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Act Quick: $50 MOGA Gaming Controller and Modern Combat 4 For Free

PowerA, the sellers of the MOGA gaming controller for Android, are offering a special deal on a limited supply of controllers. For a very limited time, you can get a new $50 controller, coupled with Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 for free. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling. Awesome, right? The controller attaches to your device, turning any phone into a portable gaming system.

Once on the site, add the controller to your cart, then apply the coupon code, “SecretSanta.” You better hurry!

Coupon Code: SecretSanta

Update:  We crashed the PowerA site for the MOGA, so they temporarily took it down. They are assuring customers that the deal is still on, though, and that they have extended it:

Wow! You must really like MOGA!
Don’t worry, the deal is still on.

We have temporarily taken down PowerA.com due to the overwhelming response.

Please check back as we will be back in business shortly!

Didn’t get your order in? Don’t worry, we will be extending the offer.

Update 2:  The site is back up! They have apparently extended the sale until tomorrow, assuming their stock lasts that long.

Via: Facebook | MOGA

Cheers Nick!

  • JMonkeYJ

    has anyone gotten the free copy of MC4 to work with the MOGA? i downloaded it and all, but see no option to use the MOGA….?????

  • storm35x

    Got this delivered today. Modern Combat 4 isnt included in the free downloads. You get pacman and sonic CD and that is it

  • Terrance Steiner

    It is a better deal if you buy it at Toys R Us for $39.99 and than buy the game on the Play Store. I saw it there when I was Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew.


  • edimistra

    COde expired. So the promotion didn’t go until today.

  • [email protected]

    those rats say promo has expired.. the old bait and switch

  • JoshGroff

    Not working, guess I have to settle for my sixaxis controller.

  • So much for extending the promotion for us. Deal is dead on their site. Assholes.

  • SCORE!

  • Tried this morning, no joy, said the promotion had ended.

  • The promotion code “SECRETSANTA” could not be applied because the promotion has expired. I has a sadface 🙁

    • JoshGroff

      Could just be that they didn’t update it, I’m gonna check back later.

  • nobody

    “The promotion code “SECRETSANTA” could not be applied because the promotion has expired.”

  • Wyveryx

    No Fair….It’s not even tomorrow and the code doesn’t work anymore according to their site…

    Either they ran out of stock, or changed their minds.

    • steveliv

      they didn’t run out of stock, but ran out of the allotted number set aside for this promo

      • Wyveryx

        Then it would have been nice for them to at least have posted that last night 🙁

  • Cgmartin33

    Got it for $5.32 shipped after some persistence. Just wondering how to get Modern Warfare?!

    • The code comes inside the package of your shipped controller. And the game is Modern Combat, not Warfare

  • EvanTheGamer

    A few hours ago I was able to place an order! But It was right after I had to take off, so I didn’t know if it went through or not as I never received any confirmation e-mail.

    Then later on when I got back(just now), I checked my View Orders section of my Account on the PowerA site, and low and behold, my recent MOGA Controller order was there! HELL yeah!

    Only $5.33, too. Freakin’ awesome! Just glad all of that patiently waiting to no end payed off!

    Thanks Droid-Life, and the entire Android community for keeping everyone up to date on exactly wtf was going on with the slowest site known to man!

  • Alexander H

    OOS….”code expired”…..so much for we’ll be good for later…

  • Steven Gonz

    Just tried to purchase one, as of 12-13-12 11:10pm eastern time. The promotion code “SecretSanta” could not be applied because the promotion has expired.

  • Weak. Promotion has expired…

  • steveliv

    PowerA is saying that if you copied down your confirmation code on the website and don’t get email, you can still get the deal.

    • TheOiulkj

      Any idea what we do with the code? Do we need to take any action if we have a code and no email?

      Also, for those who didn’t write it down, just check your history for the “order complete” page on powera.

      • steveliv

        check their twitter page

  • steveliv

    got one earlier this evening when the site came back up. got the confirmation email and it is showing in my order history. awesome deal!

  • mrredpants

    Says coupon code has expired

  • Got one, i think the wife will love this

  • Circushair

    Most have run out. “The promotion code “SECRETSANTA” could not be applied because the promotion has expired.”

  • Finally got mine ordered. Checked my email after site crashed and I have a email confirmation. Thanks DL!!!!

  • TankerTufff

    Item is in stock but site says promotion expired when I enter coupon code

    • Aaron

      Me too. Booooo, PowerA, Booooo.