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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S4 to be Unveiled on March 15, in Stores by April


According to SamMobile, a site with a decent track record when it comes to Samsung leaks, the Korean electronics behemoth will hold an Unpacked event on March 15 to announce their new Galaxy phone, possibly named Galaxy S4. Invites will go out to members of the media shortly after this months Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona. The location of this media event is still said to be kept under wraps. 

After announcing the product in mid-March, Samsung will then have the new Galaxy available in European shops some time in early April. The U.S. rollout will then happen around May or June.

Some time around week 15 of 2013 (mid-April), Samsung will make the entire accessory lineup available which will include:  Clear Cover, Flip Cover, Protective Cover, Pouch, Extra Battery Kit, Wireless Charging Kit, HDTV Adapter and Headset.

The new Galaxy is expected to run under the model number GT-I9500 (internationally) and arrive in two colors – black and white.

What do you think? Are you willing to buy this latest rumor? In the past, Samsung hasn’t had its new Galaxy flagship device out before May, so an April launch does seem a bit surprising. Then again, they may need to put something out to help them continue on with their massive quarterly earnings numbers. Then again, the Note 2 is still fairly fresh.

Via:  SamMobile

  • Benmartin1974

    I had been weighing up buying a Motorola droid for ages. I read plenty of reviews and this one was helpful http://search4reviews.net/ , I got my delivery last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure,

  • Anunaki

    Samsung updates are too slow, tired of waiting till the cows come home waiting for jb for my S2. Very happy with my nexus4, Only if Samsung manufacture the next nexus. Or maybe the xphone

  • I love my SGS3 about the only thing I could want is wireless charging.
    I guess 10 mega pixel camera would be cool.

    Now if it could only get me a beer and do my laundry.

  • lllbenjolll

    What smartphones should have.
    1. Removable memory card
    2. Removable battery (or battery that fully charges in 10 minutes.
    3. Great camera 30mgpixel back with flash, 12mgpixel front with flash for video calling and self portrait
    4. Loud speakers
    5. 1000 PPI lol
    6. Full HD
    7. Water resistant
    8. HDMI slot (no need for proprietary cables
    9. Mini USB for easier transferring of files from and to Pc
    10. S pen (wacom digitizer) I add this since I have note 2 and I think I cant live without it. For phablets only and tablets
    11. My screen size preference is 5-5.5.
    12. OS (I prefer Android because of the flash support and openness)
    Please reply and add more features you wish you have on smartphones:)

  • lllnenjolll

    Smartphone companies are struggling with battery life. Can’t they just make batteries that charge in 10 minutes? Hahaha why make batteries bigger which makes the phone heavier lol

    • lllhellolll

      you’re super dumb. all 3 posts i’ve read from you have been moronic.

  • n11

    Sky Black and Flare white, right?

  • With the recent reports of a possible 128GB, 13MP, 4.8″ FHD version of the Moto-Google X-Phone, I think a lot of people will be waiting to see how the two devices stack up before staying the route of the Galaxy.

    I know my wife and I will be.

  • Liderc

    Hope they remove the physical home button, but somehow I doubt it…sigh. I’d also like to see a new design, but since the GSIII did so well, they aren’t going to spend the R&D money on design when people have already adopted this design. WTB Galaxy Nexus 2 =(

  • droidsung

    It seems as if even number version of Galaxy S phones are better than odd number ones. GS2 was giant leap from GS1, but GS3 was not so much from GS2. I think GS4 will be significant upgrade from GS3, especially US versions.

  • William_Morris

    Should we really expect April or should we actually expect it about 5-6 months after the European release?

  • EvanTheGamer

    By bloody April? Really?! Well…now’s the time to start savin’ up!

    Can’t wait!

  • duke69111

    What are the chances that the new S4 gets the new processor, then US version gets a dumbed down version?

    • TSY87

      then the note 3 gets that new processor! (another reason im holding out for the note 3, though im sure the s4 will be amazing!)

    • lllbenjolll

      US versions are dumbed down cause Sammy phones in the US don’t sell as much since Americans are for iphones. Don’t u wonder why Samsung phones r released late in the US too? Sammy’s sell in Europe and other continents. Then Europeans who will have bought the Sammy phones will definitely say good things bout the phone unlike Americans who always compare the phone to iphones… putting a bad image on a great phone.

      • steelcity1

        Hopefully, this was just a poor attempt at sarcasm and you’re not that stupid. Phones come to the US late because of the carriers. The internals are also decided by the carriers and the network type. The US GSIII had more memory than the Euro variant. So “dumbed down”… not really. Also if you are comparing US sales to the rest of the world, then I have some other news for you. People in rest of World > US. Don’t you think it would be cheaper to just have one variant? Unfortunately, different networks support different internals so there is always going to be several variants. Also, the GSIII has great reviews and bested iPhone for phone of the year.

  • Cubanito1967

    My current contract expires at the end of March. Definitely going to get the S4!

  • Austin Warren

    I’m excited.

