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Google CFO: We had 12-18 Months of Motorola Product Pipeline to Go Through


During today’s Q4 2012 earnings call with Google, the company’s CFO Patrick Pichette touched on the low revenues and losses that continue to pile up at Motorola. With investors and media curious to know when Google thinks they will turn this sinking ship around, he offered up a couple of thoughts. 

Pichette first mentioned that even after they acquired Motorola, they had 12-18 months of product pipeline to work through before they could get to work on their own stuff. We talked about this when the RAZR HD was announced, pointing out that it and the RAZR M may be the last Sanjay Jha (former CEO) inspired products that Motorola would release. Now that the “new” Motorola has had some time to get all of that former stuff out of the way, they can finally focus on bringing something new and innovative to the market. Will that be the X Phone? Probably.

And second, Pichette told investors to expect there to be fluctuations from quarter to quarter. They’ve made adjustments in the supply chain, restructuring of the company also appears to be an ongoing process, and new products have yet to find their way to market.

I don’t think it’s a guarantee that Google will turn Motorola around, but most of us expect this now Google-powered company to do something groundbreaking in the mobile world that will help bring them back. Hopefully we see that soon, though, as these questions are going to continue to be posed until that happens.

  • MikeSaver

    i want a motorola googaus

  • mgamerz

    Doesn’t change anything. I will continue my anti-Motorola crusade after they threw Atrix/Photon/Electrify owners under a bus multiple times. Doesn’t matter who owns the company.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Removable battery…
    Stock android…
    That is all.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I think that people’s expectations of what Motorola will do are a bit blown out of proportion. Google own’s the company but they are not (at least for now) integrating Motorola into Google. It is still its own company! Which means Moto Blur is still alive and kicking more than likely. You will probably not get a stock Android phone out of them any time soon. They want to differentiate themselves just like everyone else in the game and as long as Samsung is dominating with its own version of Android expect OEM inspired Android versions to be a mainstay. What I would tell you to expect from Motorola is a retooled version of Blur and a SERIOUS hardware boost. Better cameras and screens and continued growth in build quality.

  • uncle paul

    Too many subpar locked devices scattered across carriers.
    Make 1 GOOD high end device and 1 GOOD mid level device and everyone is happy.

    Moto has like 90 different phones out, no wonder updates are non existent.

  • world_wide_wes

    OG droid wasy first smartphone**

  • world_wide_wes

    Just HAVE to say that I love my moto RAZR maxx (nonhd). It was quite a downgrade from the gnex…but worth the compromise for the battery life and keeping my unlimited Verizon plan. Excellent call quality, durability and reliability. Droid was my first smartphone and really led me to become a huge fan of pure android over iOS. Make the x phone happen google !


    It doesn’t matter what they put in these upcoming phones. Call it a Nexus and the Android lovers will buy it. Look at the Nexus 4, people are dying to get that phone, and it lacks LTE. No other phone could get away with that in 2013 and still be consider a top of the line phone!!

    • JoshGroff

      The point was to make a cheap enough device to entice people to leave contracts and go with unlocked devices, in order to do that and be successful they kept the price down.

      Also, is it fair to make everyone pay for it being LTE enabled when only AT&T, and AT&T MVNO, customers would be able to truly take advantage of it?

      • ERIC REED

        All I’m saying is if Samsung releases a phone in 2013 with incredible specs and doesn’t include LTE, it’s an after thought right after it is reviewed. Slap the Nexus name on it and its somehow still relevant months later is just crazy to me. To me it’s just a mid tier phone, and I guess that’s what the price reflects.

        • JoshGroff

          IIRC, the unlocked Note 2 is also missing an LTE chip. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I love my Gnex software. But my Droid X is still my favorite phone. It was just so great in the hand, the bump on the top made it very easy to hold and hold on to.

