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Pebble E-paper Smartwatch Begins Shipping Today, Android App Arrives Thursday


At CES, the folks behind Pebble told the world that their Kickstarter funded e-paper smartwatch would begin shipping by January 23. They stuck to that today, announcing to backers of the project that batches of the watch are on pallets and ready to go (see image above). Their email to backers also included a mention of “some kinks and issues” that still need to be worked out, but we’re assuming they are minor if Pebbles are shipping. 

On Thursday, January 24, the Android app will hit the Google Play store. So if you backed and receive one of the first Pebbles, you will have access to all of its power. iOS users on the other hand, they’ll have to wait until Apple gets around to approving the app, which was submitted two weeks ago.

At this time, they are producing around 800-1,000 per day, but are working hard to get that up to max capacity – 2.4K per day. Today, they’ll ship just 500 Pebbles.


  • Its a pretty expensive watch. I’ll stick to casios, thx

  • Fugly. That is all.

  • Will this let me communicate with Zordon?

  • Joey Miranda

    besides having a smaller screen not sure why people want this over the motoactv when the motoactv has so many more features and capabilities than this thing.

    • Charles Hobbs

      For the battery life and the open development

    • Futbolrunner

      I thought about too but I heard the battery life isn’t so great and its too damn big. [wating for it..]

      • teejaycard

        ….That’s what she said.

        • Sirx

          There it is! Good show, chap.

          • Manny Subia

            …..That’s what SHE said also

    • Laki S.

      The motoactv is HUGE on the wrist and battery life, if using outside with GPS to workout and listen to music, is only a few hours. Plus, it’s not water proof. I love my motoactv, but I can’t wear it as a watch everyday and I can’t wear it in the pool. I use it mostly with the clip because it’s so clunky on my wrist. I backed the Pebble and will be using it as a fitness watch when I’m at the pool.

    • Xious

      The battery on my MotoACTV is absolutely horrible. Just having it sit there idle gives me only a couple days. If I actually use it, I’m lucky to get a day out of it. That’s absolutely ridiculous for an MP3 player let alone a watch. Plus, like others said, it’s too big to wear around.

  • JBartcaps

    I would not want that red thing on my wrist, just my opinion.

    • Gritchu

      Then. Get. Another. Color.

      • JBartcaps

        I don’t want that (Any. Color. Here.) on my wrist

        • Manny Subia

          Then get black lol

  • carluverdrm2004

    The idea was great, and the design is awesome, but I never wear a watch… So I couldn’t justify it.

  • Yeah I didn’t want to fund a kickstarter and get something that I wasn’t pleased with.

    I’ll see how the reviews pan out before I decide to invest in one myself.

  • teejaycard

    500….That’s all I have to say.

    • bobbymay1

      They said a bunch got held up at the airport because of ‘documentation’ in the update email.

  • Greg Morgan

    I hope you guys get one and review it. I’d love to see some thoughts before I decide to purchase one.

    • Brent Cooper

      Id love to see a DL review too!

    • picaso86

      What is the big deal with this watch? There is nothing “special” about it.