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HTC DROID DNA Bootloader Unlock Method is Back

After Verizon and HTC decided that they weren’t fans of you unlocking the bootloader on your brand new DROID DNA through HTCDev, something we first reported as being possible, owners of the device waited impatiently for a work-around or fix to the problem to appear. After all, how much fun could a shiny, freshly opened smartphone be without the ability to unlock, root, and get to tinkering? Well, my friends, a method to trick HTCDev’s unlock tool has been worked out and is available for download. 

RootzWiki has instructions up, thanks to TeamAndIRC’s Justin Case, so I’ve linked to them below, along with a video. The process doesn’t seem difficult. My understanding is that it basically involves changing your CID so that HTCDev thinks you are using a different device. Once you have flashed all of the CID-changing files, you still use HTCDev to unlock the bootloader. Once finished, you then go about your normal business. The process is semi-risky though. There also may not be a way to re-lock your device, meaning your warranty is shot. Be careful, proceed with caution, and enjoy.


Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Jigga_Z, Imacellist, and everyone else!

  • My battery last alot longer then my extended battery nexus. People can complain all they want but i love my dna and now that it can be unlocked its only gonna get better. To each their own, thats why they make choices

  • valium12

    I have had the phone since day one. I came from a Gnex with extended battery. The battery life on this phone is far better than the Gnex. Its not even in the same league. I am frankly very surprised. I use it as much or even more during the day than my Gnex, and at 8:00 pm it still has 40% or more battery left. The Gnex would be invariably dead by that time every night. I don’t claim to know how or why it is that way, just that it is.

    The storage limitations aside, ( doesn’t affect me – but I see how it would be a deal killer for some) This phone is by far the smoothest, nicest device I have ever had or used.

  • along with a ton of people here, i played with it in the store and it was BEAUTIFUL. im happy there’s an unlock. More worried about development i guess? i really dont like sense at all, so id probably hack it as soon as i can.

  • Butters619

    Essentially the same method used for us AT&T One X owners

  • Tim242

    Unlocking DOES NOT automatically void your warranty. This is the biggest misconception since task killers. You are warned that it may void part of your warranty. You are still covered on manufacturer defects, regardless. This being said, Verizon nor Sprint void any of your warranty on devices with unlocked bootloaders. I know this for a fact. I have talked to Verizon about this, and know people that work there. I work in a Sprint store. Per our policy, we process warranty replacements daily on unlocked devices

    • QQpayne

      I manage a Verizon retailer, same story here. I always warn people who say they want to root, just because i dont know how competent they are, but Tim242 is 100% correct here. My coworker has warrantied 3 rooted phones with no issue as proof through Verizon, none of the issues where due to rooting though, all hardware defects.

    • Butters619

      I’ve never heard of anybody being turned away from AT&T with a rooted/unlocked phone either.

  • John Mozelewski

    Sad ordered my note 2 b4 this was even announced

  • chris125

    I miss the days that you didn’t have to jump through 10 hurdles just to root and unlock the bootloaders on phones.

    • DanKemple

      When were these days? Honestly besides the OG unlocking has been quite the hassle on all android devices except a few HTC.

      • chris125

        The thunderbolt along with most Samsung devices were much easier and less hurdles to jump through. Moto is notoriously bad for this even when installing a leak software update and it seems htc is going the same way

        • DanKemple

          Like I said besides a few HTC, and a year ago and more Samsung wasn’t really a player in the Android game. That was why I didn’t think there ever was a good ole day when devices were easy to unlock. Personally I’m still waiting for that day (don’t worry I won’t hold my breath)

          • ERIC REED

            I can’t remember ever struggling to root a device. Most of the phones I’ve gotten have a one click root ready on launch day. So you can now exhale…

          • BillMilton

            You’re just mad because all the phones you wished you could have rooted were either too hard for you to root or just not rootable. I’m glad I didn’t have your same problem or I would of never experienced the good ole days when devices were easy to unlock. haha dude you can’t be serious.

          • DanKemple

            Seriously read what was written above. I NEVER mentioned rooting, that is easy on just about any device. I was specifically talking about unlocking. Which to this day is still hit or miss. I was saying I don’t remember a “good ole day” as was mentioned in the OP when all (or nearly all) were unlock-able from the factory.

      • Most devices I have played with all have command line based where you just select the option 1 or 2 and it does it for you. I just did it yesterday with the Acer a200, unlocked with 4.1.2 on it.

      • ThinkbeforeTyping

        Ummm, you just named the those days dumb ass.

