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Samsung Uses Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen to Tease Super Bowl Ad


Samsung released the teaser for their Super Bowl commercial this morning, a spot that stars Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen attempting to dance around using the words “Super Bowl” together. When the final 2-minute spot appears later this week and on Sunday, it will feature the “next big thing,” which means the entire current suite of Galaxy products (Note 2, S3 and Note 10.1). There will also be an extended cut at some point with “never-before-seen” footage.

You know a company is doing well when it can put out a teaser for a 2-minute Super Bowl ad that features two of comedy’s stars.

  • emic

    If you like Odenkirk, you should watch Mr. show. David and Bob kicked funny’s ass all over the place in the mid ’90s.

  • the new “Who’s on first?” 🙂

  • harryballs


  • NemaCystX

    This is as ridiculous as not being allowed to sing the “Happy Birthday to you” song in public places. Copyright law has gotten to the point to where in the future you’ll probably get fined for just looking at an image or uttering a single phrase.

    absolutely ridiculous…

  • Cgmartin33

    Can’t wait to see the follow ups to this and the funny names they make up. I’m assuming this is one of a few that we will see during El Plato Supremo. 😉

  • DanWazz

    Bob Odenkirk is the funniest one in that bit. How dare you you not mention him!

  • This is winning by Samsung, lol!

  • Bauce40

    The big star is Saul Goodman, or at least a hipster version of him.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I was entertained.

  • Tony Byatt

    The Year of Samsung…Part 2

  • SomeRandomDude

    Are they Samsungs new Creative Directors? lol

  • Sorry but nothing tops “Suburban mom/Mrs. Claus sextape sharing” in my book

  • provocal

    At least half the humor here should be credited to Bob Odenkirk.

    • Eric Franca

      *All the humor. “I like hashtags.” Great stuff.

    • Dillon Brown

      dudes my favorite on breaking bad. certainly deserves some credit

  • This was genuinely funny. +1 to you, Samsung.

  • KB Smoka

    Better call Saul!

    • El Big CHRIS

      Ahhhh you beat me to it!

  • I love Samsung’s commercials. They’re accessible to everyone and have that “I’m better than you and your iDevice” demeanor that’s made it so popular. Much more accessible than Motorola’s vaguely Asian robot girls. It seems to be working. I went to a barbershop the other day and all 8 stylists had the S3. Same with two Comcast reps that came over the other day.

  • I wish people wouldn’t perpetuate the myth that Seth rogan is funny.

    • Diablo81588

      Seth Rogan is very funny, Marty.

    • I wish people wouldn’t assume that whatever THEY think is funny, should be found funny by everyone else.

    • P$$$

      he is actually hilarious

    • I’m just trolling. I think Seth can be moderately amusing, at times.

  • san francisco 50-1’s

  • Mordecaidrake


  • Mason Lammers


  • ‘we could get sued’ … do you think they’re poking fun at you know who?

    • lol, sure do. you can’t say that name though, or else you’ll get sued

    • EvanTheGamer

      Of course.

    • Kameron

      That would have made my day if they said Apple.

      • At the same time, I think it’s better that they didn’t

    • Bryan

      “By who?”

      “Everybody…. Nobody…. Who knows.”


  • Not sure what that has to do with the phone. But pretty damn funny.

    • Curtis

      That just lends to the idea that Samsung is doing REALLY well! They don’t even have to plug their own devices!!