  • Brian Walker

    This is a pretty tough call. I’m excited to see all of these 1080p phones coming out though. By the time I can leave Verizon in December I will have some of the coolest technology ever to choose from. Good time to be a smartphone fan.

  • Trevor

    Going to wait til the S5

  • Kisuk3

    Hope they ditch that awful button on the bottom.

    • EngineerGA

      This. I have an S3 for work and a personal Note 2, and all that home button does that a capacitive home button can’t do is turn the fricking screen on all day in my pocket and run my battery down. I *hate* the physical home button.

      • JetBlue

        You can always disable the home screen turning on with the home button.

        • EngineerGA

          How? I can’t find that option anywhere.

          • JetBlue

            You’d have to have your phone rooted and then edit the /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl file and find # key 172 HOME WAKE and just delete the WAKE. That’s for the N2 not sure if the S3 is different or not.

          • EngineerGA

            Thank you for the info, but I don’t root my devices. So, for me, there is no way to disable it, and I get less battery life because of a clunky physical home button that pokes out like a pot belly on a pig. I hope they move away from physical home buttons before my next upgrade.

  • This seems to early.

    • Sassybaskets

      Not according to Marty Jones, who thinks his S3 is already woefully obsolete after 8 friggin months. Some of you folks are seriously disconnected from reality & need a priority check. <— That last statement was not at all directed at you James N. I'm just amazed at the gadgeturbating that takes place here by people who are more likely than not to be one paycheck away from utter financial ruin.

  • hkklife

    IF the X-Phone specs are anything like the rumors suggest (uninstallable bloatware, 5″ 1080P screen, microSD slot + 16/32Gb internal versions, Maxx-sized battery, awesome camera) then that makes it an easy choice.

    Otherwise, the S4 looks to be one the very few Android flagshjips in 2013 with the right combination of bleeding-edge specs plus those legacy features that help differentiate Android (removable battery, microSD slot).

    Also, for the records, I am gonna predict that the S4 will basically be a refresh of the S3’s successful formula. I am not expecting onscreen buttons, ceramic casing, dedicated shutter button, or anything snazzy like that. Just more plastic and Touchwiz, albeit more refined versions of each (hopefully).

  • schoat333

    If the battery is over 3000mah, I’m in.

  • I am still running Galaxy Nexus and trying to decide what to do when contract expires in June. I currently have grandfathered unlimited from VZW, but considering N4 and the TMO route. Need to see the Xphone and what carriers its on.

    • Shane Redman

      Absolute same predicament.

      • If the Xphone is stock Android, I may buy it at full retail and keep month to month on VZW.

      • Brian Walker

        Same here, but I have to wait until December. My wife’s contract with Verizon is up right now, but I’m thinking I’ll get her the N4 on a prepaid TMO plan, then when I’m done with them we can pick a new network and start completely fresh.

    • ChristianJohnson

      Some prepaid plans have unlimited data. I only used about 2GB out of 4 anyway so it wouldn’t be a big deal to me.

  • I heard Mulder and Scully will be announcing the X-Phone… hehe #rumors

    • Droidzilla

      That would actually be awesome. We should propagate a rumor like that so much that Motorola has no choice but to do it.

  • DanSan


  • Might as well wait for my upgrade that’s up soon. Nothing out there interests me anyway, except the S3.

  • Way too soon

    • Austin Warren

      You can’t honestly think that any company is going to keep one phone for so many years when they keep improving it?
      Apple does it, and look where it’s gotten them. No where. Just a rectangular phone with a bunch of cry baby patents.

      • MrGy

        Aren’t they all rectangular?

        • Austin Warren

          I should have described it better, lol.

      • lllbenjolll

        Make phones circle bwahahahhaha

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      That’s what the S2 folks said. And the Bionic folks, and the non-HD Razr guys, and myself with my GNex when the SIII came along. Guess this is just the way things go now. Nice note, I will be able to pick up an SIII used for about $199 in May. 🙂

  • My poor, obsolete s3. Time for eBay?

    • J. Gilbertson


  • S4 vs X-Phone.

    • Kevin Bojarski


    • Brent Cooper

      Id love to see that! 🙂

    • Hard to know. I think the GS4 rumors are more “solid” than than the Xphone rumors. We know nothing about the Xphone.

      • KleenDroid

        I agree. Samsung has a strong track record. So does Motorola… but of fully locked and encrypted bootloaders.

        Motorola has been nothing but complete disappointment since the OG. But I hope this X phone is a new beginning for Motorola. It only makes sense since they are owned by Google. I would love to return to Motorola.

        But if not, this could be a nice phone if an unlocked bootloader leaks like it did for the SIII.

    • Butters619

      I think I would wait to see the X phone. It’s Google’s first shot to prove their Moto purchase wasn’t a waste. Plus Motorola skin is the closest to stock and you know it will have a Maxx type battery. So long as it has an SD slot I’m down. And a beefier camera would be nice too lol.

      • Do you think the Xphone will still have Blur?

