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Ultimate Cruzerlite Case Contest – Over 30 Cases for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and RAZR HD Up for Grabs (Update: Winners Picked)

The folks over at Cruzerlite have always been generous in handing out free swag to the Android community. Once their original Androidified cases went viral for the Galaxy Nexus, they have managed to grow into a fully blown case company that supports more devices than I can even keep track of. Their custom made TPU cases for a variety of devices add a bit of flair where other accessory makers tend to play it safe. From graphic-laden cases with ROM developer roots to their ultra-protective Spi-Force designs, anyone looking for a case will have no trouble finding something of Cruzerlite’s that is appealing and affordable.

As a reminder, all of their products can be found on Amazon, along with a “buy 2 cases get 1 free” promo. All you have to do is use the coupon code “BUY2GONE” at checkout to get the deal. Also, Cruzerlite has their own site, which features Android-inspired t-shirts, plushies, beanies, and other goodies.

But before you go shopping for cases, how would you like to win one? We have over 30 cases to hand out – some for the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, RAZR HD, and Nexus 7. It’s a case blowout, that’s for sure. Ready to win? 


Update: We have picked our huge list of winners and they have all been emailed. Check your spam folders too! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Prizes:  We have the following cases for you to win –

  • 6 (six) Nexus 7 TPU cases
  • 3 (three) RAZR HD TPU cases
  • 3 (three) Galaxy Nexus TPU cases
  • 5 (five) Galaxy S3 Spi-Force cases
  • 18 (eighteen) Galaxy S3 TPU cases

How to enter:

1.  First, tell us which type of case you would like (specify device too).
2.  Second, tell us which of these Cruzerlite plushies (Amazon link) you like the best.

*Since we have so many cases, we are handing them out by type rather than specific design. So when you win, it’ll be a mystery when you open the package. Some have graphics amd some are Androidified in a variety of colors.


Tomorrow at noon, we will select the 35 winners. Three of the winners will also win Android plushies as a bonus.

Good luck! And thanks again to Cruzerlite for hosting the contest!

  • AndrewBuell

    The Galaxy Nexus and the Ninja Android plushy because i’m a gmail ninja

  • Arimas Artadi

    Galaxy Nexus case. I like Andy Man Plushie 😀

  • 1. Galaxy Nexus case
    2. My Galaxy Nexus sucks battery like a vampire, so I pick Vampire Plushie.

  • Kreeztopher

    Galaxy Nexus TPU case >

    I like the Jellybean Plushie because when I wake up next Tuesday, I want to see my adorable little green plushie on my night stand. I’d turn to it every morning and give it a hug, maybe even a kiss, and it’d remind me of the day I commented on this post and won a tricked out Cruzerlite case for my Galaxy Nexus. Also, the Nexus does have the Jellybean update.. just saying. No pun intended. I’d like my case to be Androidified, please and thank you (:

  • Frayed Sanity

    Galaxy Nexus Case
    The Andy Caveman is my favorite. He stands out from the rest of the pack.

  • Chris

    Galaxy S3 TPU Case.

    Blue Andy!

  • Galaxy Nexus GSM – The RootzWiki One looks Sweeeeeet.

  • Nexus 7 Case
    Blue Andy is my favorite! 😀

  • Galaxy Nexus TPU case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the Andy Plushie that looks like Green Lantern.. because who doesn’t love Green Lantern?

  • Kevin T

    Galaxy s3 tpu case
    Ninja Andy is my favorite!

  • I_rod831

    Galaxy S3 Spi-Force case … the green lantern 1 is dope. so is the MVP !

  • I really need a nexus 7 case before my baby gets scuffed up, because I aint no holla back girl! Superman plushie fo shoo

  • R M

    Nexus 7…
    The O.G. Andy Man Plushie!!

  • ladyrin

    Galaxy SIII TPU case =D

  • Ice

    Nexus 7 and it is a tough choice between vampire and ninja but since i have to make a choice i will choose the Ninja =)

  • Sabinog3

    One Galaxy S3 TPU case and one Jelly Bean plushie, please!!!

  • thesailingboss

    VZW Nexus! I love all of them! The ICS Plushie is the best

  • droidmike

    Hello all, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, would like a TPU case and the pirate plush are my favorite.

  • NoleLilley

    Galaxy Nexus! I love Pirate Andy!

  • Nexus 7 case! and the blue Andy!

  • Future8

    Nexus 7 please…. I like the Ice Cream Sandwich the best.

  • Wesley Krasko

    Galaxy Nexus case, definitely the Ninja Plushie, because, well, android is ninja!

  • Adam

    Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7

    I think Andy Man just may be my favorite!

  • Drew Clouse

    Galaxy Nexus my ninja!

  • BigLa

    I would love a Nexus 7 case to replace the random leather case my Dad cut holes in to fit the Nexus I bought him. I cringe every time I see it. And I’d go for the ICS plushie.

  • Galaxy Nexus
    Blue Plushie. CM all the way; let’s go, gentlemen.

  • Josh

    I need a galaxy nexus case, and I’m a fan of the andy plushie!

  • Helen Read

    Nexus 7 case. (But I’d be happy with one for my Galaxy Nexus too!)

    Red Andy Man Plushie (or the Blue Plushie)

  • 1traveler2go

    Samsung S3

    I really like and could use the SPi-Force for when I get my new glass…..since I cracked the glass with a 6″ drop on the table…..after having it for 2 stinkin weeks!

    • 1traveler2go

      black/black would be great too!

  • I would love a new case for a nexus 7, and the pillow is the best

  • Bartek85

    Galaxy S3 Spi-Force case. I like the Blue Plushie

  • Fletcher

    Nexus 7 Case! Sucker for the Ninja

  • galaxy nexus case, dealer’s choice!

  • Damian

    I would love a Nexus 7 case!

    And I am digging the Andy Man plush!

  • Galaxy Nexus! the ICS plushie is da bomb!

  • Galaxy Nexus and my 7 year old loves the Ninja!!

  • Vtec 21

    1. GS3 Case (My GS3 is bare and unprotected)

    2. Sully Plushy looks bad ass. Ready to kick some iPhone tail.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – Galaxy S3 TPU cases please …. Blue Plushie thank you

  • Mack

    Galaxy Nexus case

    RootzWiki plushie!!

  • Dwayne Cunningham

    The nexus 7 case and I like vampire andy

  • Nexus 7 case with the Ninja plushie

  • MJBigDeal

    nexus 7
    blue andy

  • Nexus 7 and the Andy man one is the tits

  • Nexus 7 and Ninja is my favorite

  • Bionic

    Nexus 7,I like them all

  • Cody Fred

    I’ll make this simple 1) Anything for the S3 2) Any

  • 1. Nexus7 TPU!
    2. Andy Man Plushie, because my mother-in-law calls me “Andyman”!

  • Galaxy S3 TPU case. Ninja Andy please!

  • RAZR HD TPU case

    Ninja Andy is the best. so much swag

  • 1. Galaxy S3 Spi-Force case.
    2. Andy Man Plushie