  • Anon

    I am so hoping that the X-Phone will live up to my wishes for the product. I want something with the build quality of Moto, the OEM accessories (car dock, bedside dock) of Moto, the battery life of Moto, and the software engineering and support of Google. It looks like it may arrive in time for my contract expiration too, and if I can buy it in an off-contract LTE (or better yet, full world-phone) version direct from Google, I’d be even happier.

  • Joey

    As many problems as I’ve seen with Motorola working tech in a cell phone store over the years, I will stay as far away as I can. From the OG screen failure to the razr not booting. Samsung is the way to go!

    • Diablo81588

      Galaxy nexus? Lol

  • bananatroll

    As long as runs stock android, has a 12mp+ camera with quality software, 2gb of RAM, a 4.5-5″ screen , and user deletable bloat with updates piped straight through Google, I will buy it on the Play store the day it releases. The only thing that I’m wondering is Big Red giving up their historic total doggy style domination over the UI aspect of Motorola’s devices. Would they willingly give up their control? That my fellow fandroids is the question we must ask ourselves…

  • VIKK

    Well, Verizon is not really the issue. The point here is that the old Moto had nothing backing them up so they became Verizons personal bitch. Now, with google backing them up Verizon will have no other choice than to let them do their own thing with the phones. I see Moto becoming the next big thing.

  • Dale Griggs

    The main thing is to get Verizon out of the way. They are as bad as Apple trying to control everything. If Verizon didn’t have the best network, they would have been bankrupt years ago. My contract is up in September and then it is time to sing “The Party’s over”.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if this will labeled as the next nexus already. Nexus 4 might have just been a place holder and from the supply of it, it looks like google is already looking forward to a phone to replace what has been a fail marketing for nexus 4 where they still cant supply enough, or may be it is for a reason. Nexus X may be?

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Perhaps they wouldn’t be hurting so bad if their flagship phone advertisements didn’t consist of a dude getting out of bed and blowing a hole through the wall by playing a game…

    • joejoe5709

      12-18 months of advertisement pipeline too? Lol.

    • kixofmyg0t

      You do know that’s Verizon and not Motorola’s ads right?

      Have you seen the DNA’s ads?

      • Justin Winker

        That’s because they are “Droid” branded, which is essentially a Verizon brandmark… Ever notice all the Droid phones are labeled as “Droid XXXXX” by (Manufacturer)? Similar to how the Nexus program works – Google Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, Google Nexus 4 by LG, etc.

        • kixofmyg0t

          I know, he was implying that the crazy DROID ads were a Moto only deal though.

  • joejoe5709

    The rumored X phone is exciting, but I really don’t see myself buying a Moto until they get a little more settled – unless it’s a Nexus. But that’s a different story.

    • coolsilver

      Way I see it Moto has their product and processes down to deal with a large scale launch. As you notice Nexus phones have been failing to launch without supply issues. I think this can be part the fix.

  • Butters619

    I’m guessing they still have Verizon Droid exclusives still in the pipeline

    • kixofmyg0t



      • Butters619

        No I meant have. 12-18 months is what they said. They’ve owned Moto for exactly 8 months.

        (They were hinting at it in the release)

  • Brent Cooper

    I want the X Phone to do to the current market what the Original Droid did to the smartphone market in 2009.

    • Dave

      It would be cool, but at this point in the heavily saturated market, no device is going to change the phone. Nice screen, powerful chip, etc….it still does what the majority of phone already do. Maybe I’ll fall back in love with Moto…..

      • Larizard

        what if it comes with a holographic keyboard???


      • It could if it had solid sexy hardware, stock android, sensible yet amazing commercials and lots of advertising. The only reason the Galaxy line is so popular is because the phones look nice and Samsung advertises the crap out of them. Other than those 2 things they’re no better than other phones, in fact, they’re worse considering Touchwiz. Just like Apple, Samsung makes you think all the cool kids have Galaxy phones. Moto could do the same with their line of phones, but they have to settle on a brand name and stick with it.

  • First step with the “new” motorola?

    Ditch the name Motorola.

    Make it “GoogleGear” or something… the Motorola brand name is just not what it used to be.

