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Adaptxt Keyboard Offers Accurate Predictive Text and Great Customization Settings


Clearly, we are always on the lookout for a great keyboard to sport on our Android devices. And with so many to choose from, it’s easy for some to fall through the cracks. During CES, we were introduced to Adaptxt, a keyboard that isn’t new by any means, but offers some great features that are lacking in many of the bigger names in the game. 

For example, themes are something that need to be implemented and focused on. Sure, you can swipe and all of that fancy stuff, but if the keyboard is ugly, I’ll pass. Adaptxt features a real-time customization tool, allowing users to make their keyboard look however you choose, as well as pre-defined themes.

On top of that, the quick word prediction is spot on for speed texters like myself. And for our international crowd, it supports a total of 103 languages, which is quite the impressive number compared to competitors. I do enjoy swiping, but if I have to correct the keyboard every other word, it begins to be more of a hassle than a convenience.

What’s the one thing that keeps you with your keyboard of choice? Accuracy? Looks?

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  • bitchplease

    Anybody no of a keyboard with full number row like on note 2

  • Deep

    i dont understand how can you guys compare two different styles, Adaptxt is for traditional typing where as swype is a new technology evolved, I personally love this app and consider it to be best in traditional typing. you will know the beauty of this app only when u can download and check the vast language list it covers,

    when it comes to its feature, customization feature is fun to have as you can keep matching your keyboard color either with your dress, mood or anything else. what else you guys want?

    And am sure if these guys comes up with any of the swype feature, Swiftkey and Swype have to rethink on their development in terms of accuracy

  • To me, I feel like its the same as A.I. Keyboard. I love A.I keyboard… but i am going to try adaptxt to see if its better that a.i.

  • IMO, this keyboard is much lacking. It seems to be missing a number of the features Perfect Keyboard has, for example. I have to admit I am not one for swiping, though.

  • I have no problems with the stock keyboard (4.2 now). Never really liked any of the 3rd party ones.

  • Roger

    Yall should try SnapKeys. Enough of these QWERTY keyboards, they all look the same, do the same thing, who cares. We need something completely new. SnapKeys is F*in FAST also.

    • Detonation

      Where can you download it? Looks like it’s in private beta.

  • Jimmie Rustler

    no thanks jeff LOL

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Being really adept at Swype and very used to it for 2 years, I’m yet to find a replacement for it, due to the following reasons. Other keyboards like SwiftKey and stock 4.2 one don’t:

    1. understand that there should be no space between two swiped words (swipe one word and they insert a space before the next word that is swiped) in fields where we enter the email address or stuff like that, like when setting up a new account.
    2. allow swiping in password fields, also no word suggestions in fields like the browser address bar (this is due to the address field having its own auto correction but it’s still a nuisance IMO since we have to delete and re-enter a word if swiping gets the wrong one).
    3. allow swiping over the full stop button to make words like I’m or don’t or wouldn’t, quite a few times we gotta select the correct word from the suggestions, instead of just swiping over the necessary symbol to make the word.
    5. Swype has the advantage of having much more not so general words, like quad-core, noob, third-party, etc since before they added live words, though SwiftKey comes close. Stock 4.2 keyboard is horrible in this area.
    6. show more than 3 suggestions for every word entered, while Swype shows every word possible in a scroll list.

    Basically, while for normal typing keyboards like Swiftkey, stock 4.2, Kii keyboard trump Swype, I’m used to swiping all words, in which Swype simply cannot be beat. It’s accurate and has some intuitive features (like point 3, or the ability to press the Swype key to select the last word and change/delete it), while swiping is simply tacked on to other keyboards and doesn’t actually make my time typing much faster.

    So for me Swype FTW! It might not look good, but its functionality keeps me on it.

    • ne21j80


    • Sirx

      ^This guy…this guy knows.

  • Clint O

    What No Swiping??? 🙁

  • I’ve tried many keyboards but I always go back to Swiftkey

    • Marcus Thomas

      Same. This one has potential, though. Two features I’ve grown used to that I’d need to even give this one a fighting chance is the ability to reduce long press duration and either swipe to delete word or old backspace to delete word.

  • Stevedub40

    Not compatible with DNA 🙁

    • Guest

      Just saw that too. Wonder what the deal is with that.

  • Marcus Thomas

    Horrible video to get people to use it. An annoying robot voice and all it talks about is customization when it should focus more on how well the keyboard types.

    • John

      Should’ve seen Swype’s the other day. F’in awful.

  • Daniel

    I still prefer Swype for the most-accurate gesture-typing I’ve seen yet…would love them to add themes at some point, but for now it’s my favorite single-hand gesture typing keyboard…if I have two hands free I slide out my lovely Droid 4 qwerty and use that 🙂

    • Swype beta does have themes. check your settings, personalization

      • Is there a place to get more themes for swype beta?

    • Jack Hoffman

      Then you haven’t tried SwiftKey Flow…

      • meetloaf13

        I personally hate Swiftkey Flow. Always going back to Swype. All I need now is a number row for my Note II =]

      • Sirx

        Well I have, good sir, and let me tell you, SwiftKey Flow is NO Swype, and more accurately, is no REPLACEMENT for Swype. It’s actually much quicker to keep swiping out the words that I actually intend to say, than to spend those extra fractions of seconds to read SwiftKey’s predictions, determine if they have predicted the word you actually intend to use, then select it……then do the process all over again for the next word. No thanks.

      • Michael Quinlan

        I have tried both beta versions of SwiftKey Flow, and Swype is MUCH better.

  • Miles H

    I’m going to give this a shot.. Switching from Swiftkey.

  • Clint O

    Horrible video lol

  • Detonation

    I’m happy with the stock holo theme and in my opinion, most custom themes for keyboards are the ones that make them ugly.

    • Michael Quinlan

      Same here. The only time I even think about changing colors is when the default color scheme adversely affects usability – like with Kii, the color of the secondary characters makes them all but unreadable.