        • DanKemple

          Actually think before you speak, there were only a small handful of devices that weren’t really players in the Droid world with the exception being the OG. Please do inform me when the Droid X, Droid 2, 3, 4, Incredible, Thunderbolt, etc were all unlockable. Yes HTC has made strides but even those are more recent.

  • DroidModderX
    • thanks for your walk thru videos… i’m always extra careful when it comes to modding this early in a devices life but this looks pretty simple… I finally got ADB to work on windows 8 I just had to install HTC sync drivers for it to recognize the device… I’m going to do it after work tonight

  • Nate Mazzara

    awesome. DROID DNA + cm10 = Best device a consumer could ask for.

    • KOBALT

      Except for the lame battery 😛

      • thedanks

        and 16gb with lack of sd card slot

        • AJA0

          I love how people downvote a statement that is 100% true. By the way, with all the added bloat from Sense, that brings the actual storage available to the user down to around 10GB.

          Don’t even try to bring up Cloud Storage, try streaming a 1080p movie from your precious cloud and get back to me.

          • Why downvote this? It’s just more truth..

          • thedanks

            I have tried streaming HD videos from dropbox. It made me angry. It worked but negated the whole point of HD. The quality seemed so compresed and crappy.

          • I genuinely never have and probably never will stream a movie to my phone. What a waste of time, bandwidth, and my life in general. If I want to stream a movie, I sure as hell am not doing so to my 5″ screen. Give me a break…

          • thedanks

            hmmm. interesting i guess all the people that have netflix on there phones are absolutely out of their minds. slingbox app? pointless… live tv app for android. who would ever be interested in something so stupid as that?

          • Sammy Young

            Tried it, worked like a charm.

        • tronco

          Its weird to me that it lacks an sd card slot im writing from the.japanese equivalent htc j butterfly right now and it jas sixyeen gb plus micto sd slot so i added another.sixteen my biggest disappoint is not having the option to extend my battery life i had a 4000 mah battery for my evo 3d and only charged it about every two or tjree dats

      • unless you own one how do you know about the battery? I bought a battery back up on sale on release day and I have yet to use it…

        • KOBALT

          Because I follow reviews of the device and know how LTE is a battery sucker. The size of the battery it comes with is sub-par at best for a 5″ 1080p screen.

          • Dave

            Battery is on par with my GS3, it’s certainly not the best battery and they should’ve included something a bit bigger, but it’s not that much of a power drainer as you would think in day to day use.

          • zepfloyd

            You sound like Mitt Romney running ads in Ohio about moving jobs to China which Jeep already said several times to his campaign and publicly was a lie, yet kept saying it anyway.

            You’re repeating drivel is devoid of any facts and already proven to be untrue. As someone else who owns the device the only thing here that’s sub-par is your comment. Good day.

          • AJA0

            I love how you bring up politics of a past election on a PHONE discussion. The battery life IS awful, several reviews (including XDA) stated it only has 3 hours on-screen time before the battery’s dead. That may be enough for the average consumer (like yourself it seems), but I plan on actually using my $700 device for more than just facebook and phone calls.

          • I have had mine since launch day and was using it first day and ran 14 hours on while being on the internet for hours. Surprised me as well but It works very well and lasts a long time. Sure it isn’t a all day gaming away from a charger phone but seriously name one that is? Maxx HD? I mean sure but even gaming all day on that would probably kill it. If you want a gaming advice buy a Playstation Vita or something not an exceptional phone.

            Honestly, battery is above average. I outlast my gf’s SG3 everyday with mine being more use. Maybe I am just a pro user but I will go with the efficient screen and processor working the battery beautifully.

          • Having owned this device since launch day, I’d say your opinion is pretty ignorant. It really takes a hands on approach to understand how good or bad a battery is, and even after that its subjective based on use, settings, and network availability.

            My experience is that the device is pretty amazing on battery life, I’ve had 8 hours of screen on + 4g on black friday and didn’t didn’t drop under 40% battery. I tend to be more of a power user checking email, text, and my collections of servers constantly, and even with all my use I’m still impressed. Even after shopping I didn’t charge until 4am and I had 9% battery.

            Don’t get me wrong it is not a perfect device, user serviceable battery and microsd card would have been appreciated, but for what it offers I’d highly recommend the phone. I’m extremely happy with my DNA and can’t wait to root it and get rid of Sence+.

          • 2001400ex

            I don’t buy this for one second. 8 hours in screen time and at 40%? In airplane mode watching a movie on the phone, yes. Using data and other things? No. I don’t get that on my razr maxx hd.

