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Samsung Posts Extended Four and a Half Minute ‘Next Big Thing’ Super Bowl Commercial


I don’t know if any of you decided to stream the game yesterday through CBS, but apparently when you stream, you only get to watch four different commercials throughout the entire game. It was the most annoying spectacle of all time having to watch that Coke ad about 150 times.

Anyways, Samsung has gone ahead and posted up an extended version of their already lengthy Super Bowl commercial. This one weighs in at four and a half minutes and is basically the same thing we have seen already, but with more insults exchanged from Paul to Seth.

Thoughts on this ad campaign? Is it worth the millions they spent?

  • Josh

    I thought that the Samsung ad was funny and brilliant. Know plenty of other people who thought it was funny too. The only people who didn’t think it was funny were mostly Apple sheep.

    Not many people are aware of the brilliant part though.
    It was a smart ad because they incorporated all the capabilities of their product subtly and seamlessly into a “normal” situation, without having to directly say “hey, this is what our products do”. It makes their products a natural extension of what you do in life. That’s why some people at first might think there was no product placement when in fact the ad is talking about the product capabilities almost the entire time.

    This is incredibly smart because then the ad becomes a brand building ad without sacrificing product education.

    It was a nice meta commercial.

  • Can’t tell if I’m a fanboy or legitimately enjoyed this more than any other super bowl commercial…

  • Pat Hamilton

    Lebron was the only funny part of that. “Maybe I’ll do a cameo on a tablet or something.”

  • Lebron!

  • Stoker

    I thought it was a pretty fun commercial. Definitely one of my faves from the SB. Not really expecting the world from a couple minute spot….

    Releasing an extended cut may give them a little more word of mouth. Which is the real goal for Samsung at this point. It’s about brand identity rather than being overly techie!

  • joejoe5709

    It was pretty funny. It didn’t do a lot to show off their product, but I still liked it.

  • chris31jct

    I think it was funny and unexpected, but I always find lame this kind of stuff. It’s an ad about making an ad, like in the movies where the drama is about making a movie, a tv show about making a tv show. Just lame, in my opinion. Everyone is for sure talking about it because it’s different from the other ads, but everyone is looking forward for the next SGS4, so a little hint about it would have just made it.

  • The only thing this commercial got me excited about is the awesome looking Series 9 monitors that briefly show up in the background. Unfortunately, they’re $1200.

  • This reminded me of when kellen and tim put their tablets up to their face like a fone on dl show! Hahaha

  • nalpakj

    I think the ad worked perfectly. I don’t think the goal of expensive spots like this is to talk about a specific technology. It’s to get people talking. The content of most super bowl ads don’t have a whole lot to do with the product. If you look around at the resulting buzz, people are talking about this and not just on android-centric sites. So, it was a success.

    • reggie1225

      ^ He gets it

    • possomcrast1


  • interstellarmind

    bob odenkirk shouldn’t take second billing to those two

  • Saul Goodman works for Samsung? You would think they would have won that whole patent thing with Saul…

  • violator702

    I liked Saul from Breaking Bad!

  • Ad was horrible.

  • SD_Scott

    I was looking forward to this commercial… Then it happened. Who thought this was a good idea?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Apparently some guy named Sam Sung.

      • SD_Scott

        Well played sir.

  • Sparxx2k7

    Why? ….when the cut version sucked so horribly

  • Chris King

    You got to pick what commercials you wanted to see

    • Right, on the left they had all of the good ones, but if you didn’t do that, they just played the same things over and over. Weak sauce.

      • Chris King

        True plus when you picked them it seemed like the stream delayed back to the game, I waited till the end to watch the ones i want like f and f 6

  • I was so happy when the commercial was over.

  • Thought the intro was a more PG version of “Wanna know how I know you’re gay” from 40 year-old Virgin

    • LiterofCola

      That’s exactly what it was

  • Jonathan Bunch

    That was actually funny!

  • frankandsimple

    very very lame ad.

  • htowngtr

    So they were just using Note 2’s and nothing else “pre-release” in there?