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Verizon Approves Jelly Bean Update 98.12.4 for DROID RAZR M, Starts Rolling Out Today

This morning, we mentioned that the DROID RAZR M soak test had begun through Motorola and that it was indeed Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). Moments ago, Verizon also approved the update as build 98.12.4, which means it should start rolling out to all RAZR M owners over the next week or so. In fact, Verizon says it will start rolling out today, “in phases.” Typically when we see these support docs go live, the update arrives in no time.

The update includes all of the goodies we have come to expect from Jelly Bean. You get advanced notifications, Google Now, better Voice Search, a smarter keyboard, easier-to-manage widgets, and a performance boost from Project Butter. Motorola also upgraded the camera software to make it much quicker, improved voice and data connectivity, and sped up GPS signal detection and Mobile Hotspot. Verizon tossed in their Remote Diagnostics Tool, a new VZ Navigator app, removed Color, brought in support for Isis Mobile Wallet, and strengthened Bluetooth connectivity.

As you can see, it’s a major update.¬†The update is 254MB in size.

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  • And a mid tier phone like the M gets JB before the flagship S3. Verizon fucked us again.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    What would have been more awesome is if they included “got rid of useless vzw apps app” in this update

  • Yeah…HTC is dead to me at this point.

    • coolsilver

      Same. I need to buy a new phone…. maybe if I didn’t need to pay full price so I am not dicked over by Verizon I would

  • Hatyrei

    And my HTC Incredible 2 is still running Gingerbread . What’s up with Verizon…. I feel like being on a second rate Network provider; when it comes to OTA updates and new phones.

    • Zach Armstrong

      Same thing here its November and not a word from HTC or Verizon about the update.

  • Ben

    Downloading the update right now!

  • Pegleg

    Why do they roll it out before a soak test is completed? They did that with the last update to the Droid X and the soak test showed multiple issues with the update that never got fixed!

    • Daniel Maginnis

      i was thinking the same thing. i just installed the soak test this morning. maybe “in phases” includes the soak test. in my email it did say it is almost certain that this is the final release. it’s just to test if the update goes thru without a hitch.

  • wait a minute.. I’ve never been stock always a custom Rom. hasn’tthe G-nex not even gotten official jb update from vzw yet and the rarz m does. Wow. I could be wrong tho

    • Ravi Rao

      No, I’m stock JB on my G-Nex right now. It was released via OTA in September, I believe

  • MotoRulz

    Not impressed at all at how fast this was done.. This phone should have been released with JB

    • Disagree. Motorola could have been in transition with Google when this phone was becoming a reality. Totally possible they delayed it because they knew Google was going to take over and who better to implement Jelly Bean than the people who made it.

      • MotoRulz

        I would have to say that is probable. I don’t buy it, but its probable…

  • stevethepirate

    So it is getting ISIS support but no Google Wallet? WTF!

    • Daniel Maginnis

      aww, weak… i didnt read that in my first scan. i was really counting on google wallet, but know that’s dead now. honestly, i use my card at the bar and restaurants more than i buy stuff. so the physical card is better for me. it’ll be nice to pick what rewards i reap from any of my credit cards, on the fly without having to carry all of them. just my ATM and google wallet at that point.

  • MikeCiggy

    impressed with the speed of this update, hopefully something we can continue to look forward towards

  • chitman17

    Wow Really!!…Before the S3, come on Verizon!

  • descendency

    Just in time for Android 4.2 to be released…

  • socrates_johnson

    My wife really likes the stock Android on my gnex, but wants a smaller phone. She looked at a Razr M, but wasn’t crazy about the Moto ICS. With this update should she pull the trigger now? (And [hopefully] maybe use some cm10 someday)

    • I really like the Razr M. With Jelly Bean, it’s obviously even better. Camera not great, but better than the Galaxy Nexus camera. Battery life is very good.

      • Dan Churco

        I agree, I switch to the M on the weekends or when I don’t need a large screen phone. The battery life is very reliable. With the S3, it is good, but randomly goes to major battery use mode, and dies in a couple hours for me. Ok when I’m at work or home, but when out, the M comes with.

