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Nexus 7 Sales Figures Surprise Even Google, Order for Additional Units Placed to Meet Demand

According to sources at parts manufacturers, sales figures for the Nexus 7 have officially shocked Google. Originally, El Goog thought 2.5 million units would be sufficient to get them through 2012, but to meet demand for the popular 7″ tablet, Google has placed an additional order of 2.5 million to keep the masses happy. Just weeks ago, we still didn’t have any word that the Nexus 7 was even selling well at all, but ASUS put our minds at ease when they slipped and said they are shipping nearly 1 million a month.

What this means for us is that after seeing their devices become so popular, Google will start investing even more into their hardware and we’ll begin to see a lot more down the road. That would be nice, right?

Via: BGR | Digitimes

  • Will

    need a replacement screen plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! desperate!!!!!!

  • Noel

    Google should stop under estimating the legions of Nexus fans out there…give us what we want and crave on our devices. For the N4 and N7 we would prefer 32/64GB internal memory, SD card slots and bigger removable batteries. But we would like to see a 32 or 64GB N4 ASAP….we ned options

  • DC_Guy

    Can I get a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 10 in stock?

    • DC_Guy

      Wish partially granted! N10 down, N4 to go!

  • chris125

    Its a great tablet for a great price. Love my nexus 7

  • Meh, I’m more shocked that there’s even a market for tablets. Clearly there is, but personally I find them to be pretty useless.

    • JMonkeYJ

      the N7 is my 3rd tablet, and up until i got it, i totally agreed with you. i got those other tablets out of vain hope that there was some use for them. the N7 is ridiculously useful. i take it with me everywhere. one time (i would consider this a low) i even put it in my shopping bag to take to the grocery store with me. i use it for gaming, web browsing, email, note taking, and everything i use my phone for, as well (except calls — OK, occasionally calls).

    • Doan

      I feel somewhat similarly. I see niche markets: Travelers, to occupy young children, educational or business purposes.

      I don’t understand what the masses use them for, though. They can’t do anything my phone can’t do, and I don’t want to lug something around with me that can’t fit in my pocket (again, unless I travel frequently).

      I think most people just buy them as an extra toy.

      • JoshGroff

        I just like the 7″ form factor, it’s a nice step up from my phone’s 4.65″ screen, and definitely better for gaming/youtube/Netflix, yet still more portable than a laptop. (fits in my pants pocket without a case, or my cargo pants/jacket pocket with case.)

    • Bsody

      Mine has basically replaced my phone while I watch tv…nothing more.

    • DaveTea

      I use my N7 all the time. If I am at home I only use my Galaxy Nexus for phone calls, otherwise I am using the tablet. The only thing my gnex does better is make calls so I really only need it if the N7 is not around.

      • I use it all the time. It has completely replaced my phone. My phone is for tethering & calling only.

    • I use it for reading mostly. I feel its more beneficial if you use primarily mass transit for travel. I read on the subway everyday.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Getting my replacement today. Started to just die at 18% battery life without any warning. +1 to Google Play Services though. Took care of me right away.

  • Nexus-7

    Returned mine yesterday due to the screen separation issue. They probably had to build 2.5M more to replace the first 2.5.

    • Gr8Ray

      My thoughts exactly.

    • cryaboutit
    • Buy This

      How did this start and do you have any idea what caused it for you? I’m curious having recently purchased a used one. Were you using any kind of case before it happened?

      • Nexus-7

        Bought it brand new at Staples (8GB version). On sale for $159 right after the 32 came out. Never put a case on it, but treated it like a newborn baby. After about 4 days I noticed the screen was raised up and “mushy” on the left side. Tried the trick on XDA where you pop off the back and tighten all the screws. Was fine for 10 minutes, then went right back to where it was before. Returned it day on 14.

  • Havoc70

    Thats awesome, now if they could invest in “Live” customer sales support all would be well

    • They do have live operators. They just can’t give much more information. They need to invest in the Customer Support idea as a whole.

      “Call Google Play device support
      -To talk to a member of the Google Play team, call 855-836-3987. Our support team is available 24/7.”


      • Daniel Clifford

        These guys were awesome for me…very informative.

    • Greyhame

      They need this so badly it’s embarrassing.

    • Cowboydroid

      That’s kinda the point of the pure Google experience. You don’t need support to figure it out or operate the device. It’s simple.