    • I used to shop for computer parts at googlegear.com … now zipzoomfly.com till google bought the site

    • Diablo81588

      Uh no.

    • Trey Mitchell

      uhhhhhhh no
      you dont just throw away decades of brand reconigition that would be a stupid move

  • master94

    I want moto to eat up all of Apple’s sales and take second. Let Samsung stay number one, they worked hard to get up there.

    • Justin Winker

      I think I’d prefer Moto to be first, though thats just because I like their designs and radios a lot more than Samsung’s.

      • Agreed! The hardware is top notch (this is coming from a person who drops their phone 10x a day on tile and concrete). Plus with Google taking over I really don’t see a future for MotoBlur!

      • C-Law

        Samsung has come a long way with radios. While my gnex sucked, my gs3 gets the same 4g signal as my mother’s droid razr maxx and holds on to it just as well.

        • Trey Mitchell

          thye arent sammy radios they are qualcom

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Their downfall is not designing a device that carries the same specs and form factors across multiple networks. One of the things that Sammy picked up from apple as working well was the ability to advertise a single device that everyone could pick up, regardless of carrier. You can attack with a single advertisement base, you have identical form factors which makes accessories cheaper, and other than network speeds, you can trump up your superior device. Moto needs a Droid that everyone can use. The D1 was awesome, as was the x, but that was only on Verizon. Atrix was sweet but limited and the razrs are the same. Limited audience. It is like making movies in blue ray 3d only, the tech rocks but you are missing a lot of your core audience.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Moto does not need to make another “droid”. The droid line has become an awful joke. When I thought of droid in the og droid days, I thought of groundbreaking, openness, stock android. Now when you think of droid, you think encrypted boot loader, Verizon bloatware, crappy screen quality. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think it was insulting that they encrypted their boot loaders and then said “well Verizon makes us do it”. Because moto’s devices on other carriers were also encrypted, and other manufacturer devices on Verizon aren’t always encrypted. What a cop out.

          • dragonflyr

            you forgot to mention … “stupid, pointless commercials” when you think of droids.

    • Johnny

      Samsung being one forever is bad for everyone, letting one manufacturer have that much control of Android is bad. We need HTC and Moto to pull through

  • I would like their products so much more if they would change the form factor of the RAZR series. I like that they were trying something new, however I don’t like the way the product feels in my paws. Definitely excited to see what they do in the future, though.

    • coolsilver

      Sometimes I feel like I am going to drop my Thunderbolt and it had a 4.3″ screen. A nice fit and form will get me wagging.

  • T4rd

    Moto has some of the best hardware design and quality on the market. I think it has been a long time coming to see a stock Android Moto phone. It’s about time we see the true successor to the OG Droid!

    • Justin Winker

      I agree – I want to see the real successor to the OG Droid, not the Blurry Droid 2-4 (although Blur looks a ton better than it used to).

      • LiterofCola

        Have to give you props for mentoning the last part

    • For Business purposes I miss my old Droid. I love my GNex but would totally buy a Stock Android Moto Phone with a QWERTY Keyboard.

      • I’m currently running the Droid Razr with Killer Bean AOKP ROM and although I never owned the original Droid, this thing seems to beat out the competition especially when it comes to connectivity (It keeps a hearty 4G LTE signal in places where other phones struggle to maintain weak 4G LTE signal.) Not to mention since it’s rooted and rom’ed there really isn’t anything I can’t do with this device!

        • akhnaten

          If Moto had come out with the Razr Maxx with a stock Google UI and an unlocked bootloader, I think they would have been profitable.

        • yes there is one thing you cant do, take a decent picture.

          • T4rd

            Or flash a custom kernel to it for better battery life, performance and USB fast charging.

    • The first phone I’ve ever been impressed with by Moto is the RAZR Max HD. The OG Droid was too big and ugly, everyone I know who had an X had it fall apart on them, but the RAZR Max HD is a beautiful phone, if only it ran stock.

