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Samsung to Bring Premium Suite Upgrade to Original Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note

Today, Samsung has confirmed that they will indeed be updating the original Galaxy Note to Jelly Bean, bringing their premium suite of applications and features to the 5.3″ device. Included in the premium suite is the popular multi-window feature, as well as other apps like Paper Artist, Pop-up Browser, Easy Clip, and more. 

No official word on when owners can expect the update to roll out, but it shouldn’t be too far out with Samsung creating landing pages for the update.

Any OG Note owners in the building?

Via: Engadget | Samsung

  • Tantrums_cute

    how about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1…? Hope that it will also have a premium suite or jelly bean update…

  • jlschulz098

    Great, promises to upgrade the note 10.1 months ago goes nowhere, but out of the blue they want to upgrade their old phone. There is no way im ever buying another samsung product

  • There are some “official” 4.1.2 Samsung leaks with almost no bugs at all (even better than stock 4.0.4). ROM cooks added most Note 2 features already. Check on XDA for SVA or Alliance ROMs.

  • AirView is NOT included right???

  • Jon

    I recently switched over to a original Note from the Galaxy S III. Loving it! The camera isn’t quite as fast or as good in low light, but other than that, I don’t miss my S III at all. My wife loved my Note so much that she had me buy her one to. A shocker to me that she wanted a phone this big, but we are both sold.

    This is great news.

  • DC_Guy

    This actually makes me feel even better about my Note 2 purchase. Gives me hope that even when this is considered an “old” device that it will still receive updates. Sammy is REALLY focusing on building a strong/loyal customer base, and I like it!

    • michael arazan

      Lets hope Verizon approves the update and actually pushes it through. If verizon deems it a necessary update that they will buy and test for customers.

  • Brent Cooper

    Glad to hear they are updating the older devices. I hope companies start realizing they need to support devices for the length of a contract…until we have google wireless and no contracts!

  • El Big CHRIS

    good for Sammy, they are making sure even people with old devices have updates, creating loyal customers

  • KleenDroid