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Fring for Android Updated – UI Improvements, Storyline, and More


This morning, the developers of Fring pushed out a decently sized update to their Android app. For those new to the name, Fring allows users to video chat with others, much like Google+ and Skype. Fring is popular for its ability to allow group video calls, as well as texting, chat, and more. 

Inside the update you will find a newly improved user interface, a “storyline with all of your previous call and chat history, and a new Address Book Scroller. If you’re a loyal “fringster,” this should float your boat.

This version includes:

  • UI improvements, including a new clean, white look & feel (as requested by many loyal fringsters)
  • Storyline – showing all your integrated voice, group and video calls and text messages with each contact, in chronological order.
  • Address Book Scroller – to see or search all of your contacts, just fring contacts or just favorites
  • Improved, richer info card for contacts
  • Several bug fixes

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Via: Fring

  • Davis Darvish

    the problem is google has wonderful products like google plus but does a poor job of integrating and forcing people to use it.. for instance imessage is just the way people send texts and messages on iphone
    really no other choice.. or at least it isnt obvious how not to use it, and its streamline integration makes is almost invisible to the user if google + is just built into android, and you are force to use it without actually knowing you are using then it will pick up quick… many of my friends are anti google + because it is just something extra that does basically what facebook does.. or so they think… its not untill i force feed it down their throats that they understand it is totally something different but damn i cant waste 24 hours to make a convert … id be wasting half my year trying to do that

    • Tyler Cameron

      That’s one of the biggest things I wish Google would change, integrate the Messaging application with Google Talk, and when “texting” other folks with Android phones, it should automatically send over Talk if you have internet.

  • John Zander

    Gustavo?!?!? You’re still alive?!?! #breakingbad #spoilers #shouldhavetaggedthatatthebeginning #oops

  • Famouz Starz

    what the fring!

  • J. Gilbertson

    too many apps like this, too many choices. need something “mainstream”. i really wish Google/Google+ would pick up because I hate using facebook.

    • Mathew Call

      Yeah but these guys were the first ones to develop video chat for Android, before Tango, Skype, and Google+. I still remember my first video chat on a cell phone ever with my OG Droid over 3G standing in front of a mirror. I felt like we had finally caught up to Europe lol. Having said that, I haven’t had Fring installed on my phone for quite a while now.

      • Initially Fring allowed to video chat with Skype users but then Skype closed that bridge. Since then Fring didn’t make much sense.

        Seriously, I don’t think that anybody except Skype, Google and Apple can sustain competition in mobile video chat. I think Skype is the most ubiquitous of them all.