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16GB Nexus 10 Back in Stock on Google Play, Better Hurry Though

Potential Nexus 10 buyers, you better hurry. A batch of the 16GB models just went live on Google Play. There are still no 32GB versions and who knows when they’ll be coming back.

I guess this calls for a shout out to Google for making some hardware that people actually want. This is exciting.

Play Link ($399.99)

Cheers Alan and Barski!

  • Astronaut_79

    YEEEESSSSSS!!! Ordered mine a 1/2 hour ago! Probably won’t come until Monday but it sure beats hitting Wal-Mart up every day!

  • trevor

    hows this compare spec wise to the note 10.1

  • The 16Gig never sold out, just the 32Gig.

  • LTE4G

    Picking mine up Mon Morning 🙂 32GB’s that is…

  • I took advantage of the “restocking” and purchased myself one. Can’t wait to receive this fine piece of “innovation”

    • angermeans

      I want to love the Nexus 10 and the specs are impressive, but I just cant get over how ugly the damn thing is. Also I dont want a tablet that is completely useless in portrait orientation especially after owning the new iPad and now Nexus 7. Not only that, but I’m no longer excited for Android tablets as the apps are just no where to be found. I hope the Nexus line changes that I really do, but for now I’ve been burned on the Xoom, Prime, and now Nexus 7 (although it really is a better Android tablet than all the others). You will have to let me know how it goes as like I said I want to like this device and I bet the display is awesome.

      • lolrelax

        Burn me thrice, shame on @angermeans:disqus

      • NexusMan

        I’m curious…exactly what apps are you dying to use on an Android Tablet that are not currently available to you in an optimized form?

  • I just got mine today. Very happy so far. Very fast and brilliant screen.

  • Simon Backman

    I don’t understand how so many people had such difficulties ordering this tablet? I put one in my cart, clicked buy, then I just played the waiting game; it was sitting outside my door when I got home from work today. The shipping was also around 2,000 miles. I wonder if it has anything to do with being signed into your Google account while ordering? In any case, this tablet blows both my TF300 and Acer a700 in terms of snappiness, screen, and build quality. Needless to say I am very pleased with it!

  • Yoderz

    Sure are a lot of whiners in this thread right now. Suck it up.

  • SterlingPhoenix

    I’m still waiting for my 32GB one. Ordered it right after it went on sale, my credit card got charged the next day, and no shipment notification or tracking number from Google. Their autoreply says it “probably” shipped, but no human response yet. Grrrr. I could’ve waited and picked one up at walmart faster than this.

  • adam

    What’s better for gaming, this or nexus 7? Better graphics?

    • angermeans

      This wil by far have better graphics especially over the very overrated Tegra 3. Not only that, but my Nexus 7 display is awful. It has nice pixel density, but it is really bad and ghosts all the time. Plus the color reproduction is vert poor. Dont get me wrong it is nice for the price and I love reading on it as it is the perfect size, but I just haven’t fallen in love with it if you know what I mean. It is a better size for gaming though at least in my opinion as it is easier to hold.

  • david

    Haha never order anything from the Google play store. The whole process is a joke.

  • evltwn


    The N7 32gb WiFi + 3G device is back in stock too…for now. 🙂

  • Saw it go back up early this afternoon and placed an order. Hoping it gets here sometime next week.

  • I thought it never went out of stock

  • PFT…the 32GB one I ordered still hasn’t shipped and I just called and they told me it would NOW be shipping the middle of next week, and to be honest I am TOTALLY sick of Google and their BS on this release and asked the operator to cancel my order to which she replied it was still processing and couldn’t be cancelled till sometime NEXT WEEK!! I am HATING Google this week. They dropped the ball BIG TIME

    • Pedro

      Why do I have to wait a week?

    • SterlingPhoenix

      Same deal here – has your credit card been charged? Mine HAS. They specifically say that they don’t charge until it ships, but I’ve got no shipment notification, and no human response from Google.

