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[Deal] Nexus 7 Dock for $31 Plus Free Shipping

nexus 7 dock

If you have been eyeing the official Nexus 7 dock, but aren’t all that excited about forking out $40 plus another $10+ in shipping, then consider this deal from Cost Captain. It’s the official dock, only it’s listed at $30.99 with free shipping. The free shipping may only work if you use their CostCaptainPremier service, but SlickDeals seems to think that you can sign-up for that as a 14-day trial service. If you don’t want to join that program, shipping is still only $5, which is better than anywhere else.

I have no idea how good of a retailer Cost Captain is, nor have I ever ordered anything from them. Their reseller rankings are a bit mixed, so proceed at your own risk.

Buy:  Cost Captain

Via:  SlickDeals

Cheers Scott!

  • Cost Captain does not have a reliable score. For more information: http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/costcaptain.com?utm_source=addon&utm_content=rw-viewsc

  • Yogi

    I ordered it yesterday. I was informed this morning it is not in stock even though it appears to be on the site. I also signed up for the CostCaptain Premier trial for the free shipping. They will automatically charge you for the service unless you contact them to cancel. The person at customer service said the manager has to do that so I am still waiting to cancel. I have no idea how long it will be before they actually ship the item. So far it is not going well… Why can’t Google just sell these Nexus docks for a reasonable price on their site?

  • mannyramirez

    Did anyone read the fine print? To get the dock you need to sign up for a stinky trial. It sounds like a pain in the ass. Im gonna wait when it hits ebay and amazon. You miss that day to call off the trial and they’ll hit you with $29 on your CC. These articles need to be clear on this. It’s like saying “Hey…Free Gas, but you need to drive into CAMDEN NJ to get it. Uh..No thanks.

    “Kellex” should be more prudent and not post just to post an article.

  • Ant R

    Just don’t see how its worth $30

    • michael arazan

      Probably a youtube video on how to make one yourself for $5

  • andrew galvin

    ordered mine from excaliberpc and got a shipping notification but it hasnt moved yet. I feel like i over paid.

  • SeanBello

    has anybody ordered one from here yet? I ordered one from Adorama.com and it’s now listed as on backorder so I cxl’d it. why do I have a feeling all of these tiny retailers are walking around screwing everybody? wait, it’s not a feeling….they’re charging $13+ for shipping something that weighs less than 1 lb. they ARE screwing people.

    • jeesung

      when i looked it was $5 for shipping like it mentions in the post.

  • kfath1978

    how the hell is cost captain have these but not amazon etc…..kind of funny

    • Trevor

      I was wondering the first thing. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Kindle. That would at least explain why the dock isn’t showing up at Amazon.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’d totally buy this, but my current Nexus 7 case also doubles as a stand. So no can do, unfortunately.

  • capecodcarl

    Can we get this thing at some legitimate company like Amazon, Newegg, or Staples? Why does it seem like we can buy Nexus devices, but getting any accessories for them like docks or charging pads seems to require us to deal directly with the Shenzhen black market?

    • Sherri F. Caudill

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    • feztheforeigner

      How about we try and hope for some copy of it to show up on the Play Store (but stay in stock)?

    • TylerChappell

      You definitely do not want to buy anything from the scam that is CostCaptain.
      Back in November I bought some USB3.0 adapters for my 1TB 2.5″ Seagate external hard drives, and TWO WEEKS later, the order was still “processing”
      Fortunately, I was able to cancel and get a refund, but it is NOT worth dealing with them, and you will be waiting a long time to get it anyway, if you’re even lucky enough to get it at all.
      CostCaptain is a shady site, they try to look legitimate, but they’re really not.
      Buy from there at your own risk.
      You may have to pay $47 to get it off eBay, but at least you’ll be getting it from a trusted seller with thousands of positive feedback.

  • Roboseksual

    Cost captain?

  • I’d say “WARM” at best – Reseller doesn’t have the best of ratings – http://www.resellerratings.com/store/CostCaptain

  • JamesU513