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Giveaway: Win One of Ten Lustre “HD” Icon Packs From kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

Lustre HD

For anyone that uses custom icons on their Android devices, I am sure you have heard the name kovdev mentioned before. They are the creators of the popular Tersus and Lustre icon packs that you have probably spotted on this site a few times.

Well, with display resolutions going up, kovdev are currently working on updating their icon packs to work well with the new displays. The first to receive this HD update is Lustre, and we have 10 copies of the icon pack to giveaway. Each individual icon has been upscaled, by hand, to XXHDPI for the ultimate clarity. Ready to win one? 

Update: We have emailed our 10 winners! Thanks for entering, folks!

How to enter:

  1. Tell us below in the comments section the number one reason you love the Android OS.


At around 6:15PM PST (after tonight’s Droid Life Show), we will pick our 10 winners and email them.

If you want to check out the current Lustre app, you can find it on Google Play for $1.50. Inside there is a great selection of wallpapers that compliment the icons nicely. In general, it’s a great and easy way to change up the look of your device.

Play Link ($1.49)

Thanks to kovdev for hosting the prizes!

  • I love Android because its so customizable and you can make it your own. Also I was already using Google products so it was a breeze everything already worked. I have OCD so if things are not just perfect Ill have to fix it! 🙂

  • Serf33

    I love Android because it is constantly evolving and innovating the way we use our phones in our everyday life

  • ChristianJohnson

    Customization. Making your phone your own.

  • Android is a highly customizable OS that is offered in a customizable form (multiple companies with almost countless models)…plus it’s made by a company who is not evil.

  • Android is VERY customizable! This is why I would love a new icon pack to change things up 🙂

  • Niall Fox

    The look on iPhone user’s faces when my Note 2 out performs their (puny) iPhone 5

  • Matthew Pindera

    It’s not an iPhone

  • I love android because the pace of the android world was so fast. Now the companies kinda killed the fun of following android news.

  • those big screens that i can actually see

  • The infinite customization!

  • cgalyon

    I love the openness and customization available in it.

  • ease of use and customization. Interestingly enough, I had the pleasure of coming onto the android scene with vanilla ICS on my Gnex, so I had a beautiful, snappy interface from day one.

  • Alex Farra

    I love the customization it offers as well as the many form factors and thrill of seeing what huge new changes Google always includes in new android versions that keep it interesting.


    I love the Android OS because I can do what I want, how I want.

  • Flyinion

    Android being open and customizable.

  • Guest

    Has to be because of how open it is.


  • Andres Vinueza

    The number one reason I love android is that its boundless. The posibilities to make it your phone unique are countless. The open os of android is enough for me to chose it over any other smartphone os.

  • mcho19

    Ability to do whatever I want with my phone and if not so, the amazing developers who can provide me with what I want

  • Jim Sheeran

    Because it’s not Apple!

  • Vikas Patel

    I love android because android allows creativity.

  • It’s not a fruit

  • The ability to create and use custom ROMS

  • jason

    Use to be customizations, but NOW, number 1 reason is the integration of most of the things I care for in one place–> Google NOW! Sports, Weather, and most of my reservations(airlines, tickets), time to home navi (101-s is brutal! until you finally pass the 880 juncture) and a lovely new feature of (amazon prime) shipping details! woohoo!

  • DrAndyRoid

    Customization! The ability to make an Android phone your own allows the OS to stay fresh. Launchers, ROMS, widgets, etc… the combinations are endless.

  • Harsh Karn

    You can change anything and everything to your taste. Its like having a new phone everyday. Hail CM, AOKP, PA, MIUI and themes :).

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    The variety. I can get a 3.7″ phone or I can get a 5.5″ phone in all sorts of colors, shapes, widths, you name it

  • Josh Ingram

    Customization and widgets! What’s not to love?

  • Booyah

    Absolutely love Tersus. Clean and simple.

  • I have been using lustre for some time now and love it. Good luck y’alls!

  • Kevin Raymond

    I love being able to customize Android to suit my needs.

  • I love android because I can customize it however I want.

  • JetBlue

    Customization, and also because without Android there would most likely not be droid-life.

  • mydroidphone

    Customization. Just went from custom ROM back to stock until I find a different ROM to play with. Oh and didn’t lose any data or apps because Android is just awesome! Getting the og Droif was one of the best things I ever brought.

  • nsnsmj

    I love Android because of the customization.

  • tharealoc

    The number one reason why I love android is the fact that I get to choose how my device functions, and am not locked into what the OS manufacturer thinks my device should work.

  • Futbolrunner

    Android allows me to personalize my os as a reflection of my personality and likings

  • Cory Larson

    Crack flashing ROMs makes my droidy bits tingle.

  • JMonkeYJ

    right now, it’s probably Google Now and the quantity of genuinely good games that are finally available

  • Jason Brown

    customization/personalization/freedom to replace apps that come standard with the phone (ex: keyboard)

  • Manuel Ortiz

    I love it bc it’s open source n u don’t have restrictions!

  • Chris

    I think the icons show it: customizability.

  • PhillipNorris

    Open source and tons of developers

  • androidaw


  • M_Ed

    I love Android because of the the freedom it comes along a with!

  • Brian

    Customization and tether 🙂

  • DennisHeffernan

    Android wins because of its openness, both in its software and market.

  • Norman Farmer

    Cause I can do as little, or as much as I want to it. It’s up to me, not some Company!

  • Why get an iPhone when you could have a Nexus?

    • Scott H

      Because they offer lots of identical icons! 😉

  • I just hate Apple, really.