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QuestLord for Android, Fantastic Dungeon Crawling In a Vast 8-bit World


There is no better feeling than that sensation you get after finishing a quest. To keep the happy feelings coming, check out QuestLord. In this game for both iOS and Android, you set out in a vast world, full of characters and adventure. You are a lone hero, with the ability to equip any type of weapons you can find or buy from your local blacksmith, set on ridding the world of evil. 

The game, which has received very high praise in Google Play, is a fantastic example of how mobile games don’t need to be all about high frames per second and amazing graphics. If you have a great story with well-implemented controls, everything else will fall in to place. It costs $2, but with so much to do in this world, it’s completely worth it.

Play Link ($1.99)

  • Edward Smith

    Gotta love that Gold Box Pools of Radiance goodness!

  • michael arazan

    It’s like someone created Dungeon’s and Dragons for the late 80’s for a nostalgic feeling

  • loving the carmina burana

  • David Parrella

    COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT-on a song that’s like 500 years old…

    • The poems are from the 11th – 13th century but the song was made between 1935 and 1936. By my math that is NOT 500 years old.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Reminds me of Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder.

    • Mark Grover

      Loved Dungeon Master and Knightmare on Atari