        • Butters619

          They call it “Moto UI” now lol. And rumors say it will be stock. But even if it isn’t, the JB Moto UI is the closest to stock you can get with a skin. Much closer than TW or Sense.

          • That’s my #1 requirement: Pure Android. I really hate manufacturer skins.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            While I tend to agree, when i owned my RAZR there were some tidbits that I wound up missing when I got my Gnex and haven’t found replacement apps. The power management controls in the RAZR were so easy and intuitive. Almost like a refined version of locale or maybe a version when locale wasn’t an expensive hunk of poo. They also had some nice toggles and I like their contact lists. Moto’s skin is so thin it’s like it’s not there.

          • LiterofCola

            I hate touchwiz to be honest. Between the crowded notification menu to the white icons on the notification bar, it’s a turn-off to me. Especially since I don’t flash or mod my phone. Motorola is the most attractive of all the UI’s

          • Butters619

            Yeah I am not a TW fan, but I ROM my phones anyway. It’s funny that Moto has the best non-stock UI now because GB Blur was so painfully bad.

      • Austin Warren

        Their radios are the only thing keeping me excited. Samsung tends to slack on their radios.

        • Big_EZ

          I use to feel the same way because of older Samsung phones I’ve had. I decided to give the Note 2 a 14 day trial and it has been as good or better than my Motorola phones. This is my first Samsung smart phone, I almost waited for the Motorola X phone but I’m glad I didn’t. I do miss the build quality, but Motorola has been slacking since my Droid X, but they still have the best build quality.

          Motorola Droid X – HTC Thunderdud – Motorola Droid Bionic – Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX – Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the only disappointing phone was the HTC.

          • George264

            The HTC Droid DNA is actually a fantastic phone. The 8X would be good, but because of WP, meh. I’m actually more excited for the M7

          • Big_EZ

            The DNA is debatable, I was thinking of giving HTC another shot with the DNA but the lack of sd card, small storage, and tiny battery killed it. HTC are horrible at battery management, then they use tiny batteries, and to top it off its not removable. My thunderbolt got a whopping 2 hours of battery life before I put a rom on it, then it was still lacking compared to Motorola and Samsung standards.

          • LionStone

            I use to feel the same way because of older HTC phones but… There’s no disputing HTC has a smaller battery than others but their “battery management” happens to be excellent. For instance, yesterday I tethered to computer for 3 hrs, talked on the phone for 30 min and had a screen time of 2.5 hrs, etc… and still had over 13 hrs on one cycle! That’s on 4G the whole time without any power management.

          • michael arazan

            I hope HTC gets the new Nexus contract this year since Google won’t give it to Moto to not show favoritism. Samsung is popular enough and doesn’t need it. If HTC can design a great battery it’ll help their cause. But I want to see the X phone.

          • LionStone

            Yes I concur, and LG just had theirs so its logical HTC should get it, I hope so too!

          • George264

            Their old phones are pretty terrible in terms of battery(I had a Rezound). I had to turn off background syncing, brighhtness on 11%, and 4G off whenever I don’t use it, I lasted ~5-6 hours. With the DNA, it’s on about 80% brightness, 4G always on, Wifi always on, background syncing on, and I’m a pretty heavy user and the most I’ve hit it with was watching a movie, going online, then playing 2 hours of NOVA3. It lasted about 8 hours. When I use it normally it lasts more than a day. I think they’ve managed to work with small batteries. I mean the iphone 5 has only 1440 mAh and it lasts more than a day. The GSIII has 2100 mAh and lasts for 7 hours or so. Not that bad really.

          • trob6969

            Yeah, the rezound’s battery does suck but its always been a non-issue for me because the battery is swappable and I always keep a fully charged spare with me…I like the phone so much that it would take a significantly better phone to replace it for me. However, the S4 might just do it for me.

          • kg215

            The droid dna does make efficient use out of it’s battery, every person/review has said that. The problem is the combination of the size and the fact that it can’t be removed. Removable means you can carry an extra battery around with you and replace a battery that has gone bad (poor capacity or just straight up dies). If the battery can’t be removed but it’s massive like the razr maxx hd, then you should never need an extra battery and it can take a fairly large hit in capacity and still get similar battery life to a normal battery, you are only screwed if it dies completely. The DNA has neither benefit, it’s like HTC was deliberately stupid on purpose.

          • trob6969

            Yep, my thoughts exactly. I have the HTC rezound and STILL really like it so when rumors of the DNA started I was really looking forward to it but when it’s official specs were revealed I wasn’t impressed due to its lack of SD and nonswappable battery.

          • T4rd

            Dunno what doucher would downvote this, because it’s true. My Gnex admittedly had pretty bad reception compared to other phones, but my Note 2 gets the same 4G signal that my coworkers Razrs, iPhones, etc., which was not the case with my Gnex (I was stuck on 3G in my office on it, same with another coworker that had a Gnex).

      • trob6969

        As long as Google has say, it won’t have an SD slot. Which is why I’m not interested in it’s ‘Nexus’ anything.

    • EvanTheGamer

      S4 FTW!

    • nightscout13

      vs Nexus 5