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AT&T Announces 5 New 4G LTE Markets

This morning, AT&T announced five new cities to receive their 4G LTE service. It may be no where near the type of light up that Verizon has set to take place on Thursday, but for AT&T customers, this is always a good thing.

Cities to receive 4G LTE:

  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Oxford, Mississippi
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Melbourne, Florida


  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Springfield, Illinois
  • Phoenix, Arizon

Via: AT&T

  • premierjkfdkjfk

    There is a rumor AT&T wants to launch LTE advanced in Fall 2013 with 100+ Mpbs speeds possible. This is extremely ridiculous with the extremely low data caps even with the shared plans its even more insane. But the majority people with upgrade cause they need the latest, greatest even though it means paying out the nose on overages.

  • No

    My colleague has had LTE on his iphone 5 for weeks in
    green bay. He was pretty impressed with himself until I dropped a 50 by 25Mbps
    speedtest.net run on him (VZW tower literally in the back parking lot of

  • Randy Luna

    Add 4g lte service to boise,id and surrounding areas

  • Jim McClain

    wow they must have nearly 25 markets now lol

    • michael arazan

      25 markets which translates to the largest coverage in America. Congress can pass bills to turn the volume of commercials down, but can’t pass a Bill for no false advertising

  • Woot, Melbourne, FL!

  • moonie

    Wake me when they have LTE available on the moon!!!

  • schoat333

    When Verizon was rolling out LTE, it seemed liked they would add 15-20 cities at a time.

    Sprint and AT&T are only adding 5-6?

  • about time Springfield is getting it.. too bad i just extended my Verizon contract and i had 4g here forever now lol… now to test out the galaxy s3 and see if i want to return it and get an HTC DNA…. very tough choice indeed.

  • gb

    why does att suck so bad? around here att does not even have 3g yet ive had 3g on verizon for years and now have 4g on verizon.

    • paul_cus

      Where do you live that you don’t have AT&T 3G yet?

      • Jim McClain

        yea right, even pigmy tribes have 3g, well don’t they ?

    • i actually get crappy 3g from verizon in my Town of Westfield, i get better 4g than 3g…