      • T4rd

        The OG Droid was big? Ugly is subjective. Regardless, it was a tank of a phone that took drops and spills like a champ (someone spilled a full drink on mine once and it still worked fine afterwords). Function > form.

      • Droidzilla

        You take your anti OG talk and you get the hell out of here!

  • nightscout13

    Here’s what we need in X-Phone:
    4GB Ram
    5″ OLED
    Qi charging
    included bone-conducting earbuds

    • Tim242

      4 GB of RAM? That is overkill by far. Samoled? Nah, Super LCD would be better. Qi charging? That is very inefficient. It wastes energy and takes almost double the time to charge. Everything else sounds good though : )

      • nightscout13

        I’m tired of having to make sure a case fits without interfering with the USB port. Or fumbling around at night, trying to fit into the port. I don’t care if it’s inefficient, its convenient, and that’s more important to me 😀

        • bobukcat

          I agree, I just bought a Razr Maxx HD because I just couldn’t live with my Bionic as my daily use device anymore and the ONLY thing I miss is the Qi charging. Thankfully the Maxx HD doesn’t have to be charged as much but IMO wireless charging is more important than NFC by a long shot. I’m going to disagree with the 5″ screen though, I think 4.7 is more than enough and I don’t want a phablet.

          • Justin Winker

            I want a 5 inch screen with on-screen nav keys. The flexibility of the on-screen buttons my N4 has… it’s just amazing.. The Pie controls with AOSPA are awesome, and I think 5 inches would be a good next-step for myself. I don’t want to jump up to a 5.5 inch device right away, but eventually I’ll get there.

          • kenneth


          • C-Law

            I agree with screen size. My gnex felt perfect but my gs3 feels a little big. It probably wouldn’t if it had on screen nav keys. I miss them. Physical home buttons [email protected]

          • J Dub

            Put them side-by-side. They are nearly the same size.

        • joejoe5709

          Agreed. Pogo charger does almost the same thing though.

          • nightscout13

            I would accept POGO if they would sell them.

      • cantcurecancer

        It does not take double the time to charge, that is not true.

      • FLHC

        It would be PMA instead of Qi. Google announced their support of PMA

    • hkklife

      4GB RAM: Overkill but it if doesn’t affect packaging, pricing, and power consumption, why not? But honestly, 2Gb RAM is probably sufficient for the next 12 months, easily.

      5″ OLED. I am fine with a plain ol’ IPS screen. Just let it be 1080P and sufficiently bright. The DNA’s screen is my new benchmark, by the way, with the Note 2 a close 2nd.

      3,500 mAh. Yes, as big as possible. This is CRITICAL!

      NFC Nice but that’s at the bottom of my priority list

      Qi charging Again, nice but not critical

      Earbuds included? A total waste. Look at the Rezound. I already have a lovely pair of Shures, Sonys and Klipsch earbuds. I do not care to pay for any “freebies”.

      What’s most important to me is that Moto improves their historically terrible camera sensors and optics. Also, I want to see Moto’s Google-backed efforts carry over the microSD slot AND the standard microHDMI port. MHL is still in its infancy and it’s a PITA to deal with. Now would be the perfect time to start gradually refining Moto’s stillborn WebTop concept and get it into KLP or another future Android revision.

      • nightscout13

        not just earbuds. BONE CONDUCTING earbuds. My GS3 2GB RAM fills up to the max during the day, on a stock ROM.

        • Butters619

          Screen shot of full 2GB of RAM or I don’t think I would ever believe it.

          • nightscout13

            2GB has actual usable space of only 1.56GB. I will try to put a screenshot later.

          • Justin Winker

            I’m agreeing with you on that… I barely hit that on my PC unless I’m doing hardcore gaming (COD, PlanetSide 2, etc.) with other apps open in the background… There’s almost no way I’d hit that with a phone, although it’s nice to have the extra RAM there just in case some app really needs it.

          • nightscout13

            You didn’t believe me, here’s a screenshot. Only 300MB left free. Sometimes even less. As you can see, even 2GB is not enough. This is a stock ROM By the way. Any questions?

