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Android 4.2.1 Build Leaks for Sprint Galaxy Nexus, Flashable Through ODIN


The Galaxy Nexus for Sprint may have felt like an afterthought to many, but it seems that the Nexus device is finally getting the update love that it deserves. While this is far from being official from Sprint or Google, a build of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.1 has been leaked over at SXTP Developers and can be flashed through ODIN right now.

Part of the beauty of having a Nexus is unlocking and flashing your own ROMs on top of it, but for those who are looking to keep things stock this is a good sign. No word on when anything will be coming down from Sprint themselves, but this build looks solid overall. Installation and download can be found at the source link below.

Via: SXTP Developers

  • Benmartin1974

    Id been weighing up buying a galaxy nexus for ages. I read lots of reviews and this one was great http://search4reviews.net/ , I got my package last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure.

  • I remember the Sprint G Nex getting jellybean a 2 weeks before the verizon variant. It’s only a matter of time.

  • I just want the radios from vzw

  • ddevito

    Switched my GNex to AOKP today. So far I’m glad I did, but i find it to be a tad bit laggy/choppy. I miss Bugless 🙁

    Pete where you at?

  • ChristianJohnson

    Brace yourselves, the “unlock and root phone” comments are coming. (or are here)

  • Anyone have any news of the 4.2.2 ROM that Jake Day supposedly has over to RootzWiki? Anyone able to verify if this thing is legit? The reviews are glowing, but now the thread is locked because of the controversy. Crazy!

  • schoat333

    Just remember its a leak. Nothing official yet. Lets face is, all LTE Gnex official updates suck. There no reason not to flash a custom ROM on either.

  • 2Berad

    I lost root on my toro Gnex when I flashed a 4.1.1 aosp early release. The next day my wife dropped my beloved Nexus in a bucket of liquid fertilizer and it killed my usb data and power button. I have replaced my power button and I can charge the phone but no usb data so so sad…. I cannot reroot so please give me an OTA Verizon.

    • andrew galvin

      you can use wifi sync apps to add files to your phone with out the usb cable

  • Mike Bates

    Or ya know, people could’ve had it the first week 4.2 came out a month and a half ago if they grew some balls and flashed it.

    • avinyc

      Some apps don’t work if your root/unlock your phone. Not an ideal solution if a person likes everything running smoothly on their phone.

      • JoshGroff

        you could temp unroot, and not many apps don’t work due to root access anymore, developers like positive reviews on their apps. 😉

        • avinyc

          True, but up until recently, unlocking required a system wipe and some folks didn’t want the hassle. As long as the updates keep coming, some will not mind the delay.

    • Right, because it takes balls to follow the simple directions of unlocking, rooting, and flashing a ROM on your phone that someone else made possible. I’ve been doing these things since the original Motorola Droid was released, but I do acknowledge that the developers are the ones with balls.

    • mechapathy

      I had a stable build with everything working about a week after the code drop. But it’s not for everyone. Just because I’m comfortable with setting up a proper build environment and debugging my own builds doesn’t mean everyone else is. Nor does it mean they should. Same goes for flashing ROMs you find. If you want to, go ahead. But I think you’re missing the point.

  • teevirus

    Que the barrage of “You should have already unlocked/ rooted your phone” comments.

    • JoshGroff


  • snowblind64

    As usual the Verizon G-Nex will be the last to see this update. Can’t wait to get my hands on a Nexus 4 (hurry up LG/Google) so I can ditch Verizon.

    I’ve had 4.2.1 for a while thanks to ROM’s but I still hate how slow Verizon is at providing updates.

  • djjsin

    wheres’ the verizon 4.2.1!!!

    • avinyc

      if the past is any indication of the future: Sprint got 4.1 on 9/6, and Verizon got it on 9/21 officially. So it may show up in 2 weeks time.

      • JoshGroff

        So I was right!

        • avinyc

          Since this isn’t an official release, you could also say Verizon beat Sprint because a leaked version of jelly bean was released on 8/29

          • JoshGroff

            But, if Sprint officially got it first, shouldn’t there have been a prior leak?

          • avinyc

            If there was a leak, it was never mentioned before the official release of 4.1, but perhaps I am mistaken. Still doesn’t change the fact that when everything was officially released, Sprint beat Verizon.

          • JoshGroff

            Verizon officially has the fastest network and slowest update schedule. Reminds me of Starburst.

          • avinyc

            Berries and cream…

          • djjsin

            i just hope we actually see official 4.2.1 from verizon. I’m starting to worry that they’ve just given up on this phone period….i really want native mms grouping. I’ve always liked stock roms vs any of the others, but i just couldnt deal with 4.1.1 anymore, so i moved to cyanogen. want to move back though.

          • avinyc

            Seriously, don’t believe anyone spreading FUD about official updates to the verizon nexus. Its binaries and images are part of AOSP. This device is going key lime pie and beyond despite the slow update process.

  • *waits for all the anti verizon bitches about the nexus not getting 4.2.1

    • For people that don’t want to root/unlock their bootloader, they have a legimiate wipe. There are non-AOSP phones that get updates more frequently from Verizon than the Nexus, it’s pathetic. But I’m not surprised, Verizon has treated the Nexus like a red-headed stepchild from day 1.

  • Sure am glad I unlocked the bootloader, rooted and flashed AOKP. God knows I’d be waiting indefinitely for Verizon. Way to go Sprint, you’ve made Verizon look even sillier than usual.

    • JoshGroff

      Didn’t they also beat Verizon to 4.1.1/4.1.2?

      • Joey Funk

        It was both. I’ve been running mmuzzy on my sprint gnex since it was released and haven’t had any trouble though, but it’s good to see stock 4.2 coming soon.

      • michael arazan

        Verizon was the Last Carrier on the Planet to release 4.1 JB to the GNex, even the canadian carriers, which are always last to get updates out, beat VZW to the punch.
        Yet vzw pushed 4.1 JB out in 2 months making it the fastest update ever for an OTA os update for Them, other than a security fix.

  • KleenDroid