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Saving That Grocery List Can Look Good With Notif


“When will Android have a dedicated notes app?” I hear that a lot. Maybe I/O 2013? Until that day happens though, check out Notif. It is a notes app made specifically for devices running Jelly Bean, which allows for the expanding of notifications in the top bar. You can make three different types of notification reminder/lists which all look great and work flawlessly.

First, you have text notes which can have a title and then the body of the message. Then you have picture notifications and lists, which I have previewed above with my grocery list. Tell me again what aisle street cred is on?

Again, it’s for Jelly Bean devices only, so quick apology to everyone else.

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  • JolleyMan

    For a grocery list, I love OurGroceries. This allows my wife and I to enter different types of shopping lists (Groceries, Home Improvement, etc.), add entire recipes, work off the same list at the same time (really cool when you split up to blitz the store in a hurry), edit from a computer, and other cool features. A favorite feature is that I have categorized items based on my local grocery store so that the next time I add Carrots to the list, they’re listed under “01 Produce” which is a category I created since produce is on isle 1 at our favorite store.

  • Eric

    Out of Milk is still the best app I’ve found for Grocery Lists. It allows categorization within a single list, which really helps speed up the trip so you’re not all over the store.

    Also, my wife will share the list with me and we’ll split up and start at opposite ends of the store, and since the lists are synced, we can both see when the other crosses something off.

    The only problem I have with it is that it’s ugly. More apps should really follow the holo design guidelines where possible instead of taking the Apple approach with pretend stitched leather and crap like that.

    • Yitz

      I agree all the way – out of milk is great, I even have an out of milk chrome tab pinned on my desktop so I can easily add to my shopping/to do lists, and automatically syc all around!

    • Silver Veloz

      What I also love about Out of Milk is that as you are running out of an item to add to the list, you can just scan the barcode. It works great.

    • John

      Exactly. Works great for the wife & I.

    • michael arazan

      Color Note Note pad has tons of options and check boxs for list items with post its to home screen and free


  • joejoe5709

    Cool. Does it work with Google Now/Voice Commands?

  • dhirensavalia

    I just use catch notes.

  • I’ve been using “OI Shopping” since the days of my G1…and have loved it ever since. It was the first (and one of the only, I’ll admit) that I’ve tried, but I’ve never had any reason to switch to a different one. Highly recommended!

  • CorranHorn421

    Whatever you do, DO NOT forget to pick up your street cred while you are out!

  • Alexa White

    The app page says you can only list 7 items. Maybe good for quick trips to the grocery store, but not so much when you want to stock up.

    • Instead of listing individual fruits and vegetables, trying creating broader categories for your shopping list. Martha taught me that when we shared a cell.

      • It’s a good thing.

        My personal tip: When making grocery lists, I like to write “snacks”, or “lunches”. It really makes your lists more concise.

  • “Connected to Government Acces…”? Hope you’re ok, Tim!

    • Just trying to get a few posts out before they find me!

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        I just realized you have the Soup Nazi on your Disqus pic. Surely the government will look at that and NOT trouble you. 😛

      • Thomas

        Still lovin’ the Note 2 I see 🙂

        • Greatest phone…ever. Period.

          • Thomas

            Agree bro !! Loving mine as well !!

          • Terence Jackson

            How are you dealing with not being able to move apps to the SD card?

          • Has not affected my life yet. But then again, I have never needed to move apps to the SD.

          • Thomas

            I thought that guy was spam, seriously. My bad.

          • Terence Jackson

            It’s all good. Just been a burning question about the apps 2 SD. sorry.

          • Steven Dinsdale

            If you are rooted you can trick it to think the SD is the internal memory, and the internal is the SD

          • Thomas

            But that’s most Android phones, so why are you asking this specific question regarding the Note 2. Just curious.

          • Terence Jackson

            I went from a non JB device. Razr maxx and I could manage my apps and storage better. On the note if I down load all the games. My phone is full.

          • EZE4

            I’m with you on that one @tim-o-tato