          • Butters619

            1) You still have 300 MB free (which is a TON in Android land)
            2) It would be nice to see what apps you are running because you may have just opened as many as you could to get it as high as you could for the screenshot.

          • nightscout13

            300MB might be OK today, but in 6 months, it will not. That is my point that you keep disregarding. This is during my normal daily usage. I end up having to clear RAM a few times per day. My list of apps that are run daily:
            Nike+ Running
            BBC News
            Google Voice
            Play Music
            Realtor app
            Hill Climb Racing

            These are my daily driver apps. The fact that my RAM fills up cause of them is unsatisfactory.

          • Butters619

            Android (and every skin) has memory management. You should never have to clear your RAM. The reason it is full is because Android doesn’t need to purge old or unused items until their is a demand. I’m not saying more RAM is bad. I’m saying 4GB is overkill, even in 6 months

          • nightscout13

            We’ll talk again in 6 months.

          • kixofmyg0t

            It’s really cute how you don’t understand how Linux likes to keep the RAM “full”. This isn’t windows guy. You do realize that even IF you had 4GB of RAM it would still be almost full all the time right? I mean you do understand there’s a fundamental difference in how Android(and therefor Linux) handles RAM as opposed to something you know like Windows?

            2GB is plenty.

          • nightscout13

            False. Ridiculous statement. It fills up throughout the day. If your statement was true, then after fresh boot, the RAM would also be full? NOPE!

          • kixofmyg0t

            Seriously, go read about Linux memory management. You really do not have any clue about how it works.

          • nightscout13

            It seems YOU are the one that has a false understanding. Like I said, if your statement was correct, my RAM would be full upon fresh boot. IT IS NEVER FULL UPON FRESH BOOT

          • kixofmyg0t

            Really?! Really guy?

            Normally I would suggest you go here http://www.androidcentral.com/ram-what-it-how-its-used-and-why-you-shouldnt-care?style_mobile=0

            But I don’t think you could comprehend any of it. So go here instead http://www.linuxatemyram.com/

            It’s ok to admit you don’t know EVERYTHING once in awhile.

          • nightscout13

            You have ignored my FACT 2 times now. That the system does NOT fill up the RAM upon fresh boot. Android is based on Linux yes, but I do not know if Android uses RAM as cache the way Ubuntu does.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Exactly what I thought. Not only did you totally ignore the link I posted from Android Central that proves you’re a complete idiot but you seem to think I made the claim that your RAM would be full at boot.

            Seriously, stop while you’re behind and read the ARTICLE (not forum post, not some Johnny no-name said whatever) I linked from Android Central.

            Actually on second thought nevermind, you’re screwed dude. You divided by zero somehow and ate all your RAM. I guess all those people with Nexus 7’s are really hating life and can’t to anything at all with only 1GB of RAM huh?

          • nightscout13

            Logically, it would make sense to keep doubling the RAM. Just like with PC’s. Why would you limit yourself, and stay at 2GB for 5 years?

          • kixofmyg0t

            You mean FACKWORS.

          • Jeff Tycz

            lol you sir are an idiot, you not only ignore the facts but continue on like you know how Android works which you clearly dont. Its a mobile phone, what do you need 4GB of ram for!? Do you do CAD drawings on your phone or something?? If you need 4GB of ram go to your computer where its actually useful

          • Evan Knofsky

            I hate to argue with stupid, but I really don’t think you’ve grasped this concept. AS you use apps on android they STAY in memory. SAY you have 100mb free and that’s needed, it will kill out an older app. IT KEEPS app in memory so it starts up and is ready quicker.

          • nightscout13

            The system slows down when the RAM fills up. I don’t care how good the “memory management” is, the system starts lagging when RAM is near full.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Your complete lack of understanding about how Android works is expected, but you refuse to learn.

            You don’t understand that even if you had 4GB, or even 8GB of RAM it would fill up and Android WOULD KEEP IT LIKE THAT. Android like the RAM “full”.

