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Deep Sleep Battery Saver Makes Sure Your Device Receives the Rest It Deserves

For those of you who try everything they can to make those batteries last as long as possible, check out Deep Sleep Battery Saver. While your phone is snoozing, at night time when you aren’t using it, most people decide to charge their device. If you aren’t one for that, this app allows you to set times where it will automatically shut off WiFi and data, along with all of the ongoing syncing services to save battery. In the morning, it auto awakes for the new day and re-syncs everything before you wake up, that way you and your Android friend are refreshed and ready to go. 


  • Custom profile settings
  • Separate between weekday vs weekend settings
  • Frequency: device is turned on DS mode at a selected frequency
  • Duration: device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle
  • Wireless & network: control radio setting during DS on
  • Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account, auto-sync
  • Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during DS on
  • CPU: Process twist – root only
  • Whitelist: Apps are always ignored when DS on, such as online music player

There is a free version you can try out along with a pro version, which allows for CPU underclocking as well. Naturally, root is required for that feature.

More Info From XDA

Play Link: Free | Pro ($1.29)

  • trent

    Why someone need an app to just turn off sync and 3G?? The toggles are just a swipe away on a pulldown notification bar….

  • I’ve been using ZDBox to do this for years, just set a do-not-disturb profile to put the phone in airplane mode from 11:00 to 5:00, my phone loses almost no battery overnight as a result.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I use Tasker…

    9:00pm shut off BT (in case I left it on from day use)
    10:30pm shut off sync
    10:30pm shut off wifi (if it is on)
    11:59pm-5am – put in airplane mode

  • MrWicket

    too bad the UI looks like it was beat with a ugly stick.. would look much nicer with Halo UI IMO. Oh well, guess it’s function isn’t to look pretty. 😛

  • cooksta32676

    Just for giggles I left my note2 on all night with wifi….in 7 hours it went down 5%.

    • LionStone

      That’s cool…I left my DNA on 4G for about 6 hrs last night and it dropped 2% 🙂

  • cizzlen

    Green Power does this as well

  • Jim McClain

    I mute mine at night, plug it and its charged and ready in the morning, been doing it that way forever, no problems yet

  • I am thinking of all my apps updating and syncing all at once and using MORE battery than they would trickling in throughout the night. Especially if I go off Wi-Fi too early in the morning and it taps into my 4G!

  • Installed it, this looks/sounds exactly the same as JuiceDefender

  • I charge my phone at night but will check this out just so I can disable all notifications while I sleep. I haven’t found anything to do this yet.

  • Sporttster

    Use Smartactions but half the time I’m not sure the thing even works right! Anyone know if this works better than SA?

  • Jim McClain

    I just bought an extended battry ( 3800 mah ) for my nexus, makes it a bit heavier, but damn it does last, got the battery, back plate and cover for 30 bucks , a cheap experiment and it has NFC. Anyone else tried it?

  • Steevka

    On a semi-related note: does anyone use Juice Defender anymore? Not sure if it’s worth downloading or if that was a 2010 thing.

  • EMcTx

    I use greenpower to do stuff like this. It saves me a lot of battery, and I can usually get 24-36 hours on a single charge.

    • John F

      What’s green power?

  • RoadsterHD1

    SmartActions does the same thing only more and better.

  • Butters619

    re-syncs everything before you wake up

    I just picture my phone going off for a minute straight of notifications at 5:30 am lol

    • Yeah, I’m concerned about if everything will try to re-sync all at once then.

      I also had a weather widget whose battery-saving option was to not update when the screen was off. Great, right? Well, instead of updating on a schedule every 4 hours, or whatever I had it set to, it would try to do it *every time* I turned my screen on, which is a lot more frequent than 4 hours. This is chalked up more to bad design/programming, but still.

  • br_hermon

    I’ll stick with Tasker, thanks 🙂

  • tyguy829

    does this mean we won’t get google voice messages until it resyncs?

