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14px for Android, Combines Awesome Soundtrack and Fast-Paced Platformer Action


If you have the time to get addicted to another game, then check out 14px. It is a slick platformer with as I mentioned, a kick ass soundtrack. The game’s objective is rather straightforward – you are a black blob and your job is to save the other blobs while collecting orbs, then make it to the end of the level without dying. At the end of each level, there is a black hole that will transport you to the next level. Easy, right? 

From what I have encountered, as the game goes on, the levels become much harder, especially when the ground starts to dissolve below you and you basically have only one shot at the perfect landing.

What gives the game a completely unique spin is that there is an online level editor where you can personally make a level and then share them with friends and other players. I don’t even want to try those, since people find a way of creating the most impossible circumstances. My blob can only do so much!

The music alone is worth your time.

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  • Rodeojones000

    This is a game with a “kick ass” soundtrack? Maybe there’s a special level I’ve yet to reach where the music changes from annoying crap to something listenable?

  • It’s nice to see the Android developer community active in online chats / comments /forums! It makes me feel like the developers actually care and WANT to make their apps perfect, where as when I used to deal with iOS the only way to reach a developer seemed to be through an impersonal rating on the store or directly replying to Apple who then contacts the developer!


    The developer actually charged $0.99 for this until recently, when he decided to make it free. He said that people playing his game was more important to him than making a buck per sale, and it’s great that DL has posted about his game.

    Link for more details: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/17dk1y/hey_randroid_people_playing_my_game_is_much_more/

  • Always glad to see a great game get more publicity.

  • EvanTheGamer

    There’s so much FUN to be had in this game!

  • Oh, and you can download the music here: https://soundcloud.com/roballison/14px-full-theme

    • You are awesome, I’ve been wanting to have this as a ringtone

  • Thanks for posting this! It’s nice to see people playing and enjoying my game 🙂

    • maratu

      It’s like I watched you grow up from that first Reddit post in /r/android so long ago….. >.<

  • I love the game, but wondering why it lags my my Galaxy S3

  • This game really is addicting. And the music is so catchy

  • Just wait until they 14px release it on iOS. It’ll probably get decked because of child porn.