “No SD card” ribbon looks bad on low end devices

Via: SwiftKey

  • summit1986

    Flow actually motivated me to switch back to Swype from SwiftKey… Swype just performs better when it comes to drag typing.

  • fartbubbler

    this is the first updated version of Flow that i haven’t immediately uninstalled.

    but, it still REALLY needs the ability to add specific words to a personal dictionary.

  • M C

    Any Ideas on how to re up your expiration date ?

    • Kevin

      Download this new version

  • Just installed this on a Verizon GNex running MMuzzyRom. Couldn’t wake up the device after a screen timeout. Uninstalled.

  • Bretton Key

    What I like about this keyboard and the direction is that it has all main keyboard elements in one…they are a really going for a complete keyboard and give the user more power with how they want their keyboard to function. Like for myself I wanted to swipe as well as have a good size keyboard layout with arrow keys. But it’s easy to adjust and though this is a beta…I can’t wait for the final release.

    • Raven

      Yes, I love the option for arrows as well, I will not use a keyboard that does not have arrow keys.

  • napes22

    I like the idea behind flow, but the aspect I use most in Swiftkey 3 is the swipe back to erase a word (which was noticeably missing from Flow). If they figure out a way to re-implement it, I’ll upgrade.

  • I have been having problems when trying to use facebook messenger or web browser.. I’ll type a word, then hit backspace to correct it. It will then start repeating the words i deleted or just acting VERY weird. This issue may also be chrome beta (just thought about that..)

  • js

    After using Flow all the way up until it expired, I found it to be just okay. Some words were just a pain to type. There were times I couldn’t type the word at all. I really missed the swipe from right to left to delete the last word. I’ll stick with the regular SwiftKey.

    • WAldenIV

      The inability to flow certain words was infuriating with an early version of Flow. I gave up and installed the Swype Beta and won’t go back.

  • baconslayer09

    My Nexus 4 started lagging like hell after installing this. I had to uninstall and reboot to get rid of the lag.