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Android 4.1.2 Leaks for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 as Build VRBMA2

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A new leak for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 as Android 4.1.2 and build VRBMA2 has appeared this morning over at XDA. It’s not an official release from Verizon, so if you decide that you want to flash it, just understand that there may be bugs. So far, though, reports have been positive from what I’ve seen.

We’re hearing that this leak does not include the Premium Pack with multi-window and all that jazz.

To grab the file and update to 4.1.2, hit up the XDA thread below for full instructions.

Via:  XDA

Cheers ItsASamsung!

  • Steve Rosas

    Will this include Photosphere?

  • David Parrella

    For anyone wondering, I had a completely non-functional GPS even after a total system reset (ALL data including SD card (internal) wipe, total factory reset) and this update fixed it. Thank god, I was just about to order a refurb, I thought it was completely fried.


  • pak420

    Verizon screwed us all by using the nexus name to sell the phone knowing damn well that it was not ready for use upon release.Also they knew that if there was more exposure in advertising for the phone,no one would want any other phone they had to offer,due to it specs at the time.What kills me is that this phone is still powerful enough to be at least 3 to 4 years behind newer phones and still keep up without breaking a sweat.

    • Justin Strickland

      What phone are you talking about? GS3 is not a nexus device and has never been marketed as such. Also, it’s not even a year old…

  • hkklife

    Finally got it downloaded and installed last night. Initial impressions are positive. My battery drain DOES seem a bit less than it was with 4.1.1, though it still seems to drain faster under the exact same circumstances than ICS did. Yes, I have every batteryu-saving feature and trick enabled and I have my screen set to 25% nearly constantly.

    Only major new feature I have noticed in the 4.1.2 leak aside from the new bloatware group WiFi share thing is that the camera app seems to start up a tad faster and has the shutter hold for burst mode borrowed from the Note 2. I will gladly take any battery and camera improvements. So for now I am leaving this leak on my S3 and will see how the new radios perform.

  • MrWicket

    if the GSIII gets 4.1.2 before the GNex on Verizon that’s the final proof that Verizon effed up the Nexus lol!

  • boychik0830

    hope this fixes the email problems with aol on the galaxy s3. been almost 2 months since the email app worked. have to go to browser to get email.

  • nightscout13

    4.2 Please…..


    When I saw this article as a notification from the DL app, I only saw “Android 4.1.2 leaks for Verizon’s Galaxy…” and I became really excited.

    And then I went to the article. 🙁

  • rebretz000

    Like they did with the Galaxy Note

  • rebretz000

    Its probably a VZW update to relock bootloaders

  • DanSan

    this is news? I got a good leak, its called AOKP JB-MR1 Build 2…

    see what i did there?

    • MrGy

      There are numerous issues in AOKP that have not been addressed for me: in-call volume and video conferencing not functioning correctly for starters. I am all for ROMs, and I do run AOKP, but I really wish we had a fully stable end-user product instead of a cobbled mess.

  • tomn1ce

    This is pathetic on vzw’s part….where’s the update for the G-Nexus….for those who are not into rooting?…..The phone that should be the easiest to update to the latest Android version is the one that gets the updates last, and by the way things are looking that’s a big IF the G-Nexus gets any further updates….

    • 4n1m4L

      Verizon gave us a raw deal. I’m getting an n4 with solavei or straight talk when my year end comes through. Cutting my bill in half while getting a real nexus. Ftw.

      • michael arazan

        Need to file complaints with the FCC against Verizon

        • 4n1m4L

          I’m going to make my stance known with my wallet

  • Ken Bosse

    4.1.2 doesn’t fix the media battery drain. Gimme 4.2

    • Big_EZ

      What exactly is the media drain issue, is it a Jelly Bean issue or just the S3? BTW, I have a Note 2, I occasionally have to reboot because of battery drain (it may be media causing it, I don’t remember)

      • Ken Bosse

        Its Jelly bean prior to 4.2. From what I gather its something to do with the SD card and the scan getting stuck on corrupt files. If you go to your battery when your listening to music I bet Media will be the one taking the most battery. There doesn’t seem to be a solid fix for it, other than upgrading to 4.2.

  • Where’s 4.2?

  • yummy

    Verizon, you just cant help
    sharting yourself, can you?

  • jak_341

    And the GNex update is where? Luckily, I don’t depend on VZW for updates.

  • Zachary Stone

    How about Verizon give pity on those Galaxy Nexus owners and put an approved update through before the Galaxy S3

    • Who would have thought the GS3 would be updated faster than the Galaxy Nexus?

  • mechapathy

    You gotta be sh*tting me.
    -VZ Galaxy Nexus owner.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Just except the fact that verizon hates the gnex…
      -another Vz gnex owner.

      • I accepted the fact and jumped to prepaid GSM (tmo N4)
        – Former VZ Gnex owner.

        • 4n1m4L

          Ragasmaga… i hates rabbits.

        • MrWicket

          close behind ya on that platform waiting for the cash to make the jump with!

    • You own a Gnex and don’t already have 4.2.1? Never rely on carriers to bring you the latest and greatest especially for a nexus device.

      • mechapathy

        I built my own 4.2.1 from source, which is happily running on my Gnex. That’s not the point though.

    • Derek

      lol I hope for your sake it’s never updated. You are one of these Nexus idiots who spouted off about getting a Nexus because you would get updates first. That worked out real good for ya i’m glad. Next you will also be touting T-Mobile, the worst of the worst.

      • mechapathy

        A wild cunt appears!

      • 1) Tmo has great service in my area and with the lack of LTE, Tmo’s HSPA network is faster than ATT. 2) Every since 4.1 I saw no need to root or flash custom roms. Using 4.2.1 sealed the deal. I am more than happy with pure stock android without having to dick around with root blah blah blah.

  • Would this put the GS3 ahead of the Galaxy Nexus?

    • duke69111

      I think so. The last update I remember seeing was 4.1.1.

      • This is what makes me want to drop VZW and go to TMobile w/ a Nexus4

        • Jon Kipp

          exactly what I did last week. cancelling VZW either today or tomorrow. loving it so far

          • I still have a contract until June. How’s your TMO service?

          • Jon Kipp

            Exceeds what I expected. I’ve only gone to one other location that I frequent other than my home, but had great service, and I pay $35 less a month. So far so good.

          • are you on prepaid tmo because that is what i got. 100 mins/ unlimited text and unlimited data (throttled after 5gb) all for 30 bucks a month.

          • Jon Kipp

            No, I’m doing the $50 unlimited everything plan. I would have picked the $30 one, but I use more minutes than that.

  • duke69111

    Why even bother with 4.1.2…I know it was probably in the works for a long time now, but just move onto 4.2.

    • Frogskins

      Take it from someone who is running 4.2.1…. It is not all that it is cracked up to be. Bugs galore. Thankfully some of the rommers out there are addressing all the issues Google introduced in 4.2.

      • hkklife

        Ditto. My N7 hasn’t been the same ever since 4.2 came out. I want to move past 4.2.x and get on to 4.3 ASAP. I’ll probably pop this update onto my S3 later tonight and give it a whirl. It cannot be any worse than what’s on there now. I wish they’d get the media battery drain bug resolved so I can use my dang microSD card!