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Beautiful Widgets 5.0 on the Way, Here is a Sneak Peek

This morning, the developers of Beautiful Widgets, one of the oldest and most popular widget apps on Android, released a preview of their upcoming major 5.0 update. The application has been completely re-written, which shows as it sports the ultra-clean holo theme look that was introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich. Based on the pictures they have released, it looks fantastic. Not only will the look of the app be changed, but many of the features are being redone to allow for easier themeing and applying of widgets. 

As for a time frame, the release will take place in just a “few weeks.” I haven’t used BW in quite some time, but this update will certainly get me back into using it.

What do you think?

Via:  Level Up Studio

  • blackcatroad

    Hopefully, they’ve managed to bring more weather providers on board. Having only Accuweather sucks. I mean “Clouds and Sun” ? Seriously? LOL

  • roberthenderson

    Looks nice

  • I’ve been using BW for a while. I’m glad to see some of these new enhancements. Even with some of the user-created skins, it was becoming a bit dated.

  • brando56894

    I have both beautiful and HD widgets but I’ve always used beautiful widgets for some reason.

  • Cleaner

  • enob

    Were these the ones that were a dime a bit back? Kind of regretting I didn’t buy them.

  • John Huie

    and the best thing about beautiful widgets was the fact that there were so many user created skins!

  • John Huie

    beautiful widgets used to be my Go To Widget of choice. Now, others have stepped up. I can’t wait to see what they do!

  • Mark Mann

    i used bw from the OG droid until the atrix hd widget got ported to other devices…switched, and went through the hassle of getting that to work…never looked back

  • kindrudekid

    problem is the home screen widgets are kinda ok on BW, but as u enter the weather forecast , it gets buitful and then again here lies to problem i dont ever open the weather to see the complete forecast! so its useless… HD widgets are nice slick and perfect, only if HD widgets had an option to hide the High res textures icon from the app drawer it would be awesome!

  • I’ve been using Sense Analog Clock Widgets for several months, and it’s been my favorite. I get everything I need: weather info, system ino, etc… and it’s free!

  • Mark

    Got HD widgets on sale after its big rewrite… but already had so many BW tweaks that I’m still using it. This will be interesting, and it’s about time for the refresh.

  • I never understood why they have that huge time/weather widget. The time is always in the notification bar! I just wanted a huge weather widget, without the time on it. luckily I found an app called Weatherlove, with a huge weather widget.

  • Very cool. This was one of my first Android purchases a few years ago, and I still use it daily. Looking forward to the refresh!

  • Honestly the best looking weather widget I’ve ever used has been the Samsung Touchwhiz weather widget. It really is nice looking

    • AndroidUser00110001

      I agree but I really do like Moto’s round clock widget too. Hopefully we get a KIRF of the round clock widget with update

    • Personally, I don’t like the look of it, but there’s a BW skin based off the Touchwiz widget.

    • zUFC

      Really?? I hate it. a square block that takes up almost half of the screen. I didn’t like it at all.

  • Tom Z

    I may re-install this after the update. Hopefully they are also working on new Live Wallpaper!

  • Love this app but seriously need to have more options to look like. Other than a modified version of the sense widget.

  • About time I switched to HD Widgets but Im all for going back both apps are pretty awesome

  • Sqube

    I purchased Beautiful Widgets many a moon ago. It’ll be really cool to have a reason to reinstall it and use it.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I used to use this, then HD widgets got a huge update and I have switched to that, let’s see if this changes my mind. What’s awesome is that I got both this and HD widgets for 9c each last year xD.

  • William_Morris

    The one on the right looks sleek.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    Just in time, i was looking for a new widgets app yesterday

  • pudders

    I found BW to be buggy but beautiful. I kept having issues that I thought was related to this app so I uninstalled it some time back. I may give the new version a try. But I am not sure. Other than the menus I am not sure it looks different enough to give it another try. Wish they offered more styles. I like the clock/weather widget on the new Razr M. Something like that from BW might bring me back.

    • JoshGroff

      One More Clock Widget has that clock.

      • pudders

        Rings Digital Weather Clock offers launcher options which I like. One More Clock Widget does look better but without the launcher it just isn’t as much fun. Thanks for telling me about it. I like trying new stuff.

  • This looks awesome! i hope the widgets can scale beyond 4×4, i need some big widgets to fill the screen on my new nexus 10!

  • I feel like a more flexible skinning platform is what is needed.

    I don’t really care if the settings setup (that I’ll use less than 1% over the life of the app) is redone with holo.

    I want the widgets themselves to look modern.

  • Might be cool for the upcoming 4.2 lockscreen widgets.

  • QQpayne

    I think these will probably look decent on a 1080p display.

  • Guest

    Long overdue.

    • Mordecaidrake

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Very true…I stopped using BW when HD widgets came out.
      This update looks promising though I’ll definitely give it a whirl!

    • palomosan

      My first paid app.

  • Bionic

    i use HD widgets, but this looks nice and ill check it out

    • Worm

      HD Widgets > Fancy Widget > Beautiful Widget. Hope this update brings BW back to relevance

      • Kurtis Tamez

        I have purchased both and have been using HD as well. The new look might be worth a shot of going back.

      • michael arazan

        I’ve been using HD widgets but it stopped working for a few weeks.

  • Edimonk

    Nice, this looks good, I think I’ll switch back when the update comes around.

  • burntcookie90

    Might be a reason to go back, lets see how it ends up!

  • mustbepbs

    Looks…the same. Their widgets are just so bland and uninspired. I can’t even give them minimalistic like Eye In The Sky. I just can’t stand BW.

    • Matt


    • Uninspired? But all other clock widgets took their inspiration from BW! 😛 Don’t quote me on that, but this app has been around forever. I think they aren’t going for a complete change, just some subtle things that will make the overall app look better and perform better.

      I just spent way too much energy on that comment.

      Have a good day, sir.

      • It’s started out by trying to copy the sense widget. They didn’t invent or create it. Just copied it. Not that it’s a bad thing at all. Back in the day this was amazing. However its very tired and old now. I don’t even like the sense widget anymore

      • mustbepbs

        Spent way too much energy responding to your loyal readers?! I am offended! Oh and it is uninspired. They ripped off the Sense clock six ways to Sunday.

        • Don’t get butthurt, dude.

          • mustbepbs

            Apparently you’ve got your butthurt detector fused with your sarcasm detector. Simple mistake.

          • Trollololol

        • Sorry if I offended. You know I would do anything for the readers! 😛

          • 1bad69z28

            Tim A Tato are you stiring up trouble again LOL 🙂 Wow, BW has been around since my OG days when this site first jumped into Android world feet first.

            BW set the standard and I remember the cease & decest order from HTC back then. The Android community was up in arms about that an fully backed BW. As for uninspired, everyone has their own opinion but this is a great dev thats been around and still kicking.

            Tim maybe we should do a Q&A with the BW dev that would be cool 🙂

            Just my two cents lol 🙂

          • Not a bad idea! I’ll look into that!

          • 1bad69z28

            Cool 🙂