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Amazon Hosts “Free App of the Day” Greatest Hits From the Last Couple of Years, All Free of Course

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We’re days away from 2013, so as we inch closer, the deals for our favorite apps, accessories, or phones are starting to creep in. The first notable sale we noticed, was one through Amazon and their Appstore. While I probably haven’t used the service in over a year, I fully understand the importance of its “Free App of the Day” deal, which is highlighted in a “Greatest Hits” section for the time being.

What you’ll find in here, is list of important apps from the last couple of years that people downloaded like crazy. If you happened to miss one, you can grab any or all of them for free, some of which are normally priced at $15. On the list, we have apps like Splashtop Remote, OfficeSuite Pro, TuneIn Radio Pro, Gravilux, Radiant HD, and more.

Via:  Amazon

Cheers Jason!

  • Steve

    Supposedly Amazon does not reimberse the developers for these promotions because they say they don’t have to in some fine print somewhere. Are there any developers here that can verify this? And is there any way to display a video trailer of your apps in the Amazon App Store?

  • JRomeo

    The Amazon App Store is super crappy. There was an app that i downloaded from amazon app store that did not want to open because i wasn’t signed in to the amazon app store. this is pure rubbish. same thing when there’s no connection.

  • Syrio35

    I downloaded an album recently from google play and discovered that they use a proprietory format for the music they sell, like Apple. Since then if I choose to dl an album the money goes elsewhere, including Amazon. Music is not apps, but it’s one reason to go with Amazon over Google. It’s the same kind of freedom-limiting nonsense which led me to choose Android over Apple in the first hand.

    • Say what? So not true…. Every song and album I have bought can be transferred and played on any other MP3 player or service. If you use the web interface, you can only download this song twice, but if you use the Music Manger you can downlaod all your soangs ANYTIME, DRM FREE!

  • bigdav1178

    You can also score yourself a free MP3 as well; a number of those free apps also include a $1 Amazon MP3 credit. (It’s probably only good for 1 credit though, like the last time they had that promo going.)

  • Joe

    I stopped trying to download them. When is Amazon going to fix the lag issues on their app?

  • pookietookie

    No thanks. I don’t want to install a buggy, slow, battery-draining appstore as a requirement for running apps. Not to mention how slowly updates get released versus the Google Play store. A few dollars here or there for good apps is worth it… I will never use Amazon’s store again.

  • Is there an actual list of these apps? I’m only seeing a few come up.

  • Sjschwar

    soundhound infinity and quickoffice (i liked it better than officesuite)

  • Droidzilla

    Still not enough to get me to come back to their crappy Appstore.

  • slider112

    Until Amazon starts updating their apps when the Play Store does I’ll never get another app from them, free or otherwise.

    • Simon Belmont

      Most of the apps that I’ve downloaded from the Amazon Appstore get regular updates. Some apps languish, but their Google Play Store counterparts usually do too.

      It’s up to the developer to deliver updates to their apps on the Amazon Appstore, not Amazon. Amazon does inspect them for quality though, I think. Big name apps almost universally receive updates fast. My two cents.

      • slider112

        Every Angry Birds update for the last year has been delayed, some a ridiculous amount of time. Currently I’m waiting on both OG Angry Birds (updated in the Play store on 12/11) and Rio (updated in the Play store on 12/19). Still nothing. Last summer a Rio update took literally 4 months to update through Amazon. Insane. I’m convinced there’s something more going on than developer lag. The AB games are really the only apps I have experience with through Amazon, but I think I’d go out on a limb and say I consider these to be big name apps 😉

        • Simon Belmont

          True enough. I never cared about those because I just got the free ones straight from the Google Play Store.

          AdAway or AdFree are your friends. But, you’re right, Angry Birds are big ticket apps, so that is surprising that they haven’t received updates.

  • Just bagged TuneIn Radio Pro. Good looking out, guys

  • Curtis

    Splashtop and Office Pro are the only two worth picking up. My opinion. Thanks

    • Simon Belmont

      A lot of the games in the list are actually pretty good. I grabbed several of them.

      TuneIn Radio is worth it too. I do agree Splashtop and Office Pro 6 are great deals though.

  • HEy the big article that needs to be posted;)! is when will there be more nexus 4 in stock on googles website??

  • Cliff Wynne

    mmm Free apps….almost as good as Free candy

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      You can’t lure kids with free apps though…

      • pezjono

        “Get in the van and I will download “Moon Phase Pro” onto your phone!”

        • a.youth.in.Asia

          “moon phase pro?? MOMMYYYYY!”

        • EvanTheGamer

          That sounds like a killer deal, actually. I’m sure there are kids out that that dream of one day being a famous astronomer!

      • Cliff Wynne

        I dunno I had a friend that got his son a Nexus 7 for Christmas and had Angry Birds on it the kid sat there the whole day playing it….so free apps might lure some kids 😀

  • Alberto Hamade

    Get rid of the Canadian link

  • Guest

    I don’t see where these are? link?

    • Ryan Frankenstein

      go to the amazon free app of the day website…then its straight to the right

  • chey023

    yea!! Free apps for my snow day.