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Verizon to Introduce New Unlimited Prepaid Plans February 1

new verizon prepaid plans

For those of you on a Verizon prepaid plan, be on the lookout for changes coming through around February 1. Big Red plans to adjust the current $80 smartphone option, by offering two new options at $70 and $60. The $70 plan provides users with unlimited talk and text (same as the old plan), along with 2GB of 3G data. The $60 plan offers up the same unlimited talk and text, but only provides 500MB of 3G data. 

The current plan runs $80, and includes unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data. However, Verizon is offering up 2GB of data as a promo to those that sign-up for the $80 plan before January 31. Obviously, you would want to switch down to the $70 plan once it goes into effect.

We should point out again that Verizon’s prepaid plans only support 3G data. There are no 4G prepaid options at this point. In fact, the only phone options you have are the HTC Rhyme, Samung Illusion, and some Blackberry device that’s probably from the 80s.

Via:  PhoneArena

  • Bluh5d

    Not unlimited. Verizon needs sued…

  • spunker88

    Or you can go with Page Plus, a Verizon prepaid MVNO and get unlimited talk/text and 2GB data for $55, or 5GB for $70.

  • Unlimited plan is not unlimited. Verizon.

  • stephan390

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  • Alex

    The article is wrong. You can activate any 3G device on the prepaid plans provided its CPE (consumer provided equipment).

    • Chris

      He meant the only devices you can buy directly from Verizon for pre-paid specifically. At least that’s what I got from it.

  • nightscout13

    I read the title, and was about to get excited, until i realized only the minutes and texts are unlimited FAH-Q Verizon!

  • 3G only? How do they expect to explain to discerning customers after months and months of pushing 4G Android devices before the iPhone 5 came out? Turns out their 4G just isn’t that great after all? Oh wait…

  • yungqb7

    Good one Verizon, trying to make people steer clear of you guys. I’m on a family plan with Verizon, I only like their service. Everything else about them I hate. I’m pretty sure Verizon customers can agree with me that. I had T-mobile, but I obviously left them for a reason.

  • Verizon, a little protip, if the data isn’t unlimited, IT’S NOT AN UNLIMITED PLAN!

  • Akeem McAllister

    For 3G data they might as well go to StraightTalk like myself. A soon as this contract is up with big red I am going right on over to StraightTalk and give them my $45 a month for real unlimited!

    • …there’s nothing unlimited about Straight Talk, especially with an AT&T SIM. You may want to research a bit. You’ll be damn lucky if you get 2GB before getting throttled or shut off entirely.

      T-Mobile prepaid is a far safer bet.

  • therealwaynebrady

    At&t: 3gbs data (4glte) + 450mins + no messaging plan (google voice is free messaging) = $82 per month.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Totally useless without question.

  • coolsilver

    HAHAHA Unlimited asshattery

  • Joe

    Any new “unlimited” prepaid mobile broadband plans?

  • Booyah

    Wow. Just wow. If I didn’t have a grandfathered unlimited plan, I’d leave immediately. They recently offered to add a line so I could upgrade my phone and keep unlimited. I think they realize a lot of people are seeing through this crap and are trying to get loyal customers to stay.

  • Robert Delaney

    T-mo is still winning the price war. If they could just work on expansion not upgrading to 4G. Their HSPA+ has great speeds but if you live outside a city of 200,000+, its terrible. Verizon rules the nation because they have more rural coverage and customers than anyone else.

    • Alan

      For those who live in major cities, T-Mobile is significantly a better value compared to Verizon. I’m testing T-Mobile with their prepaid plan on my Nexus right now to see if it’s worth the move from Verizon and so far it’s been great.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon is useless plain and simple. Here in New York City Tmobile bitch slaps Verizon all day long. Verizon is the perfect example of bigger isn’t better and anybody that thinks it is are being misguided just like i use to be. I glad i woke up and DUMPED Verizon for Tmobile after 8 months of piss poor abysmal device service. Everything has been wonderful on tmobile since June 2012 and my 2 lines if service loves this unlimited network.

      • beerme828

        Nice try, tmobile marketing team.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Stop fronting Verizon is useless

      • snowbdr89

        Sounds u have something in common with Verizon dick

        • Richard Yarrell

          Hey squiddy20 how’s it going with that crappy Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. That useless 3g phone is already instinct on crappy Verizon time for sprint to put it out to pasture too. Good old snowbdr89 the crappy htc thunded

          • squiddy20

            1. I’m not snowbdr89, and he’s not me you stupid moron.
            2. The word you were going for is “extinct”, not “instinct” . Proof that you have no more than a 5th grade reading level.