            But no matter how many times we tell you, or show you that your wrong…. Hell the CM team themselves could comment right now and say the same you wouldn’t be able to understand it.

            You really need a iPhone dude. Android is a but too much for you. My phone has half the RAM yours does and I don’t have the “problem” you claim. You can’t get it through your thick skull that Android and Windows use RAM differently. You will never understand it. So go ahead and wish for a phone with 16GB of RAM, cause when you check the usage and see 300MB free of 16GB don’t come back bitching. We told you already.

          • nightscout13

            I understand that Linux manages RAM in this way, but it is not as effective as you think. It still bogs down and LAGS when the RAM gets full. Regardless of what you say, I know my phone would perform better with 4GB of RAM. Now FACK OFF

          • kixofmyg0t

            As effective as I think? Oh dude its not what I think, that’s how it is.

            You KNOW your phone would perform better with 4GB of RAM do you? You, who has no idea why or how your 2GB is used… Oh but you just KNOW it wouldn’t lag with 4GB. Nevermind the fact that 4GB would fill up and you would be right back to where you are now.

            Right. You know everything don’t you?

            How about if your phone had faster flash memory and a better memory controller so when Android caches stuff it would do it more efficiently? Nah let’s throw more RAM at it. You are a idiot. Now FACKWORS.

        • Tom

          Bone conduction technology is either A) horrible,B) over priced or C) Both. Basically they are limited to around 50Hz to 12kHz frequency response. That is HORRIBLE. The technology, while great, is not useful to those whom have hearing or don’t have need for not having their ears sealed off, and need complete auditory freedom. The amount we’d be paying for that, would be too much for it to be of any decent use. They would easily be the singular worst free headphones given with any phone. And if they were earbuds that would be several hundred dollars right there, as most bone conducing headphones right now need to be big enough to resonate the bones in the head. The cheaper they are the more the lower end the motor is, which means they are bigger.

          Good idea in theory, horrible idea in practice. I’ll stick with my Panasonic HJE900s thank you.

          • nightscout13

            Actually you can buy them on Amazon for $50 right now. If Motorola were to mass produce them, they could bring the manufacturing cost down even lower. Being able to listen to music AND hear your surroundings is amazing to me. You don’t have to agree, that’s just my opinion 😀

          • Tom

            Those are HEADphones, not earphones. Check your terminology. The ones you are looking at are the Aftershockz http://www.amazon.com/Aftershokz-AS300-Wraparound-Headphones-Conduction/dp/B007003IO8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358899198&sr=8-1&keywords=bone+conduction+headphones Yes, those are the lowest end, however, what cell phone has ever shipped with actual headphones? What portible device in the past 10 years shipped with actual headphones? They are all earbuds and in ears.To bring them down to that size you are now looking in the $300+ range. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is the realm of hearing aids (several hundred dollars) and in ear consumer grade version that I found is $350 http://www.shopmedacoustics.com/HIB210DM-Bone-Conduction-Earphone-Prodview.html. All other consumer versions that are small enough are still in research, and probably won’t be cheap if we do get them. And if the technology caught up, then MAYBE it would be viable. But right now, it hasn’t.

            Now yes, as I said it is great, but it is simply not ready for prime time. From the horrible frequency response, to the fact that it needs a motor, which would make it harder to add in an inline mic… It is just not a viable option.

          • nightscout13

            HTC phones shipped with full size headphones when they first struck a Deal with Dr. Dre.

          • Tom

            No they didn’t. They came with Dr Dre branded in ears. Look it up, not one came with actual Dr Dre Beats Solos, Studios or anything of the like. They came with, in essence iBeats. Cheap versions at that.