  • Mike

    Came from a Xoom wifi. Just bought my 32GB N7 two weeks ago. one of my best purchases hands down

    • Brent Cooper

      I went from a xoom wifi to a 32 gb nexus 7 too. I love the smaller for factor and the ability to use it with one hand. Definitely a great purchase

      • Mike

        yes, and coming from the xoom… the weight difference.. lol. I can feel my carpal tunnel healing my the minute. at first the 7″ tabs didnt appeal to me but after having a 10″ for so long, and now the N7. I cant say that I’d go back to 10″ to be honest. My brother says the same about his ipad mini after owning an ipad 2 for a while

  • Buy This

    Loving the like new 16GB I picked up, especially diggin the Asus/Google official flip case. The size and portability are perfect. Can anyone comment on the storage slow down for me? I have never gone over more than 9gb of storage and in reality I really only need 6-7GB at most. At one point does this slowdown occur and what are the symptoms/causes? Also I would like to get someone’s opinion on the screen colors. Relative to my G-nex, I would say they look slighty washed out, similar to my old Xoom. Neither of these issues are problems, just observations that I am curious about. Thoughts appreciated.

    • JoshGroff

      They are going to look washed out compared to the oversaturated colors of the G-Nex. Also, the slowdown supposedly hits at under 3GB free space, but I’m well under that limit (barely pass 6GB as I store my music on my phone) so I can’t vouch for that personally.

      • Buy This

        Cool. I’m still very satisfied. The only weird bug I have is when I use the swipe gestures on Nova. I have it set so that swipe up launches the app drawer while swipe down expands the notification tray. Sometimes, especially right after wake/unlock, both do the opposite of what they are assigned (swipe up expands notifications). This is on Eclipse for the N7 if anyone else also has experienced this.

      • Raven

        I have been running my 16Gb N7 at around 2GB for quite some time now and I have never experienced a problem. Traditionally the low space warning issues have started at 10% of the formatted capacity on other Android devices, so for me that would be 10% of 13.2Gb or if I were to get < 1.32GB free.

    • Justin W

      I have about 12 gbs on my n7, and its begun to show some lag. I’m not sure what the causes are though. I plan on wiping it soon anyhow.

    • Greyhame

      I had tablet slow down due to low storage become a horrible issue when the app sales were live. It rendered my beautiful tablet unusable. It was extremely frustrating and marred my experience to the point I felt I had to sell it (why should I sacrifice usability when I reach max storage capacity?). And I loved that device. In fact, still considering ordering a 32 GB N7 because the form factor is fantastic. But be warned, it slows the tablet to a crawl and ruins an otherwise perfect experience. This is an ASUS issue, not a Google issue.

    • nhizzat

      Official flip case? What official clip case?

      Slowdown occurs under 3GB free space and gets really bad once you get under 1GB.

      Screen colors don’t bother me much.

  • What do you know, people don’t need super thin devices made of a solid block of aluminum at ridiculous prices to be happy. All they need is a solid devices with great software at impulse buy prices.

    • EC8CH

      To be honest, the Kindle Fire proved this even before the N7.

      • True, but I feel like the already established Kindle brand helped that one.

  • triangle8

    Hopefully, it means better hardware at great prices continue in the future.

    • Verbal_Judo2

      Read an interesting editorial on this topic.


      the jist is that google and amazon can afford to sell a tablet for baseline prices because they can afford to take the upfront hit because they have an expectation to make it back through services and their app store like google play and amazon app store.

      The article posits that this will have an adverse impact on manufacturer competiion because other companys simply cant compete with this type of pricing model.

      Anyway it was an interesting read. I still love my nexus 7 32 Gig. but it kinda made me think and check my expectations with prices on ther devices.

      • It is an interesting viewpoint, and seems valid – however, I think there’s still going to be room for better products out there at a premium price point. This and the 10 up the bar (in some ways at least), which is a good thing.

      • DaveTea

        I am not a fan of the opinion of that editorial. I gotta side with Mr. Torvalds on this: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+LinusTorvalds/posts/8KBkzumMEc1

  • Bauce40

    Hopefully this means developers will start making more apps designed for tablets. Love my 7, and I can deal with most phone looking apps, but would prefer more tablet ones.

  • Jonathan Barnhart

    Now can we get the official accessories for it?

    • jstew182

      I wish there was a way to up vote someone more than once. I want the pogo dock so I can try and find a way to mount it in the dash of my car.