      • Tyler

        I tried the Razr M in the store. I bought the HD MAXX but the Razr M looked great and felt great in the hand. If I hadn’t been scared off by reception issues and battery life was less of a priority, I would have got the M instead.

    • Tim Schall

      I came from a G-Nex and I have to say that I absolutely love the Razr M. Really no complaints and the size is perfect. It’s the best Android phone I’ve ever owned. Don’t get me wrong…tinkering with my G-Nex was a blast and I loved the amazing dev community. I simply grew tired of constant flashing etc and wanted something more pocket-able.

      • socrates_johnson

        Cool, thanks a lot for the input guys. My wife will be happy to move on from the Droid2.

      • Tim Schall

        …and as I type this I just got the update notification. I just restored to ICS from the leak the other day to hop on the soak.

  • maxxdesire

    hallelujah. hopefully that means the razr hd maxx jb update is closer

    • Tyler

      Just got my HD MAXX two days ago and loving it. Did not expect that official JB would come so soon…

  • vmgoo

    Either Verizon is starting to get on top of things or hell just froze over… and I’m strongly thinking it’s the latter over the former.

    • JetBlue

      Seems more like the world is coming to an end since a youtuber I’ve been subscribed too for the past 2 years showed his face yesterday for the first time.

      • Who was that?

        • JetBlue

          Chris Smoove he’s a gamer who plays games like AC3, Need For Speed, Nba 2k, and COD and is pretty good at commentating. But he showed his face since he played against Tony Parker in NFS.

    • LiterofCola

      Even I’m speechless as well.

    • rals

      You have to understand that this is a joint venture with Motorola, both these companies have a lot at stake with the Droid line, and their going to promote it harder and approve updates faster than there other line of phones.

      • vmgoo

        Very true. I hadn’t thought if it that way. Being that Verizon is as bad as it as at approving updates even relatively soon, I didn’t imagine they’d express that kind of commitment to their Droid line even if is the next staple of the company following the iPhone. I guess you can say that my hopes were sort of shot down on several levels after Verizon essentially butchered part of what it meant to be a Nexus device.

        • rals

          Yeah, I can’t imagine Verizon was the least bit upset that they didn’t get the Nexus 4.

          • vmgoo

            I personally find it so unfortunate though. I currently own the Galaxy Nexus, my first Nexus phone, and although it’s flawed in some regards, I’ve found that my overall experience with the phone has been amazing. I’ve never been so impressed with a phone before. My prior phone was a Droid X which personally didn’t really leave me with an Android experience decent enough to want to go through another Android device until I decided to skip the iPhone and go with the Nexus. Had Verizon gotten the Nexus 4, I would have gladly paid full retail price to get my hands on it. I think that if Verizon had come to some sort of definitive agreement with Google regarding how they would treat present and future Nexus devices and actually committed to those agreements, the Nexus line of phones would be extremely popular. Such a shame.

      • WalkerNA

        You say that, and then I look at my Droid Charge and think otherwise

        • moew

          I bought a charge with an upgrade last year, I’ve been through a lot of these devices since then. Quick updates to market are key here, and I think for the first time someone is listening for the “current” phones.

          Don’t leave everyone behind in the VZW approval process!

        • coolsilver

          Motorola not Samsung.

      • George264

        Okay, so if they care so much about the Droid line… DROID DNA…. 4.2 within 2-3 months? :O

    • coolsilver

      Not with my HTC Thunderbolt. I think Moto has been getting updates done Verizon doesn’t have to fix up. HTC is still disappoint.

      • Zach Armstrong

        Same thing with Incredible 2 its November and still no update.

  • JetBlue

    So what did Motorola do to Verizon to make them accept the build so fast compared to say the S3?


      A phone with millions of users gets no love, and a phone I have never seen on the street gets Jelly Bean first…SMH

    • Blur now being so close to AOSP makes it easier to update.

      • Diablo81588


    • Easy. Google owns Motorola Mobility. Nuff said.

    • JSW25

      The JB update was already in the approval stage when the phone was released. Motorola just decided to release the phone before Verizon finished their testing. The update did not go any faster, it was already in process.

      Luke, being close to AOSP has no advantage in Verizon’s approvals.
      tony, hasn’t Verizon already shown (GNEX) that Google can’t make them release anything faster?