          • Richard Yarrell

            You guys are gay

          • squiddy20

            And you’re still a close-minded fool. In case you hadn’t noticed what’s going on in the “real world”, many people are accepting the gay community, and a few states already support gay marriage. Saying “you’re gay” in this day and age is like a white person saying “you’re black” 60 years ago you stupid racist. Grow the f*ck up.

          • snowbdr88

            Actually I have a n4 douchebag. How’s your twin bed in the basement of the halfway house?

          • Richard Yarrell

            Ask your bald headed momma she’s laying right here with me losers. Give squiddy20 a big hug you Gay birds. Oh yeah your N4 is soft compared to my Galaxy Note 2. Least your not as dum as your bed buddy.

          • squiddy20

            1. It’s spelled “dumb”. Don’t insult others about their supposed lack of intelligence when you can barely spell a simple 4 letter word.
            2. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if “his momma” was 300 lbs and had warts all over her face? Joke would be on you, dumbass. Why do you even put yourself in these positions?

      • frankandsimple

        I’m sorry but you are flat out wrong. The problem with T-Mobile is not the coverage (even though that IS a major problem in many areas).. but the higher frequencies that they use. TMO signals fail miserably when it comes to penetrating buildings. If you are in your office or inside a large store like costco or walmart.. good luck with getting any reception.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Verizon marketing team..Trying to trick us…Won’t work tmobile rules.

          • squiddy20

            This coming from the idiot who said Verizon’s *low* frequency LTE didn’t penetrate buildings well… Seems someone has no clue what he’s talking about, again. -_-

          • Richard Yarrell

            Hey loser i am calling you out why are you still on your mothers family account you loser. Pay your own bills stop riding others coat tails fake ass college dropout. I feel bad for you but I am laughing at you thou that’s for sure. Boost mobile for two years now this Sprint stuff cause mommies paying that Bill. What a throb you have become

          • squiddy20

            And you know anything substantive about me… how? You don’t know my name, my age, my general physical appearance, the general location I live in, nothing. Just what phones I’ve had and that I have college experience, which is certainly more education than you’ll ever have. By all means, keep up those baseless, unfounded, and completely childish insults.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    u wot m8? Verizon, you cheeky cunt you.

  • crazysamz

    I got super excited when I read the title. Totally bummed

  • Brent Cooper

    The title lead me to think it was unlimited data 🙁

  • Crazydog

    Only 3G? Wow, now the $30 I’m paying T-Mobile a month seems like an even better deal.

    • JoshGroff

      Not to mention their $70 unlimited prepaid plan, which is truly unlimited, since apparently that needs to be stated now, and that’s HSPA+. Not quite LTE, but hey, it’s unlimited and pretty darn fast if you’ve got the coverage, and sure as hell beats 3G.

    • Richard Yarrell

      It’s a far greater deal that’s for sure. Trust this Verizon is starting to lose customers in droves and by the time July 2013 rolls around people will see that tmobile and it’s advanced 10 LTE network is far better thanVerizon’s lte network. The funny part is tmobile and it’s Hspa Plus network at least here in New York City is already better than piss poor Verizon and it’s battery draining Lte network.

  • zepfloyd

    3G only…zzzz

  • RedPandaAlex

    Now they just need to get VoLTE working so you can use an unlocked GSM phone on their network.

  • TankRizzo

    Stay safe poverty plan

  • schoat333

    Verizon 3G for 60-70 a month? I don’t even…. what?

    • michael arazan

      500 mb, daily Yes, monthly no

  • Alchemy08

    how the hell they go from 500mb to 2gb in the difference of $10. WTF????????

  • lvlorpheus

    That is odd. Why would they need to make an extra GB of data for $20. I thought only Verizon’s heavy data hitter used/needed over 2GB, and of course none of them would even consider a plan like this. I am sure no one missed it but if anyone did, that is sarcasm.

  • Dc

    That headline really got my hopes up.

  • I wish people would stop using the term “unlimited” to describe plans that are only so in the sense of talk and text. Irrelevance!

  • db.

    This should rank them a close 5th or 6th in the prepayment deals.
    I don’t think Verizon understands that people who take advantage of prepaid plans are willing to sacrifice a little speed for the price.

    • Guest

      Or for true unlimited.

  • Terius Nash

    Title should read “unlimited text and voice”. Of course they’ll give you more of what you won’t use. Bring unlimited data then we’ll talk.

    • HighRes

      Free stuff you don’t want! Don’t you feel happier now?

  • JoshGroff

    Verizon, you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • epyon0

    am i the only one who thought the title was a lil misleading O_o

    • Alan

      Blame Verizon.

  • Verizon go home you’re drunk…

  • Droidzilla

    So, it’s a limited unlimited.

    • michael arazan

      Talk about misrepresentation, Bold letters Unlimited Plan, not Unlimited Data.

      Verizon, just like the sewer system, works great, connected everywhere, but inside it reeks of crap and no one wants to deal with it.