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Jelly Bean Update VRBLK1 Leaks for Verizon Galaxy S3, How Close are We?

Last week, an anonymous tipster told us that we could see the official Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update rollout for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 by 11/16. That day has come and gone without word, but a new build of the update showed up on 11/15 and is now available for download. That tipster may have been pretty spot on after all, however, his timing could have been off. For all we know, the new build was simply supposed to be submitted by last Friday, not rollout to devices. And if that’s the case, then hopefully this build turns out to be final, gets approved, and will then be pushed to your devices shortly. Only time will tell.

The build number is VRBLK1. The previous leak was VRBLJ1.

In order to flash this, you’ll need ODIN, an unlocked bootloader, and a handful of other files that can be found at the XDA link below.

Via:  Samsung Updates | XDA

Cheers Dan and ItsASamsung!

  • yo

    Flashed from a bricked phone.

  • Deidre M

    Why dont i have block or dormant mode with this leak?

  • Hans

    Can I get root back after installing this ? NInja’s root tool (via command prompt) doesn’t seem to have permission to install superuser. Please help

  • Deidre M

    I do not have dormant mode my phone. What do i need to do?

  • thomas

    my phone has not been catching the software. I download everything that I am supposed to and transfer the files to my sd card follow all the instructions and nothing…. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

  • David Pfiffner

    I don’t see this being the next official what so ever.. still noticing several OBVIOUS bugs that have been in the past 2 leaks.. might not be a big deal, but I don’t feel like having to click the “okay” and swipe the “tip” to view a missed call as if it is the first time I have used the phone, it should have disappeared after the first time clearing it and hitting okay.

  • Rajiv Dewan

    Does anyone know if this update also makes the Verizon SGS3 a global ready phone, so it can use the Verizon international plans in GSM countries.

    • hkklife

      Yes it does.

  • james

    This build does not have the blocking mode in it.

  • hkklife

    Installed it earlier today. It’s basically the exact same as the 2nd leak but my battery life does seem to be better (still too early to tell as I have been busy and didn’t use it much today) and I no longer have the bad lag with the stock keyboard that was in the previous leak but that was not a major point because I hate the stock keyboard anyway and don’t use it.

    However, they have NOT yet addressed several bugs such as the annoying-as-hell one where the “tips” appear on the lockscreen and continually prompts you to swipe to see new text messsages etc. Camera seems a bit snappier to start up also.
    One more release and I think we’ll be ready for OTA.

    I get 5 bars on LTE upstairs where I previously got 3 bars consistently BUT downstairs away from a window I get 2 bars when I had 3 bars previously. With LK1 I get a few db improvement across the board so I am crossing my fingers that the new radios are helping a bit.

  • ChuckBTN

    Well, I hope that the official OTA hurries up and drops… I still get the “No Sim” error a lot. Yesterday I had 5 bars of 4g LTE signal and the stupid phone wouldn’t make a call or send a text for 10 minutes. I finally send an email to my wife via her [email protected] to get a message to her.

    Love the data aspects of the GS3 but for me the phone/text really sucks.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Ive seen AOKP and CM10 available for the Verizon GS3. But with the boot loader unlocked and all, are there more source built ROM options available for this phone? Preferably one that’s not feature rich, and would be similar to a Bugless Beast or Jelly Belly? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Derek Gelinas

      The bootloader is really, really easy to unlock now.

      There’s also LiquidSmooth for all d2 variants.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I understand the boot loader is easy to unlock. With that said, why aren’t there more bone stock built from AOSP source ROMs for this device? Or am I overlooking something. ?

        • IHaveADollar

          There is a ton of em, AOKP,CM,LiguidSmooth,Codename,Eclipse,SlimBean,Blackbean,Paranoid,ect

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Also what’s d2 ?

        • hkklife

          d2=all Verizon Wireless variants.

    • I would love something exactly like this, but with Samsung’s camera software and gallery app. I simply CANNOT STAND stock android camera software, it’s so bad!

    • AE35

      Scott’s ROM CleanRom Ultra Lite

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I want one that is built from source aosp. Not a de-touchwized (deodexed) ROM.