          • Again, battery usage is subjective. That day I didn’t stream anything, and was mostly texting thus the data load wasn’t much. I am cautious of what is draining my battery, thus I normally keep wifi and bluetooth off while away from home, this helps alot.

            The battery/ S4 Pro combo is amazing. I’ve had the phone off the charger for 11 hours today, used it casually (email, text, checked my servers, streamed an hour of pandora while cooking, about 1.5 hours screen on time) and I’m at 75% battery.

            As I said earlier, I’m more than impressed and extremely satisfied with the phone for what it offers.

          • 2001400ex

            Look, I get it that HTC found a way to manage battery life better than in the past and possibly better than other manufacturers. But you are quoting battery life times that are better than the razr maxx. There is no possible way that’s true.

          • valium12

            I can’t explain the reasons why, but the battery life on the phone is quite good. It’s far better than by Gnex with Ext battery. I would not expect it to perform like a MAXX, but it easily gets me through the whole day. The wireless charging is also a really nice feature.

          • Tim242

            Screen is 50% brighter, but uses 20% less power. The processor is also more power efficient.

        • michael arazan

          eeing the specs between the DNA and Note 2, the Note 2 has a better battery plus more minimal touch piss and has more features, seems to be a better trade off to just a better screen of the DNA, and sense is tired and old, which kinda sucks.

          • Ibrick

            And the Note 2 has longer battery life than the S3. What’s your point?
            My Transformer Prime battery blows the Note 2 out of the water, since we’re disregarding form factor completely it seems.

          • Bill milton

            Dude stop being a douche bag.

          • Ibrick

            I didn’t realize pointing out fact was ‘being a douche bag’ if so, I will continue to ‘be a douche bag’ until people get it through their heads that the DNA is not a phablet, it’s not a competitor to the Note. No Spen, no specifically designed software, it’s literally less than 5mm taller than an S3, and exactly the same width. Comparing it to the S3 makes much more sense.
            If battery is all you’re looking at, why aren’t people comparing battery life between the Razr MAXX and Note? Similar size apparently.. Does this magical 5in screen size mean it must be judged against the Note?

            Apples to Apples.. Cock bag

      • chris125

        Actually once you get rid of sense it will probably easily add a few more hours to the already reportedly decent battery for the phone

      • Why do you care? Troll much?

      • LionStone

        Yep, battery so lame…hehe

        • normmcgarry

          Is that Gingerbread? Oh wait… just Sense.

          • LionStone

            Is that Stupidity? Oh wait…just Jealousy.

        • Butters619

          No offense but that proves nothing. I made it 40 hours with my One X just to take a screen shot to show how awesome the battery is, but under normal use I don’t make it through the day.

          • LionStone

            Yes I realize that, we all here know how to turn off mobile data, etc…but this is with a good 4G connection the whole time, nothing turned off…so it does prove making through the day is no problem. I’ve been getting 12-17 hrs a charge without even trying.

          • LionStone

            Here’s yesterday…another regular day, Internet, messaging, and I use Mobile Hotspot usually 1-4 hrs a day depending if I’m streaming Netflix or just browsing or reading on the N7.

          • Butters619

            What is on screen time? That is the main thing I care about (and one of the best determinates of battery life)

          • LionStone

            I wish I could provide that but unfortunately the DNA only gives what I provided. However I do have a good idea of my screen time, which had to be at least 3 hrs. As shown, Internet was 25%, so that was a good amount of reading/browsing yesterday morning. Messaging and G+ are both using the screen, as is Gallery and Moviefone (watching trailers).

          • Butters619

            That’s about what the One X gets. It’s acceptable. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not what I would call great. Although, I am quite impressed by that battery life with that display.

        • LionStoner

          Well thats why its low, your not charging moron. smh.

    • C-Law

      If this happens, I WILL replace my gnex for it. But no sooner. I played with this in the store and the screen is amazing!

      • drparty

        I will swap out if there is a good battery jacket that adds 2000 mah … a total of 4000 would be pretty much unstoppable.

        Then again the Note is just looking at me and winking.

    • KOBALT

      I did play with one at VZW yesterday. Beautiful display.

    • zwade01

      If the RIL doesn’t pose as many problems as the Rezound had.

      • asianrage

        As I remember it, the TBOLT’s problems with RIL were far more extensive.

    • asianrage

      Can’t wait for it. The moment that happen with LTE, instant buy.


    That didn’t take long. We’d be screwed without the devoted dev’s.