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ASUS Transformer Pad Receives Minor Update to, Still Android 4.1.1

If you’re the owner of the Transformer Pad from ASUS, go check to see if you have an update. It’s nothing major, but it’s a minor bump in Jelly Bean and is still Android version 4.1.1. According to some users already on the update, which has been live for the past couple of days, the tablet seems to boot much faster, the WiFi connects much quicker when coming out of sleep, and overall performance has improved. Can’t argue with that.

So, go check to see if you got it already.

Cheers Jason!

  • Brian

    How can I check to see if I have an update?

  • danyal

    The update seems to have increased speed on my tablet. Tf201 now lags as compared to tf300 as i have both. Here is hoping to be updated to 4.2 and better memory management. I hope to see more freed up ram in next update…

  • John

    My Infinity TF700 also updated yesterday. Don’t notice any difference yet.

  • how is the I/O problem after this update? it was the main reason i switched to a N7 (and the fact that its a nexus)
    before, if i was downloading an app or something like that, the tablet was pretty much un-usable. has this been fixed.?

  • starscream

    Looks like my infinity got an update too…

  • Looks like they added a Screen Saver mode something similar to 4.2


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  • Allen Byrd

    Update the Infinity, too. 😮

  • Raven

    Obligatory I wish they would release an update for the original Transformer TF101. I am not even asking for JellyBean. I would be more than happy with a stable ICS. But, I still have a multitude of apps that randomly crash from the ubiquitous Gmail to a variety of games. It is pretty much useless for anything with good 3D graphics right now. These are all games and apps that worked perfectly on HoneyComb 3.0, but ever since going to ICS they have been flaky as can be. I still use it regularly for web browsing, watching movies, and word processing with the awesome keyboard dock, but playing any decent games on it has been almost out of the question since ICS.

  • OreoMan

    I’m loving this tablet. I can’t put it down not that I’m destroying everyone within Shadowgun: DeadZone!!! :/

  • Russell Sprague

    maybe they fixed the rebooting issue

    • Alex Schechter

      You had that too?

  • sirmeili

    I wish they would have updated the original transformer to JB 🙁

    • Lucky Armpit

      I was going to ask the same thing. The “Transformer Pad” in this article is not the TF101, correct? I’ve got a TF101 and would love JB. That’s my only real complaint when it comes to Android. It seems that the only way to get the latest version of the OS is to either install a custom ROM or buy new hardware. My TF101 is barely a year old and while I’m loving ICS, I sure would like JB. Same goes for my Razr Maxx.

      • p0k3y

        No, this is TF300

    • Tom Ball

      Really no reason the TF101couldn’t support JB. TBH I’m surprised Asus hasn’t updated it…

    • I’ve owned on of these for a bit over a month and have a custom jelly bean on it. Wish they’d roll out a stock version — the tf101 is an awesome tablet and needs its jelly bean! And for anyone from Asus… someday I will upgrade my hardware. If I get the sense that Asus isn’t reliable when it comes to updating android for tablets only a little over a year old, I’m unlikely to buy again from Asus. On the OTHER hand…. do right by me right now and I’ll return the favor later! 😉

  • Alex Schechter

    I noticed a performance increase hopefully we see 4.2 soon

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    • JoshGroff

      There’s not much important happening that hasn’t already been discussed.

      Would you prefer a bunch of random app reviews?

    • baldypal

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    • DiamondDave

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