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Best Buy Offers Up $50 Gift Card For Anyone Who Upgrades Their Phone in 2013

best buy

If you or anyone you know plans on upgrading their smartphone between now and December 31 of 2013, then Best Buy is offering a little incentive to have you do so through them. The deal goes, if you sign up (an agreement that you will upgrade your phone this calendar year in Best Buy),  they will hand you a $50 card. Juicy prize, right? 

Sign-ups are open until Feb. 9, so if you have an upgrade coming up, this isn’t a bad idea to anticipate that and even get some free spending money while you’re at it.

To reserve your gift card, go sign up here.

  • CapnShiner

    I used this promotion last year to get my GS3 for free. I had completely forgotten that I even signed up for the Phone Freedom promotion until the store rep reminded me. I went to Best buy just because they had the GS on sale for $50. Thanks to my signing up for the promo 6 months or so in advance, I ended up only paying for the sales tax. It was probably one of the best deals I’ve ever gotten on anything.

  • speaking as a best buy employee in good standing just don’t try to screw them over when you upgrade.

  • Pedro

    Shoot! I just upgraded all our phones to N4s.
    First number ported today, next two once I see any pitfalls in the process.

    Adios, Verizon!

  • SubMatrix

    Just checking in with people who have bought new phones recently: does the trick still work where you activate a new dumbphone line purely for buying a new phone at subsidized price, and then transfer the new phone to your line? You then are on the hook for the minimum $10 a month for the dummy line over the course of 2 years. Thus, $240 + $200 (new phone price) = $440, which is certainly better than full retail.

  • DanSan

    maybe ill use this. my moms line has an upgrade but she wont use it. maybe ill upgrade her line and take the phone from it.

  • Elisha Faith

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  • teejaycard

    I love how you can’t click “agree” without signing up to receive text messages from them….opting out of that the moment they send me one ha.

    • Evan T

      You don’t have to click the text message thing. I didn’t and I did it 3 times (one for each line)

      • Mario Limonciello

        You do have to click it (at least with the code on the site today), BUT if you use chrome developer tools you can change their code on the fly so you don’t have to. I did this and it appears to have worked successfully. I got an email but no welcome SMS.

    • you can agree without clicking the text message box. if you read a little closer, the second checkbox that is agreeing to the “regular data charges may apply” BS and the clicking of the button means that you actually agree to the submission of adding your number to the database.

      • teejaycard

        I swear it wouldn’t like me just click agree to the terms without clicking the send me text messages as well. Even click out of it and back a few times.

  • NorCalGuy

    Do you have to sign a new contract or can you buy the phone at full retail and still get this?

  • Signed up for this yesterday when I was browsing bestbuy.com. Will they also price match? Because Amazon and Wirefly usually have the best deals around

    • They have been price matching Amazon since November now. They state they will going forward, but who knows.

  • Mike

    $50 is not worth losing my unlimited data

    • Chuck Ehrlich

      You don’t have to…if you have a non smart phone line with an upgrade available, you use that line and not lose your unlimited data.

      • KG

        But don’t you then have to buy a data plan for the non smart phone line?

    • CapnShiner

      Everyone keeps saying they don’t want to lose unlimited data but that’s no excuse. Unlimited data can be restored after the upgrade within 14 days. You just have to call Verizon and get a rep who is willing to do it. My friend did it for me and himself because the Verizon rep for the Best Buy store where I bought my GS3 never called me back or emailed me as promised.

  • John Malin

    Too bad I will never upgrade my phone again. Don’t wanna lose that unlimited. I’ll just wait until next year and get it more than half off

    • There are ways to upgrade without losing your Verizon unlimited data.

      • KG

        go on…

        • michael arazan

          yes, please, go on…

          Also I didn’t read if these were for subsidized contracts or all out full retail, need to be specific please.

      • John Malin

        Care to share how? I’ve seen people say this before, but when pressed with HOW it was done it is always met with silence.

      • Murphy

        Well, duh…eBay, Swappa, or Craigslist, that’s no secret.

      • CapnShiner

        I was able to keep my unlimited data as well when I upgraded and signed a new contract. Technically, I lost it and got it back, but the net result is the same. It helps to know people on the inside. Verizon’s system will allow a plan to be reverted, once changed, back to the previous plan within 14 days of the change. That plus the deals at Best Buy is how I got my GS3 for free and kept unlimited data.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Does this also work with upgrades? I have an upgrade coming up in August.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      I do believe this offer is specifically for upgrades.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Oh, good! I’m signing up for this immediately.

        Thanks man!

  • JDub

    $50 isnt going to cover the amount of abuse I will have to take from Verizon for the next 2 years. Pass.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Your loss, our gain.

      • JDub

        How do you figure? I lose out on a $50 BB gift card, but save hundreds on not letting them get rid of my unlimited data and raising my prices. This also leaves me the option of leaving them and saving even more money. No one gains anything from me not taking the deal.

        • T4rd

          We gain the bandwidth you would be using while we torrent “linux ISOs” with our unlimited data plans =p. Verizon abuses my wallet while I abuse their network. It’s a lose/lose, I guess lol.

        • Big_EZ

          I upgrade and keep unlimited data.

  • Detonation

    Aside from promotions and price differences, what advantages/disadvantages are there in upgrading from Best Buy versus via straight from Verizon? I have always just gone through Verizon.

    • Kyu Jin Choi

      There are practically no benefits from upgrading at verizon.

      But at best buy atleast you can put your purchases towards rewards zone

      and their insurance policy beats whatever they have in verizon i personally think

      • pappy53

        I don’t know, but I have read that their insurance sucks.

        • Dan Lopez

          Their insurance is great in my opinion. They even cover water damage. I’ve had to replace my Nexus three times and not once did I have an issue.

        • cgalyon

          I’ve used Best Buy’s insurance three times and it was a painless experience each time. The only downside was that I had to use an old phone while I waited for them to give me a replacement.

        • jmwinters

          Most people i know like their insurance as much as you possibly can like phone insurance. It does seem to be better then Asurion but you do have to wait with no phone (sometimes a loner will be given).

          I do believe there is also a discount when you pay all at once as well.

    • Well they state they are price matching Amazon and website now, so get them to price match one of those prices which are usually lower than Verizon, get a $50 dollar gift card as well.

    • CapnShiner

      The only advantage I can think of to buying a phone directly from Verizon is if you want an exclusive color that nobody else has. Other than that, Best Buy and Amazon are better deals most of the time.

  • jakemyster84

    My wife took advantage of this last year. She signed up and upgraded her phone and used the $50 towards the purchase price of the phone. The best is they didn’t even has to issue the $50 gift card, they just applied it right away to the price of the phone.

  • jb

    And *poof* the prices just went up by $50…

    • JoshGroff

      *Poof* Price matched right back down.

      • Justin Winker


      • EvanTheGamer

        And *Poof* there goes the magic dragon walking his owner down the street!

        • KleenDroid

          Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Puff the magic dragon lived by the weeds. *cough*

    • not really note 2 is 200 and s3 is 100 your a moron