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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 8

There aren’t many new phones on the horizon to hypebeast, but we do have a bunch of recently released phones worth talking about such as the Nexus 4, DROID DNA, and Galaxy Note 2. We also have CES in Las Vegas to look forward to next month in early January, which Kellex and myself will be attending. With these Q&A Sessions, this is your chance to ask us your dying questions that need answering, whether it’s Android related or not. Feel free to have some fun with it and we will do the same!

At the end of the week, we’ll grab a handful of questions and let the team take to answering them. And for everyone asking, we will feature a few in this week’s Droid Life Show! Ready? Drop in the comments and let us know what’s on your mind.

To see all of our previous Q&A’s, check them out here.

  • Ian

    Can we get a round up of all the different wireless charging devices out? Bout to take the leap up to a current gen phone and the DNA will by my first device that doesn’t require a plug for power.

  • Kahsay Cooley

    What do you hope the focus of 2013 for phone will be? Will Verizon ever step up there update game?

  • Fattie McDoogles

    What kind of devices are your family members using?

  • yummy

    Why the emphasis on every phone
    having the latest software? Is newer always
    better for every phone, or is it possible
    that certain phones would run better
    on software that isn’t the latest version?

  • Daistaar

    What’s the deal with NFC? Namely, will Android Beam and S Beam play nice or will I be missing out on NFC features and abilities by choosing a DNA over any Galaxy? Which would theoretically be more feature/future proof?

  • Question…why don’t certain apps work with my droids DNA. I understand its because of the screen, but why aren’t popular apps like tumblr and call of duty elite optimized for it?

  • ddfuji

    who is responsible for the droid life app on the app store?

  • Geo

    Will kellen never stop talking about granny smith

  • Will the Droid-Life app ever be revamped?

  • scoogle

    When do you guys think Verizon will kick the remaining ” grandfathered in” people off unlimited?

    • Fattie McDoogles

      They started this summer. Anyone who upgrades will be forced onto a new shared plan. The only way around this (at the moment) is to buy a phone at full retail cost. But that will probably change next year.

  • As you guys most likely know, Samsung is expected (not confirmed, of course) to show off flexible displays at CES. How do you think these will be implemented into a phone/tablet?

  • Jonathan

    Have you ever tried any other smart phone OS besides the main ones, like (non-android) Linux?

  • Cesar Castro

    How long before the nexus 10 sees some sort of discount in pricing?

  • Aj

    Are you aware that your website is comprised of no actual colors?

  • Matthew Merrick

    best screen – one X/+, droid dna/butterfly, or optimus g/nexus4?

    best camera- one x/+, Droid DNA/butterfly, Xperia T/TL/TX, or 13 megapixel optimus G?

    • cooksta32676

      Unless you view them thru a magnifying glass, all (including my Note2) are beautiful. All have pros and cons.

  • Shane Boddie

    What would it take for you to NOT Root and ROM your device

    • JoshGroff

      This is a good question. I would assume the ability to delete bloatware entirely and timely updates would be up in the list.

  • mbagasao

    Will any readers have a chance to join you on one of your Show/Hangouts? That would be really cool!!

    • EC8CH

      Yeah… contest for a guest spot on the Droid-Life show!

  • Stew

    Which Android OEM are you most excited about for 2013? The new Motorola? A trying-to-revive HTC? What No. 1 Samsung will do? The mostly-hated-till-now LG? Asus? … Sony?

    • cooksta32676

      Samsung now accounts for 6 of 10 android activations. That is pure devastation. I see HTC folding in a few years, personally

    • JoshGroff

      I’ve been a Sony fanboy since the PSX, I’ve been wanting to get into their phones, but the hardware isn’t exactly screaming top tier yet.

  • jonnyc

    with more and more folks coming to the end of contract on their current unlimited Verizon plans, can you talk about some possible options for phones and carriers they can look at if they want to leave Verizon but have an unlimited data plan? Thanks!

  • WAldenIV

    What are your thoughts on WP8? Have you tried the Microsoft Surface? Any opinions on the current M$ strategy and their touch interface?

  • Futbolrunner

    Why does your app suck?

  • Futbolrunner

    Do you think ASUS will play a bigger world in 2013 in the Android community stateside?

