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HTC Sense 5.0 Pops Up on the DROID DNA


Over the weekend, we caught our first glimpse of HTC’s new custom skin for Android, Sense 5.0. The two appearances lead us to believe that HTC is going with a more minimal approach to Sense, but also one with an interesting take on home screen sections that look similar to what Microsoft has done with Windows Phone. It has pretty moments, like with the icons, but the rest seems like a step in the wrong direction – but that’s coming from a minimalist like myself. 

That’s not what we’re here to talk about, though. The above image is, since it shows a Verizon-branded DROID DNA running this latest version of Sense. Not that we ever thought for a second that HTC’s current flagship device wouldn’t see an update to a new version of Sense or anything, but this seems to have come earlier than expected.

We have no idea when the DNA could see an update to Sense 5.0 (assuming that’s what it’s called), because we first need HTC to announce it (and they have yet to do that). Don’t forget that they’ll likely launch a phone along with the new version of Sense – the HTC M7.

The image above was posted at a leaked ROMs site, so keep an eye on your favorite forum over the next few days. You might find yourself a gift.

Via:  HTCSource

  • tomMo

    Whys everybody always hatin on sense….

  • Zach Armstrong

    HTC Nexus enough of the HTC Sense already.

  • ericl5112

    So, any bets on how long it is till someone shows this is a standard rom with widgets/launcher/icons, or just a straight up photo on the screen?

  • Dorian Brooks

    Who put WindowsPhone8 on it???

  • Tyler Casilio

    I don’t want my DNA to look like that! Not only is that ugly but I can’t read Japanese!! NOOOOO!

    • itsgonnalast


      • Tyler Casilio


  • Illinipoke

    They must be masochist. Got bored with Apple spanking them with lawsuits so now they run and bend over in front of Microsoft.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I want an HTC Nexus! HTC has superior build quality and stock Android is the superior version of Android. LG and Samsung have messed up and since the Nexus One HTC hasn’t had a shot at a Nexus. MAKE IT HAPPEN GOOGLE!

    • Shadowcell

      Your comment contradicts itself. HTC had a shot, Nexus One. It was memorable and lasted for years before Gnex made its debut.

      • Bobby Cornwell

        How does it contradict itself? If you could read, I said: “since the Nexus One, HTC hasn’t had a shot at a Nexus.” I currently have a VZW Gnex and the updates on this thing have been nothing short of a nightmare. Close to being 4 updates behind the GSM Gnex. That is what I call a screw up!

        • Shadowcell

          “HTC hasn’t had a shot at a Nexus” :/

          • Bobby Cornwell

            “SINCE the Nexus One, HTC hasn’t had a shot at a Nexus.” Perhaps you need to re-read the first half of that sentence

          • Shadowcell

            Whoa, didn’t see that! Holy crap my mind has been blown away by my complete sense of tunnel vision. I’ve seen the error of my ways and now believe the Taiwanese company has a chance again at a Nexus device.

            We’re going to see this through champ. You and me will go down to Google headquarters, bang on their glass doors and urge them to make an HTC Nexus 5.

            When we’re both on our deathbeds gasping our last breathes we’ll finally have a sense of accomplishment….that we persuaded the minds of multi-billion dollar companies.

          • Bobby Cornwell

            LOL! Let’s do this!

    • Chris


      • Bobby Cornwell

        I am rooted and running the M1 CM 10.1 but that’s not my point. I’m speaking of stock users. Not everyone is familiar with custom roms and rooting and Verizon shouldn’t rely on the devs to do their work

  • ddevito

    and….this is why we have custom ROMS. yuck

    • JoshGroff

      Exactly, running CM10 on my Rezound. Better radio+screen than the G-Nex, and being just 1 minor software revision behind is fine by me.

      • BennyG

        4.2 should be out for us this week. 🙂

        • JoshGroff


    • ok

      Definitely a huge improvement over old versions of Sense, though.

    • michael arazan

      HTC making the word “sense” an oxymoron

  • Danrarbc

    Just give me a friggin HTC Nexus. I love the hardware but the buttons they choose and Sense just kill it.

    • I thought the same thing but using Venom ROM i’m able to remove pretty much everything I don’t like about Sense and use the AOSP versions… it’s the best of both worlds IMO.

  • Fugly..

    • Yes, you summarized it in one word what it took me many to express. 🙂

  • Sense 5.0 is an utter fail, even more so than previous sense versions. If we wanted windows phone, we’d buy a win8 phone. And the fact that the statusbar/notification area looks the same as my original DINC with GB is a joke.

    • While I agree to an extent I am interested to see what they do. I really like the “Windows 8” style gallery on my DNA so i’m curious to see what they do.

      With the ROM options available i’m fairly sure i’ll be able to remove whatever parts of Sense I don’t like and keep the ones I do.. so we’ll see!

    • Simon Belmont

      Wow. You’re saying that Sense 5.0 is a fail after seeing one picture?

      How about letting it get released first and then passing judgment because it’s probably not even finished yet. Just a thought.

      • agree!
        and it should be a widget, just like the one on the Rhyme and Butterfly. If you don’t want it, remove it…

        • Obviously a different launcher can be used and the tiling stuff can be removed if people don’t like it. My issue is more that they’re spending man hours and money on crap like that to make it look more win8 like, instead of fixing their fugly notification area, color scheme and general look/feel of sense. I realize sense is a personal preference thing, though, so if you’re a fan then that’s your prerogative.

      • There have been a couple of leaks now. But if that’s any indicator, their notification area will look like it has for the last 3 years. And that’s supposed to be innovation?

        • Simon Belmont

          I’m not being smartassed or deriding your comments here, but why are you so hung up on the notification area? I’m genuinely curious.

          My guess is HTC is just trying to keep a recognizable design language in their notification area between versions of Sense. I do agree that it is getting stale though. I’d love to see a BLUE battery icon in concert with the blue Holo theme of ICS+. I guess they just like green, haha.

    • Colin Zack

      This might bother me more than anything. With ICS all the icons should be the ICS blue. HTC and Samsung screwed that up.

      • Motorola’s UI is the only one I would even consider using. I still dislike it, but I don’t hate it with the same passion as I do with HTC Sense. Stock Android no longer needs a skin to look good beyond 4.0+ or arguably 2.3+.

      • Simon Belmont

        Agreed. Samsung has been using the same Gingerbread green battery icon since, well, GINGERBREAD.

        I like the blue coloring of the Holo theme. It’s futuristic looking, but Sense has never really gone in that design direction.

    • Fifth313ment

      I agree 100%, if that is sense 5, then my EVO LTE will be my last HTC phone. I love
      sense 4+ and going to a flat style with no more cool weather effects and
      icons, themes, etc and I’m gone. It’s sad as I really love HTC. But
      even the home buttons being switched bothers me too. HTC should have
      kept their quality and old phones while pushing marketing and software
      updates faster. This sucks…