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March 27 or April 3 Set as Possible Release Days for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 LTE

Galaxy S3 LTE

Dates have been set for the launch of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 that comes with LTE support. Their 4G network might still be in the fledgling state, but as the months come and go, it will grow and become more accessible to their customers. March 27 and April 3 are the supposed dates of the device’s launch, alongside the Galaxy Exhibit, the BlackBerry Z10, and even a 4G LTE hotspot called the Sonic 2.0.

So, umm, do people who bought the Galaxy S3 on a new two year when it was first releasedĀ for $300+ on T-Mobile get some type of deal on this one? Yikes.

Via: TmoNews

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s about to get real serious on tmobile. The Galaxy S3 Lte, BlackBerry 10, Htc M7, Galaxy S4, Motorola X phone, Apple Iphone 5s, Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3. Looks like a great 2013 for Tmobile. With the current Lg Nexus 4 and Galaxy Note 2 people such as myself should be really really happy.

    • Austin Warren

      You said Apple…..

  • bc

    Wouldn’t trade my hspa+ S3 for that trademark LTE battery drain if it had a S4pro in it at no cost. What a bummer, 23 down is fast enough for me.

  • Butters619

    Once my contract is up, I am hopping on that T-Mo train. Honestly in my area, T-Mo HSPA+ competes with LTE, and in crowded areas there is no way it can be worse than AT&T.

  • DC_Guy

    Will the Nexus 4 be able to use T-Mo’s LTE network?

    • Murphy

      I was in a Tmo store yesterday and the associate said that Google would send a software update to ‘activate’ the LTE chip found inside….take that with a big grain of salt.

      • lolololol yeah, just give them an entire salt mine with that one

      • Whether google does or doesn’t there’s always a mod to enable the lte chip

      • r0lct

        Yes, I think they are going to call that update The Rapture.

    • If it can be rigged to work, the reception will be atrocious because it doesn’t have an LTE antenna. Short answer: No.

      • Butters619

        I thought it worked great so long as you were in the correct band (aka the one AT&T barely uses)

  • dp917

    and a month or 2 later the S4 comes out?

    • this is my thought. perhaps it will be introduced with a price drop? Or simply priced between the SGS3 and the S4?

      • michael arazan

        Probably a trade in deal turn in the old one for a 50% discounted new one, then T-Mo will be able to sell all the used ones to refurbs and make money off the deal.

    • tyguy829

      didn’t t-mobile do this with the note? I think they got it like 1 month before the note 2 came out or something like that

  • picaso86

    Hello T-Mobile prepaid plan, goodbye “unlimited” Verizon plan..!