  • Silver Veloz

    With Droid DNA and Galaxy Note 2 out, I’m looking down the line for my next phone. I currently have the Droid Bionic (ICS and awaiting Jelly Bean). My next upgrade date is in the Summer. What do you see the as the next phone worth waiting for – Summer 2013? Thanks and can’t wait for the next Droid Life show.

  • Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Also, whats the deal with Droid-Life having such a crappy app?

  • Guest

    Would you rather fight one duck-sized horse or 100 duck-sized horses? And whats the deal with Droid-Life having such a crappy app?

  • Man I’m horny

    When last time you got laid with that haircut ron

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You do know he’s married right?

  • Man I’m horny

    Eric are you circumcised

  • Getsomebootyboys

    My question is for all you cry baby readers wah wah 16gb of storage I need more no sd support wah wah stfu go get a gf u losers …. If you had a girl maybe you wouldn’t need more than 16 gb of storage cause you wouldn’tneed all the porn on your phone lol

    • Mark Mann

      so where’s the question?

  • Raven

    Motorola Droid 5 with a physical keyboard; will it ever happen? Why so little love for physical keyboards anymore? They are so much more useful for typing anything more than a quick text reply, yet thinness seems to be way more important to more people. I just don’t get it.

    • cooksta32676

      Too many physical parts, subject to stress, excess production costs, prone to failure. Avirtual keyboard has no moving parts, costs no money, and can’t break. I always like them, but have just gotten used to virtual.

    • FAL_Fan

      I emailed Motorola and asked them about the possibility of a Droid 5 and I got this ”
      Regarding your
      concern, as of this moment we do not have yet the information if we are
      going to release a Droid 5. However, you can check http://www.motorola.com from time to time.” I am not pleased with this response, but sadly it was expected.

      (EDIT: try emailing them and see what they say to you)

  • EC8CH

    Does Kellex still have his VZW G-Nex pogo dock?

    Does he want to sell it?

    • Pdiddy187

      I bought the GSM version and just hit it with a lighter. Works flawlessly.


    I enjoyed your piece on the HTC 8x. Is there a chance that we will see reviews of other operating systems and their phones? I know the site is called Droid Life, but this is the first site I visit when getting online even though I’m a current iPhone user!!

  • Usty

    Finally looking in to ROM’ing my Verizon GS3. Looking at all the options, should I go with CM10 or AOKP – had AOKP on my nexus and enjoyed that, but never have used CM builds before.

  • Yourgirlsboyfriend

    My question is for Tim… Why do you try to act so cool and tough towards Eric In the shows… Your sarcasm is lame… Kellen/Kellex whatever why are your cheeks so rosey you look like Santa… And Ron omg that haircut my question is why why why you look like an Amish pedo bro and stop with the comic book shirts wow… LaMe

    • Phandroid. Com

      Preech on bro that haircut is ultra lame…. Only thing worse is that question the idiot asked about twilight characters

      • EC8CH

        Judging another man’s haircut???
        Calling it “Lame”???
        Using the phrase “Preech on bro”???

        I don’t know where this is going, but Twilight idiot is scared to find out.

    • LOL

  • Tim

    I have a question for you lames who wrote those corny ass poems… 1have you ever read a Dr Seuss book Jesus learn to rhyme… 2 why are you guys kissing these dudes assessment for a 250 dollar tab damn most of u live with mommy go buy one… And last please fellas go get some ass seriously lol… I come on this site twice a week and see the same lame ass guys always posting go out and get a gf Jesus

  • Julien Duplant

    Why has it been so hard to find official accessories for my “official” Google Android products? My first Android phone was the Motorola Droid and I loved the accessories that were made for it. They were available at launch are they were very fairly priced. I bought the nightstand, car dock, and car charger for $30 total.

    Yet, with my Galaxy Nexus, I had to wait months to overpay (in my opinion) for a portrait dock when I really wanted the landscape dock that was too expensive to justify ($90). A US car dock with pogo pins was never released. Why? Still a pain point for me.

    I bought my Nexus 10 on launch day and was surprised to find that again NO official accessories were being sold. Where is the screen cover that was shown off in the demo videos and journalist reviews? What is the point of inventing a new connector standard (pogo pins) if there are practically no accessories that use it?