        • IHaveADollar

          DeOdexed has nothing to do with touchwiz. Its a way to cache apk’s to have faster boot times and is easier on the ram usuage.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            I understand that. However deodexed is not generally a term you see tossed around in regards to bone stock aosp Roms. Yet you almost always see the term used on roms where its simply just an attempt to remove a manufacturer skin. That’s just been my experience. I find it weird that if so many people own this phone, nobody is able to suggest more source built aosp Roms aside from aokp or cm10. Or explain what it inhibiting development on this device.

  • RaptorOO7

    Who knows we could get lucky and have this before EOY in time for the holidays. This way Verizon can refresh is at the mid point until the GS4 arrives next year and the new colors appear.

  • February

  • Rob Rowald

    Just a comment: You do not need an unlocked bootloader just to flash the updated OS. My phone is neither rooted nor unlocked and I installed this build with no issues.

    • YEMan0443

      which source did you download from?

    • crshinn

      Which file did you use to do that, the one from Samsung Updates or the one from XDA?

      • YEMan0443

        I’m trying via the Samsung update site but my wifi to phone is very slow at work. The download failed. I will have to try again from home.

        • Jun Hong

          Wait, from what Samsung website the new build?

        • crshinn

          Did you download and install it last night? If so, how did it go?

    • joe blow

      Flashed as well without ROOT or Unlock. Used ODIN

  • jzwerlz43

    this thing better get jellybean soon cause im getting mine this friday

  • Matt

    Man, I would love to have Google Now on my S3

    • jzwerlz43

      at least for now you have s voice lol

      • DC_Guy

        Ok that was just cruel! LOL

      • kory

        Download Assistant from the market. Great app

    • mike


      Root and download jellywiz by incubus. It’s better than Verizon’s OTA

    • SubMatrix
  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    at work here but have a quick question. Does it have the GSM CDMA and Global options on the network settings?

  • Thomas

    I just got happy in pants. 😉

  • Landon

    I hope pure motive updates his rom with the new leak base!

  • saint_stephen

    Does this mean Verizon might beat AT&T to an official OTA update? Ha.
    Although, I will thank Verizon’s slowness to push updates for being the catalyst to my rooting the Galaxy Nexus earlier this year. Opened up a whole new world for me.

    • Well, Verizon usually takes ~2-3 months to approve an update, while AT&T is around the 4-6 week mark. That being said, it all depends on when Samsung started submitting builds to the carriers.

      • michael arazan

        Once all SG3’s around the world have been updated to 4.1 for a month, then verizon will release it. That seems to be the time frame I’ve been watching for the updates in all the other phones.

  • ddevito


    • How is that? Just because Moto may finally be using their deal with Verizon to their advantage (pushing updates for their DROID devices ahead of those of non-branded device), doesn’t mean Samsung fails. Its been less than 6 months since JB source dropped, which compared to how long it took to get ICS on current-gen devices is still pretty quick, especially on VZW.

      • ddevito

        best phone on Verizon and it doesn’t have the best OS (yet). Not to mention TouchWiz is…let’s just say….different.

        At least Moto is headed down the right path

        • KOBALT

          Moto blows since the X.

          • trixnkix637

            ^ pretty much this

          • EC8CH

            Moto blows since the OG.

          • LiterofCola


        • iamjackspost

          Touchwiz isn’t really all that bad. I find myself switching between AOSP and TW, it’s good variety.

          • LiterofCola

            May sound trivial, but I really want blue icons on my notificaton bar, not white gingerbread ones. It’s the little things

          • iamjackspost

            There’s TW roms where you can theme, you can have any color icons you want. I love AOSP, but the data connection just isn’t as good as stock yet.

        • Xcountry

          “At least Moto is headed down the right path”
          Havnt been around long have ya???

          • MicroNix

            Without Sanjay Moto now has a chance. After Google ripped him out (very smart move) and started patching all the leaks in the sinking ship, I think things will improve. I will still not be convinced though until I see the level of support and PRIDE that was put into the OG Droid before I’m convinced. Things like the Bionic and the D3 left a bad taste that just won’t go away any time soon.

        • MicroNix

          TouchWiz > Blur — ANY day

          • KOBALT

            I don’t even have that I know its better. I’m stoked for my Note II

  • TheWenger

    By the end of the year.