          • nightscout13

            What was that? I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome Google is : http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/24/google-glass-bone-conduction/

          • Tom

            Huh… So… lets see… If I’m reading that right… First off… it is slated for $1500, and it is Google glass, not headphones. So… there goes the affordable angle, and the earphone angle. It won’t offer stereo sound. So there goes any application like music, unless you like hearing everything in mono….It is quiet, so it won’t provide earbud level sound….They essentially barely worked. Did I mention that it wasn’t ready for prime time? I think I did. And it still doesn’t make any mention of the poor frequency response of 500Hz to 14kHz. Mind you that humans hear from 20Hz to 20kHz. you are losing the entire high end of the spectrum and just about all of the subbass spectrum of music. On top of that the Panasonic headphone linked in that article is still a headphone. So I fail to see how any of this is anything other than status quo from what I said…

          • Tom

            Curious, did you read that? It has a ton of problems, much in line with what I said. Low volume, possibly mono (seriously?) expensive (though part of that may be just Google Glass), still not earphones. Clearly it is not ready for mass consumption. The cons of bone conduction out weigh the pros right now. It is rather simple. Everything I said remains true in that article. The Panasonic ones in that article are just as expensive, and I assure you the frequency response is not good. Oh did I also mention that they are motors? Chances are they’ll require more power (which actually might account for the low volume, low end amp does not produce much power). If you want them, feel free to get a pair. But honestly, it is not viable right now. Maybe when they improve the technology a bit more, but it just isn’t there yet.

            If you don’t believe me… how about scientists on the matter…

            “Severe attenuation at higher frequencies” “Variances based on skull structure”

            I’d rather have reliable technology than expensive unreliable technology.

          • nightscout13

            I DON’T CARE if you label them as earbuds, headphones, or socks! I want them, regardless of what category they fit in! You can bash them all you want, Google knows what’s up!

          • Tom

            Then feel free to buy a pair. However, if Google ships them with phones (note not Google Glass which is what that patent is for) it will be a huge unnecessary expense, which is low quality in sound and questionable usability. I will lose a great deal of respect for Google if they do that. For the glasses it makes sense, as it would be integrated into the arms of the glasses. Which is what that patent states. Probably the main focus is not music but other things, which you would use Google Glass for. However, for phones, the technology is not there yet for mass consumption. Do they work? Yes, the Aftershockz barely. They, according to reviews, aren’t even true bone conduction as they leak sound. The more expensive versions likely are. However those are all $150+. $350+ for in ears.

            I’m not bashing the idea, I’m bashing the state of the technology. Which I have every right to. Google, in all likelihood, chose bone conduction for Google Glass, because it was the only option without having awkwardly placed earbuds, or wires that would break like in those weird Sony headset things.

            No one is stopping you from buying the technology you want. I don’t want to see them packaged with a phone unless the technology is ready, which it is not.

            So basically, don’t force YOUR wants on OTHER consumers whom don’t want to fork out the money for unnecessary, unready, expensive technology. You want them, YOU BUY THEM! Just like every other consumer who doesn’t like the headphones/earphones their device came with. Why should I PAY for what YOU WANT?

          • nightscout13

            I don’t uderstand why you’re so bend on attacking my opinion. I said I wanted OEM’s to include “earbud-style” Bone Conducting headphones. So facken what?? You don’t have to like my opinion, feel free to move along….I have the right to an opinion, as you do. Except you are bashing my right for an opinion, and that is not cool. You don’t like them? FINE BY ME! I’m not gonna sit here and bash you for it.

          • Tom

            It isn’t that I don’t like them, they aren’t good for what the vast majority of users need or want headphones for. Which is mostly casual listening.


            There is a great article. I’ll leave you with that. And again, for the price and for what it is worth, they would be better off making it an optional extra, than forcibly packaging a set of bone conduction headphones in with future phones.

          • nightscout13

            Fine, they don’t HAVE to package it with the phone…. My thought process is, that if they did, they would stand out from the crowd. Motorola has an identity crisis right now in case you haven’t noticed….

      • Butters619

        4GB of RAM would affect pricing for sure and would affect power as well, although power wouldn’t be very noticeable in comparison to a 5″ display and LTE.

