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Expendable Rearmed Hits Google Play, Fast-Paced Arcade Shooter With Tegra Graphics

If you’re already over the excitement of Angry Birds Star Wars, then maybe you’re more into shoot-em-ups? This morning, Expendable Rearmed landed on Google Play and you only have one directive – annihilation. Well, there’s a couple more objectives, but let’s face it, we just want to destroy stuff. You run around huge open maps with an insane amount of weapons and ammo, blowing away countless alien hordes. 

The game features a real arcade feel, complete with arcade soundtrack and 3D graphics. Check the trailer below and see if you’re ready to spend the full $3 for it.

Play Link ($2.99)

  • Daistaar

    Really reminds me of Contra… In a very good way…

    • michael arazan

      lol, i was thinking the same thing, 3d contra. I wonder if the code works too, up down up down left right left right B A

      • Downvote for wrong code. If you are 25 or older, shame on you.

      • Daistaar

        Ahhh the Konami code LOL… I still use it to this day. My LG TV has Netflix built in and you have to do a variation of the Konami code code to access the admin menu. Works on PS3 as well… (U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,U,U,U,U for netflix… B,A, Select Start for everything else) LOL!

  • Mike Scaduto

    Loved this game on the Dreamcast. Used to play the co-op all the time. Definitely wasn’t as fun alone but I can’t wait to play it again.

  • sma921

    If this is the same Expendable that I wasted many hours on back in the Dreamcast days, then I’m in!

  • EvanTheGamer

    The graphics could be improved, but the gameplay looks solid. Wish there was a trial version.

  • god dang it, do you want me to do nothing during work and at home after work today? Between this and Angry Birds Star Wars i now have to hide all these $2.99 purchases from my wife!

    Except the angry birds one maybe.. she’ll like that.

    • niuguy

      LOL Right, I use my CC which she can’t see.

      • Scott Souder

        Yikes. Having to hide $3 purchases from the wife sounds scary, lol.

        • niuguy

          Its not at all that we can’t afford it or that I wouldn’t be allowed to buy it…its just avoiding the questions. 🙂

          • Scott Souder

            Yeah, that’s what I meant, lol. I like keeping separate bank accounts for this exact reason 😛 Though there are definite benefits of sharing, of course.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Buy a Play Store Gift Card…and your wife will never find out!

  • JoshGroff

    Dual analog stick controls like dead ops?