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CM10.1 Now Available for the Verizon Galaxy S3, Other Versions as Well

Yesterday, we saw some of the first CM10.1 nightly builds go live for devices like the Galaxy Nexus, with fingers crossed that we would start to see other devices join the list in the near future. Sure enough, other devices have joined the party, most notably is the Galaxy S3 in a variety of versions. If you cruise over to the Cyanogenmod site, you’ll find builds for the Galaxy S3 on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, along with the international i9300 version.

In order to flash CM10.1, don’t forget that you’ll need to be rooted with an unlocked bootloader. As a reminder, we posted the newest version of those instructions yesterday, a set that should help everyone that recently updated to Jelly Bean.

Via:  Cyanogenmod

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  • lakesemaj

    i updated not knowing last night and had no data. tried to revert to older versions and still had issues. restored backup from rooted samsung rom and now i have data but i cannot make phone calls or send text. any ideas?

  • I received the official jelly bean update last night from verizon. I love it! Size 400 mb

  • This kind of stuff wouldn’t be a problem if Verizon would just give us access to a Nexus 4. LOL!

  • Everyone should definitely wait until they get a few nightlies under their belt. I personally had nothing but issues with CM10 for d2vzw…. so I am expecting nothing different here. In fairness, these are nightlies.

  • guess people should try this link/s going to try it and see if it works…. will reply back if or if not …




    • steven ross

      Did, that fix your phone. I’ve been flashing through odin for 2 days and my phone is still screwed up.

      • Rick Roll

        Oddly after going back to stock i didnt have to odin the file, just dialed that number, let it reset and boom it got data and everything back. great advice btw

  • So no new comments or ideas from anyone on how to fix, the crap that this rom did? i have a shiny gs3 paper weight and it’s kinda agitating, i know there’s always a risk but you expect a big player in the game to have found this out before a release. please if someone can help this would be great…

    • Holy Grail

      Why would there be new ideas from this site? Plus no one has a clue what you did.
      This is really not the place to find help. It would be more constructive to look up sites that specialize in this rom, like Cyanogenmod forums.

      • well holy grail if you would have read people were talking about solutions so that’s why i asked. also people on here are alot faster to have ideas about what to do… anyways solved my problem from people from THIS site…

        • Holy Grail


  • NathanDomier

    Still no SC-06D support 🙁

  • flashed the rom for my vzw gs3 before i read these comments and now my data/phone service is f-uped i even tried flashing another rom adn still same dumb [email protected] any help would be awesome…..

    • same thing here flashed then restored and my whole network is gone . no data no calls no texts…..

  • Ken Kennedy

    and T-Mobile.

  • kwick

    i have data what i did is system settings/ under wireless & networks/more/mobile networks/CDMA subscription/ make sure RUIM/SIM is checked and not NV

  • talkdj

    I would use CM 10.1 but I get an R (roaming) for data. Only get it on the CM build even with stock kernel. Back I go to Mr. Mmuzzy (just a solid build for GNex)

  • Justin Ridgeway

    Like the other guys said, no data but that’s not the only problem. Camera/Gallery is unstable, and phone number is listed as unknown. Best just to wait for a more stable nightly.

  • Warning: when updating CM from 4.1 to 4.2 (10.0 to 10.1), make sure:

    A). You flash gapps again. The version from 10.0 won’t work on 10.1, and phone will be a mess.
    B). Your recovery backups will be gone. First boot to 4.2 will move the contents of /sdcard/ to /sdcard/0. You’ll need to move them back to get your recovery backups back (can be done from adb shell in recovery)

  • Liquid Smooth 4.2.1 is working great.

  • Mark Avery

    I heard that if you reflash the latest modem (VRLK3) that it will restore data. Cannot confirm it myself but worth a shot if you did flash this and lost data.

    • Alberto Hamade

      I tried this, did not work. Only flashing unofficial 12/17 restored data.

    • Droosh

      no. the problem is that they need to include two qualcomm commits. Just dirty flash the unofficial 12-17 build and you will be fine.

  • Reports from d2vzw users say this 10.1 build is disallowing activation, even after a restore my phone is stuck in roaming and is basically a useless toy. Even after a trip to a vzw store and a new sim card my phone is still stuck in roaming. I have odined back to stock undrooted and still it remains stuck in roaming.

    • Alberto Hamade

      Dirty flashing unofficial 12/17 restores data.

      • I dirty flashed the unofficial 12-17 build and im still stuck in roaming. im not just missing data I can’t connect to verizon’s network at all. I can’t activate, send texts, make phone calls. I have nothing.

        • Goose306

          Flash back to stock TW and reprovision SIM no problem fixed.

          Unless you lost IMEI, in which case follow applicable instructions…

          • I did indeed lose my IMEI. First time for me and I didn’t have a backup but this restored it http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1867442. Im just about to dial the provision code (*2767*3855#) and hopefully get this bad boy fixed

          • Tim

            I had this same issue but I had not lost my IMEI, just stuck hard in roam even after flashing old restores and everything. Finally the reset code worked *2767*3855# . I had restored back to stock and the reset code allowed me to reactivate on the network and it is seemingly fixed. First time that has ever happened for me.

  • Andrew

    the verizon GS3 doesn’t have data, just so people are aware

  • T4rd

    I will miss flashing these ROMs on my Gnex when I get my Note 2 =(. But hopefully I won’t feel the need to other than putting a custom kernel on it with USB fast charge enabled and some other minor tweaks to the TouchWiz UI that Verizon broke (like the crappy WiFi toggle missing and getting rid of the persistent WiFi notification).

    • ApplesNAndroids

      The note II is an awesome phone with stellar battery life. I however, went back to my Galaxy Nexus.

      • SleepySensei


      • drparty

        I’m about to switch from a gnexus to the note 2, care to explain what happened?

        • ApplesNAndroids

          Oh I’m sure you’ll love the Note II. Like I said its amazing. I have some screenshots of the battery life that my nexus can’t hold a fraction of it to. It was just too big for a phone.

      • T4rd

        I can’t fathom why anyone would do that other than the Note being too big for them. I can’t wait to have decent battery life and a phone that doesn’t randomly drop data connection/signal (regardless of what basebands I use). Otherwise I’ve been very happy with my Gnex, but those are pretty big cons for a smart phone.

        • ApplesNAndroids

          The size of the phone was a bit outrageous, but its size also had its positives. I couldn’t deal with the size and I have larger hands. Also – I hate touchwiz but that’s a personal thing. The phone is fast, (had a few hiccups) battery life is awesome and in speed tests it destroyed the Galaxy Nexus in the same exact spot on the same LTE network.


    There are changes that still need to be merged before data will work properly. Read here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2053799

    If you want your 4.2.1 fix, invisiblek has working nightlies: http://twitter.com/invisiblek_cm

    • cgardner2020

      It’s easy to fix, just take your SIM card out and reboot. It will connect to Wifi then activate. Then add your SIM back, and change the roaming ->

      kwick • 9 minutes ago−

      i have data what i did is system settings/ under wireless & networks/more/mobile networks/CDMA subscription/ make sure RUIM/SIM is checked and not NV

      • Just tried it, no go. I can make phone calls, just no data.

  • Alberto Hamade


  • Matthew Fura

    You should put a warning on here that data is NOT working on the d2vzw and d2spr. They’ll be fixing this soon/

    • tiptoptommy

      yay!!!! …….Boooo no data?