      • yes it was charged moments after I ordered it (after fighting over and over for the order to go through and getting an E-Mail then saying the order couldn’t be processed even though they already took my money out). I finally received a confirmation E-Mail after that. And every E-Mail I send them sends an automated reply back

        • SterlingPhoenix

          That’s weird – it specifically says you won’t get charged until it ships… something a bit fishy here if you ask me.

          • yeah I know…I called and spoke to a LIVE operator (shocked I got a live person, I half expected the voice from Google Now to answer). She was like, due to the OVERWHELMING response we have received we are having a little trouble shipping all of these orders out on time and your order will ship by the middle of next week. And I said, OH, well just cancel it then, you guys REALLY messed this up. And she was like, OH, I’m sorry, your order is processing and can’t be cancelled now, but if you call back NEXT WEEK sometime we can try and cancel it again. UNBELIEVEABLE

  • My brain read 16gb Nexus 4 and I didn’t even finish reading the title. I went directly to the page to see if any were left in stock. I hate this iPhone soooo much. I need a Nexus phone Google!

    • itznfb

      Why bother. Those of us that ordered in the first 5 minutes still won’t see our for weeks. They keep changing the order date on mine. It now says I ordered on the 17th….

  • Teng Taing

    still waiting for the 32GB one to go back in stock. Went to my local walmart and i did see a price tage for the 32GB but when i asked the employee they said they hadnt received them yet.

  • Who wants the 16 anyway…should have made them in 32 and 64

    • billy routh

      Uh maybe people that want a 400$ tablet. I swear you people are idiots.

      • socalrailroader

        It takes one to know one.

      • jeesung

        and i suppose +16GB costs $100 too? 🙂

    • michael arazan

      This must be the first samsung device not to have expandable memory with an sd slot, so I’m guessing if Moto has a nexus device they won’t have expandable memory either.
      Was going to get my mother a tablet but I don’t think she’ll understand how to store and retrieve media from the cloud.

      • digitalicecream

        Give her the benefit of the doubt. PIcasa is integrated, google+ autouploads pics and videos, Box lets you preview stuff without even having apps like office and Adobe installed, Play Music lets you enjoy your tracks anywhere, Spotify is cloud based, as is Pandora. Movies, the list goes on and on. Worst/best case scenario you’ll spend some quality time with mom answering some questions about it and be her hero yet again.

      • itznfb

        The original Galaxy Tab series did not have expandable memory.

  • jldleo

    I agree Tim this is getting exciting. People are genuinely geeked about Nexus products..An easy prediction for 2013 is that all Nexus products will be the “Nexus best thing”.

    • hkklife

      They REALLY need to improve their B&M representation for the Nexus devices. Somewhere like Target or Costco would be ideal to showcase the Nexi line and explain all of the benefits and that its not just a cheap “iPad clone”. Costco or Office Depot would be really ideal since they no longer carry Apple products.

  • ice456789

    Hey Google, how about you ship the ones that were already ordered first! My order (12:09 PM EST 11/13) still hasn’t even shipped.

    • Jonathan

      No kidding!!! Mine from 12:03 EST hasn’t shipped either. If I could punch someone at Google through my computer screen, I would soooo do it right now.

    • Steve Thornton

      i got mine at 10am this morning. Mine was ordered at 9:04am PST 11/13

      • Dillon Brown

        I got my shipping confirmation two days ago. It says it is out for delivery today and Its 6: 40 and still haven’t gotten it. 🙁

    • DroidJ

      No kidding. My order conf says 12:02, “Shipping Estimate: November 15” and I’m still waiting on a shipping confirmation.

    • angermeans

      sounds just like what all of us experienced with the Nexus 7 launch. I cant believe they dropped the ball again. There is no rhyme or reason as to why some peoples ship and others that ordered a mere minutes after availability wait almost a week later to even here of a date.