    I won’t go so far as to say that the devices are useless without the proper accessories, because that’s not true. I love all of my Nexus devices; but I can imagine why it has been so hard to find accessories for these so-called flagship products. I ditched my iPad for th Nexus 10, but I’m too scared to carry it outside of my house for fear the screen will get scratched or exposed to some other element. Meanwhile, I had to give up the smart cover that made reading so comfortable on my iPad, and the bedside dock that let me careless cradle it for a nightly charge without fumbling for a cable.

    Why is Google dragging their feet on delivering hardware accessories for their flagship products when Apple has them so readily available and reasonably priced?

    • Futbolrunner

      Amen, amen!!

  • Jordan

    Will the galaxy note 2 be getting this “premium suite” also?

  • KnappyRoot

    Stock or Custom ROM? If Custom, which one?
    Do you need an East Coast representative for those who wake up earlier than you West Coasters? I hate having to wait until 11 est for you guys to get rolling.

  • Are you super proud of me for maintaining such a high “comment-to-like” ratio?

    Please say you are…words of affirmation is one of my love languages 🙂

  • JetBlue

    Any ideas on why Android doesn’t have a dedicated Notes app? Or would that be considered bloatware in peoples eyes?

  • Jim McClain

    anyone else tried a Trexcell big battery for your nexus ?, just got one and wondered if anyone else had tried it

  • Bionic

    Who’s your favorite porn star?

    • cooksta32676

      The 5.5″ Gallaxy Note II.

  • We all love us some innovation…what are a few of the innovations (hardware or software) that you guys are looking forward to?

    I’m curious what you would say you’re looking forward to in 2013, and also what you would like to see any time into the future 🙂

    A few that I’m looking forward to are: “unbreakable” screens, water proofing from the manufacturer, and some sort of break through in battery life 🙂

  • DarkKingSilvers

    Forgive me if this question has been asked before, but what card (or cards) would each of you like to see added to Google Now?

    And if you guys are really ambitious, Notre Dame or Alabama?

  • When does Google Wireless launch? 🙂 🙂

  • James_Kernicky

    Will I ever win a giveaway?

  • scrub175

    Why would google be interested in selling cable box div of Moto and exit the tv market, when they could have force fed most cable subscribers with google tv integrated into all Moto cable boxes? I love google tv.

  • What do you see happening after CES into Q1 and Q2 with phones. Debating getting the Note II, but with flexible screens on the way, plus 1080 screens across the board, are we on the cusp of a new standard. With all this waiting Verizon made me do I can’t help but to wonder if I should wait

  • Where is the best place to buy a phone on Verizon off contract? And why would you choose that retailer? (ex:excellent support, extended warranty options, buy back, Etc)

    • EC8CH

      Excellent question. Do we have any other options besides buying used to pay less then retail, because while the on-contract prices drop to zero, the retail price never goes down. Any sites that discount the off contract prices as the phone models get older?

      • Macl

        I’ve had the best luck getting a lower “full retail” price on new devices from ebay.

  • Brent Cooper

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but what are your day jobs?

    • You’re looking at it.

      • moelsen8

        that was the question i forgot! you guys need another team member? side question – how do you get into this stuff and make it your day job in the first place?

      • Lucky guy. Great job

      • Must be awesome getting paid to play with tech all day!

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Storage or battery life which is more important to you.

  • moelsen8

    you know i thought of a really good one a few days ago and of course now i can’t remember. argh.

  • Leo

    Is there any chance of a 32gb note 2 dropping on Verizon any time soon?

    • Is there not one? I got a 32gb gs3 on Vzw but it was a pain to track one down.

  • zepfloyd

    Loaded question:
    As the year ends and 2013 begins, how would you feel if Verizon quietly dropped DROID branding anything at some point in 2013?

  • John

    Any plans to advertise your Google Community more?

    (maybe in upper nav bar or somin)

  • EC8CH

    Which character from Twilight do each of you identify the most with?

    • Fantastic question. You want answer? $3!!!!!

      • Mack

        No Twilight for you!!

    • Futbolrunner

      That’s a waste of a valuable question.

      • EC8CH

        go away Jacob…

        Belle doesn’t love you.

        • Futbolrunner