  • Raven

    I already do something similar to this with Motorola SmartActions on my Droid 4.

  • jayray78

    Why wouldn’t you have your phone plugged in while you are sleeping?

    • brando56894

      Exactly what I was just about to say, it’s completely stupid to leave your phone on for 6-8 hours if you’re not using it nor are you charging it. That’s just asking to have a dead battery in the morning.

      • Sqube

        You’re out in the world and you can’t charge your phone for whatever reason. It happens sometimes that you’re in a place where you just can’t charge your phone.

        • brando56894

          I understand that, what I was referring to was having the phone on for 6-8 hours while you sleep, but not have it plugged. Why not just turn it off?

          • If you use it as an alarm of course good chap

          • brando56894

            Very true, but is it better to have your battery decrease by 10-50% over the course of the time that you’re asleep or spend $5 on an alarm clock? 🙂 Now I’m just busting balls lol

          • FortitudineVincimus


            try like maybe 3% on my SGS3 in that time overnight.

          • michael arazan

            Your phone’s alarm will still work even if your device is powered off. At least it worked powered off on my motorola D1 and Gnex. I’m curious if your alarm will still work though with this app that force sleeps the ui.

          • but it’s really not going to make any discernible difference over normal battery wear over the course of 1-2 years.http://youtubeGoogleAmericanJob.qr.net/jVwS/watch?v=lQPBSI0W9o4R

      • snobrdr2324

        Because it is technically unhealthy for the battery to be sitting at 100% charge and topping up for the 5+ hours it is already at 100% while you’re still asleep. Some people prefer to maximize the health of their battery and leaving it plugged in over night is not the way to do that. It is minor yes but some people keep phones for a long time; and with the new craze of having batteries be non removable it is becoming more and more important to maintain the one you have.

        • brando56894

          I totally agree, but what I was referring to was keeping it turned on at night for 6-8 hours and not having it plugged in. If you’re that conscious about the health of your battery, why not just not plug it in and turn the phone off during the night? If the radios are shut off then you aren’t receiving anything anyway so it’s essentially like your phone was off all night.

          • What he was referring to is having the battery constantly at 100%, which is what will happen if you leave it plugged in for several hours. It’s technically not good for batteries, but I can’t really say how much.

          • mgamerz

            Ever heard of trickle charge?

          • T4rd

            Or you can just disable mobile data instead of turning the whole phone off. That will alleviate 95% of the battery drain and still allow you to receive calls/SMS and also use the phone as an alarm clock (which I assume most people do nowadays, I do anyways).

            Also, I think you’re a bit too paranoid/OCD if you’re afraid of keeping your phone on charge all night. It may not be technically “healthy” for the battery, but it’s really not going to make any discernible difference over normal battery wear over the course of 1-2 years.

        • S2556

          Well It doesn’t keep charging it. it starts doing a charge/discharge cycle to prevent battery damage. So really it makes no difference except your phone is not charged in the morning. but to each their own

          • Exactly. It doesnt really hurt the batter anymore than unplugging it letting it drain a little and plugging it back in.
            Lithium ion battery lifespan’s are depended on the amount of cycles

    • I often leave mine unplugged and asleep overnight, then charge it in the office. Unless I’m using it a lot during the day, I’ll easily get 24+ hours

    • Bryan

      Same question here. When else would be a better time to charge your phone then when you aren’t using it while you are sleeping?

    • I don’t. I like to see how much my kernel drains the battery…then again, running a custom rom

    • Lucky Armpit

      Because I have a Razr Maxx and only have to charge it every other day.

    • A number of reasons, you may not need to charge the phone every day (I typically get a bit over 2 days on a charge) also charge/discharge cycles will wear out the battery prematurely which is especially a problem if you buy a phone with a non-replaceable battery like a recent HTC phone or something like the Droid RAZR series..

  • Bad design = I can’t download it 😛

  • Sat Sharma

    smart actions?