      • staticx57

        You mean like the Verizon Gnex that never got one pogo accessory short of hacking the GSM ones?

        • Cowboydroid

          Verizon infuriates me to no end. So glad to be dropping them soon.

          • staticx57

            Indeed, if it wasn’t for coverage id be long gone from verizon. Everything is overpriced and under delivered especially when it comes to their phone selection.

      • Jonathan Barnhart

        That is what I want it for! I already have it mounted in my dash, but would LOVE to remove the cable that sticks out making it not a clean install.

    • fixxmyhead

      no there gay and useless and makes it fatter and uglier

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio
      • nhizzat

        Leaked 7/30/12. Release date 8/24/12. It’s now 11/20/12.

        Not a single person in this world has any of those “bad boys” 4 months later. Don’t even bother bringing up that TPU case because it’s not even worth $10.

    • DaveTea

      It seems really odd that they have not released an official dock for it yet…especially when you figure Google could actually make a decent profit on the dock, unlike the N7 itself.

      • michael arazan

        I’m hoping there will be a keyboard dock for the N 10

  • I accounted for one of those, and ill also account to whatever amount of people have send theirs in for repairs. Some how the LCD in mine cracked this weekend so ill be using my warranty to hopefully get it fixed. It really is an awesome device though!!!

  • zepfloyd

    Can they order a supply chain expert while they’re at it please…

    • nhizzat

      It would only make sense to learn from their terrible launch of the Nexus 7. Instead, they run into even more issues by launching 3 devices at the same time.

  • ddevito


  • Greyhame

    Purchased the 16 GB and loved it. Til the slowdown occurred when storage became low, and I eventually sold it. Still considering buying the 32 GB because the size is awesome. Anyone own this and an N10 and willing to comment on which to buy?

    • JoshGroff

      If you like 10″ tablets and want a fantastic screen, get the N10. The only thing that stopped me from buying it was the form factor.

      • Greyhame

        I’ve never owned a 10″ tablet, so I wouldn’t really know. The questions I have are if it’s too big for travel on planes, and if gaming on a slab that big is too awkward to attempt. I would imagine reading would be fine, but also wonder if the 7″ size is more suited to page by page reading of books (for magazines I imagine the N10 would win hands down).

        • Buy This

          If it is thin enough and portable enough in terms of how it feels being held in the hand, weight, etc. then 10″ is comfortable for travel IMO. My xoom was clunky compared to the N10 and I found it to be fine, just a little heavy. I prefer the N7 personally but I would get one to hold in your hand and picture sitting with it in one or two hands for over an hour. Imagine it with some sort of case cause you will probably have one.

        • JoshGroff

          I’ve owned a Touchpad, Xoom, and a N7. While I do miss the screen real estate, I find I get more use out of a 7″ tablet because it fits in my pocket so I can carry it with me all day.

  • Austin00

    Well i helped

  • Butters619

    I’ll account for one of those sales next week.

    • Justin W

      already got one and gifting another.

  • MikeCiggy

    Ordered one for the girlfriend for christmas Excited to play with it. haha

    • SamXp

      Me too! The Kindle Fire HD might be a little better on some specs, but I just love the pure Google Experience on the N7. This thing is a home run.

      • MikeCiggy

        Definitely an awesome device. Only sad thing is them not selling a manufacturer keyboard case. The Nexus program is definitely improving but they are making some huge mistakes at the same time.

        If they sold a native keyboard dock it would sell like hot cakes, and that money they are losing out making by selling the device so cheap can be made back in accessory’s 10 times over.

        • John Zander

          If I were Asus I would _really_ not want to release an official keyboard case for the N7. The profit margin on the Transformer models (especially the TF300) has got to be significantly higher than the Nexus 7. Remember, the internals of the Nexus 7 are almost identical to the TF201/300/700, with the exception of the screen and casing, but they cost at least $200 more.

          • MikeCiggy

            I see where you are coming from, definitely. But Google should either have someone else manufacture it or require Nexus manufacturers to create accessories.

            The only thing an iPhone 5 has that my Gnex doesnt is support from a crap load of accessory makers.

      • The Kindle Fire devices should not be allowed to be called Android tablets at all. If I buy a Porsche and replace everything in it except the frame, is it still a Porsche?

  • Destroythanet

    Google and ASUS did a great job with the 7. Congrats.