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Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader Unlocked Again, After Latest Update

verizon galaxy note 2 grey2

When Verizon released a surprise update to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that was listed as nothing more than a “security patch,” we knew it meant only one thing – they had locked the bootloader again. Since then, users who updated early have been waiting patiently for some of the Samsung devs to work a little magic. That time has now come. 

Adam Outler and his crew over at XDA released a new “jailbreak” for the VZW Note 2 this weekend, one that works over the new VRALL4 update. At this time, it’s only available to Linux and Windows users, though there is talk of a Mac version on the way.

As you had to with the last bootloader unlock, you need to download CASUAL (Cross-platform ADB Scripting, Univeral Android Loader), Odin, BAV Baseline (prepares device for root), and the Back Atcha Verizon Bootloader file, which is the “jailbroken” bootloader plus recovery.

You can find it all at the link below.

On a related note, we should point out that this is bootloader unlocking, which has absolutely nothing to do with the “unlocking” ban that the Librarian of Congress issued on Saturday.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Peter!

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  • Awesome Job from Adam. Took a major frustration (post purchase locked down phone) and using the simplest programs unlocked the bootloader and gave me root. Easiest thing ever. Run Casual, run odin and use the PDA button to load the 2 files and you are free. (Don’t blame me if you run into any problems/disclaimer) Feeling human again.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung made the best all purpose productivity device ever made period. Verizon destroyed it’s version with the childish graffiti and unnecessary internal changes. You couldn’t get me to take this for free on that crappy network. You know when carries start specializing in cosmetic changes and internal changes to devices and they are not the manufacturer then you have MAJOR PROBLEMS. I am extremely happy with my Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile we along with [email protected] and Sprint have the intended device Samsung wanted all carriers to have not some kind of carrier creation the ODD BALL of all 4 carries. Can’t help but laugh I have never seen anyone with this childish branding looking device in my day to day travel here in New York City. Not on the subways or the buses matter of fact not even walking down the street have i seen a Verizon Galaxy Note 2. People must feel extremely embarrassed to have one that’s for sure.

    • 213ninja

      their branding is dumb and i hate my boot animation but my priorities place network quality over logos all day every day. to say their logos “destroyed” the device is a little ridiculous.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Verizon is useless and soft.

        • 213ninja

          nah. far from useless (they are by fact one of the best networks on the planet), and they are the most hardcore of any carrier. they are equipment nazis. you call and complain and threaten to cancel and they tell you go ahead that’s your right……nothing soft about that i’m not saying i like that stance, because i hate it, just pointing out facts…

    • You are being an ignorant douche…the manufacturer does in fact make the vzw note 2 and said internal/external changes to it…which are carrier specific. ..every model number of the note 2 is different from one another, which numbers about 7 or more different models…do your homework before posting such long winded, uninformed rants…you are terrible at pretending to be an intellectual…

  • Evan Wickes

    Verizon releases security updates w/in weeks but Android OS updates take months.

    • Looks like Verizon has their priorities in order.

  • Kyle Cole

    Yep, I can vouch for this! It works!

  • “On a related note, we should point out that this is bootloader unlocking, which has absolutely nothing to do with the “unlocking” ban that the Librarian of Congress issued on Saturday.”

    Plus that only applies to new devices, so it wouldn’t apply anyway.

  • chris125

    In your face Verizon!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon sucks monkey balls.

      • chris125

        Except hands down has the best coverage. Ill take being able to use my phone everywhere I go rather than worrying about hacking the phone.

  • John

    That’s pretty f uckin awesome.

  • sourpuss

    I thought everyone one knew that Verizon issues bogus updates to plug up exploits. Why do people still update when a phone has been unlocked? Updates are usually useless.

    • I agree. Also, when you have an unlocked bootloader, chances are you’re running a rom like Jelly Beans. People should wait a few days, then the devs will normally update their ROM with the firmware updates.

      • michael arazan

        Unless you know what the update is or is suppose to be download, if you don’t know what it is, wait a day or two and read sites like this one to find out.

  • So this is what it feels like to get a timely jailbreak release, iOS users are still waiting on a iOS 6 untethered JB on their 5. Its been 8 months and no Jailbreak. Smh. They wait patiently to do what we do natively. Pfft “Dream Team” ok, As far as I’m concerned XDA maybe filled with jerks and noobs but I still go there to get my tweaks on. Adam Outler and the gang are the best!

    • S2556

      and If you were on any carrier but verizon you would have it from release and never lose it in an update! That’s one thing Samsung is doing better than most OEMs.

  • DroidBricker

    Because FU Verizon!

  • SexciiP

    Freakin’ awesome!