        • Although 4G of Ram seems like a bit overkill (it’s still the standard in most budget level PC’s!!) It’s hard to argue with people when you know that Android land is evolving on what seems to be a DAILY basis! When I buy a phone I want it to not only physically last for 2+years but I want it to be somewhat relevant and not lost in time.

    • Spencer R.

      That may be a bit much.

      I’m quite positive that the next big Motorola-Google phone will have at minimum:

      4.5 in screen
      > 400 ppi resolution (screen type may vary)
      Definitely agree with 3,500+ mAh
      NFC (obviously)
      Probably 2 GB ram
      Quad-core processor (possibly whatever Qualcomm’s next mobile processor is)
      Stock Android** (This is the key feature)

      I’m hopeful 🙂

    • Expandable storage if not atleast 32 gigs

    • Butters619

      Just stick with 2GB of RAM and replace OLED with SLCD.

      • It seems different people like different types of screens. I personally prefer OLED or whatever variation manufacturers provide because of the deep black and vivid colors but then again I can see why people like the SLCD because of its superior clarity and more accurate color reproduction.

        • C-Law

          Yup. I prefer oled too

    • Jeff Tycz

      LOL @ 4GB of ram…..quick let me pull out my phone to compute complex algorithms for numbers to the 1 millionth decimal place……

    • joejoe5709

      Yes. But I would be happy with:

      Quad core 2.0Ghz (not sure if that’s in the pipeline or not…)
      2GB RAM
      5″ 1080p Screen (only if it’s one-handable/zero bezel. Deal-breaker if not)
      NFC (duh)
      Water-proof (just to gloat to my wife who recently lost an iPhone due to water)

      Qi charging would be cool, but not required. Bone-conducting earbuds is not going to happen.

      • Justin Winker

        The zero-bezel is not going to happen (sorry to burst your bubble). Now, an edge-to-edge bezel (sides only) is more likely to happen, since the Razr M had a similar design, and I’d expect Moto to focus more on that in coming iterations of it’s phone lines.
        From what I recall, there are a few quad cores that can hit 1.9Ghz, but I don’t think I saw any that could quite reach 2.0 and remain stable… Regardless, an A15 at 1.9Ghz will rock your world performance-wise.

      • Dale Griggs

        Water [proofing a phone means a water proof rubber thingy over every hole in the phone. No thanks.

    • bloopersz

      I don’t mean to be a jerk but 4GB Ram? At the moment, 2GB Ram is the standard spec for a High end phone, there is a possibility that even the Galaxy Note 3/GS4 may have just 2GB ram. Please suggest something more current next time…

      • nightscout13

        It’s your option to disagree with me. 2GB may be the standard now, now in 2014 2Gb will be considered low. Apps are getting larger, and larger. Widgets are draining resources.

        • Bloopersz

          Yet we are in only in the first month of 2013, so as of right now, a 2GB Ram will suffice the crowd. 2014 can wait.

          • nightscout13

            If the X-Phone is released in the summer, that’s only 6 months away from 2014

          • Rumors point to sometime around Summer 2013 and if Google’s track record is to be followed this phone won’t actually SHIP to consumers until sometime mid 2014 lol

      • Fred

        Your post confuses me… High End phones are never built for the current. They try to push the envelope….to separate themselves from what currently might be available.

    • This is going to cost a ton.
      I would rather see X-Phone as a solid, trouble-free, great performing piece of hardware and seamlessly integrated software which may not have sky-high specs, but would cost $300 at the play store.

      • nightscout13

        And skip LTE again? That would be a disgrace…..

  • Daniel Dlugos

    Here’s a thought. I wonder what Blackberry would have looked like if Google had bought them instead of Motorola?

    • Mike

      Maybe their market share would have doubled, to 6%.

      • Justin Winker

        Or tripled to 9% xD

    • They would have been buried in the bottom of the bay where the Great Whites could snack on them.

  • Anything that they release needs unlocked bootloaders
    The whole point of Android was anybody can use it how they sought fit

  • GoogMoto X Phone!!!!