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Clock App and Newest Build of Android 4.2 Keyboard Made Available for Flashing

If you’ve been trying as hard as me to make your phone look and feel as close to Android 4.2 as possible, then you’ve come to the right spot. Thanks to the hard work of gnufabio, we have the latest files pulled from the 4.2 system dump of the Nexus 4, and have installable Clock and Keyboard applications. We posted an earlier build of the keyboard, but this one is much faster and looks like the one that Hugo showed off on Monday. 

As for the clock app, you can see that the homescreen widget has been re-done, again, and there’s a new look to the timer, stopwatch, which works great. To install, you will need to be rooted and have a custom recovery installed. If you meet those requirements, then go for it! No wipe required, just flash away.

Note: These should work on multiple devices, but I can only confirm that it works on the Galaxy Nexus. If you experiment, let us know how it goes down below.


Via: gnufabio

Cheers Tjhrulz!

  • kselby

    I flashed the clock through recovery manually, but it will not show up in my app list. Anyone know why?

  • xenothaulus

    Ugliest. Clock. Ever. What was wrong with 4.1 clock?

  • goodbyebb

    If I extract these from the zip, can I just move them to /system/app and install from there? I’m running a RAZR HD xt926 and don’t have a custom recovery yet.

  • Daniel

    weirdest thing about this vs. swype, besides symbols: there’s an extra, empty, blank, black space below this keyboard between the space bar and the bottom of my screen before the capacitive buttons. I wonder if this is on purpose to move the space bar up slightly from the home button when there are on-screen keys in JB.

  • panicswhenubered

    Two things regarding the 4.2 keyboard in comparison to SWYPE; first, the 4.2 keyboard feels faster and more responsive than SWYPE. Second, I really miss the ability to tap on a word you’ve already typed, while using SWYPE, and switch it with one of the suggested entries. This feature is awesome in SWYPE and it is not present in the 4.2 keyboard. Other than that one thing, I would say the new keyboard is spectacular. Especially having the dedicated Google Voice dictation button. I really hated not having that on SWYPE and having to either use Dragon or switch manually from the input menu to Google Voice dictation.

  • Blake Peterman

    The notification for stop watch is a little off. Also it will be great when we get voice functions integrated.

  • bob

    Is there any way to get rid of the notification to switch keyboards once I install the 4.2 keyboard?

    • ddevito

      disable the old one in apps (All tab) and reboot.

      • panicswhenubered

        Thanks, that eliminated the redundant keyboards.

  • Michael G

    Had a FC on the keyboard when I attempted to choose a word and it was going to let me move it to another spot. Is this something new to the keyboard? I’ve always used SwiftKey. Other than that, it works great. I’ve used Swype before but I’m not sure how this stacks up to it. Seems pretty good.

  • thepeddle

    The Keyboard Works just fine on my Galaxy S i9000 running the latest nightly build of cyanogenmod 4.1.2.

  • j__h

    Timer??? Does that mean we can now set a timer from google now

  • Doug

    What’s with the difference between the hour style and the minute style. It just looks funny to me. I actually really liked the look/utility of the standard jelly bean clock app. Not sure what the “improvement” was here? Thought the old style looked much cleaner.

    • Steve Benson

      The improvement? They added a stopwatch and a timer.

  • Any .apk love non-rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 owners?

  • AJA0

    4.2’s keyboard accuracy is very low, and you can’t add custom words. FAIL.

    • Core Rooted

      Actually, that is incorrect. If you double click the word (after you’ve typed it), you get a menu to copy|cut|paste|add to dictionary. Accuracy has been just fine here.

    • ddevito

      you do know this is a leaked version right?

  • Bummer. The Clock app is force quitting in the background and tapping the Alarms button also crashes it for some reason. Running CM10 (JB, nightlies) on my Galaxy Nexus (VZ).

    Keyboard works beautifully though!

  • Anybody know when this will be available for non rooted users ? I was for a while, but I don’t need it anymore.

  • Tasso Patrikios

    Clock App doesn’t work the HTC EVO 3D, but keyboard works AMAZINGLY!!!!!

  • jmartin

    What icons are on the screen shot?

  • Bigwavedave25

    Installed keyboard and all works great except for one thing…
    I can’t seem to find a setting or anything that allows cursor movement with the volume rocker. I loved that feature from the stock keyboards!

    Anyone have this working? Any tips? I’m running AOKP [JB]M1. Thanks!!!

  • joejoe5709

    Love the new clock app! Had some trouble FC’ing. Had to uninstall the standard clock app and reboot my phone. Keyboard is better.

  • zUFC

    Do you have to be rooted for the keyboard? I know you do for the clock but I’m not sure about keyboard. I have that earlier build from a few days ago (and I love it)

  • Anyone else having problems with auto correct not displaying properly? Mine is showing up as microscopic letters when I type normally as opposed to swiping .

  • The keyboard works fine on the HTC Desire HD. The Clock is OK, but fc’s as expected when pressed.

  • I’m getting a fc error on the new version of the keyboard on my SGSIII running AOKP JB Milestone 1, anyone have any clue what to do to get it working?

  • Brian Parker

    I have flashed it and the keyboard installed fine. But whenever I try to swipe on the keyboard, it force closes. It works fine for non-swipe input.

  • Michael swaim

    Works great on my HTC Rezound. Rooted running the ICS update.

  • Tyler

    Does google now still set alarms for the app? or that broken?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Works flawlessly SGSIII CM10

  • Does the new launcher from 4.2 work on the galaxy nexus? I want those new wallpapers without having to set them through the gallery app.

  • C-Law

    The alarm force closes on me. Gnex with Bugless beast

  • The keyboard word suggestion row is broken in my GNex after the flash. I can see only top 15-20% of the text and can’t make out what they are. 🙁 Otherwise it’s good so far.

    And the clock app keeps crashing from time to time, specially when trying to launch the alarm.

    • Chris Pinola

      same exact issue

      • Easiest way to fix this is to open up Titanium, back up your stock clock app, long click on the old clock app and uninstall it, and then reboot. Wa-la!

        • Chris Pinola

          sorry, I’m talking about the keyboard prediction area, I haven’t even installed the clock

    • Could it be something with the theme your using? Because mine is working fine on CM10 with the stock theme. Just a thought.

      • I’m on AOKP Build 5 and afterburner theme. But a theme should not be cutting off keyboard area, right? IDK. 🙁

        • Chris Pinola

          this is probably it. i’m also using a theme (Tangerine) but on AOKP JB MS1. i switched back to the ‘System’ theme and it works exactly as its supposed to. really unfortunate, never had this kind of issue with a theme before :/

    • Same issue

  • RW-1

    I like the KB, though I think the swipe line could be reverted to the thinner one in the previous version. The best part is if you don’t like it, you don’t really have to revert, just turn off gesture typing in its options ….

  • Is anyone else having problem with the display of the digital clock in the app? When I go in there is a vertical white bar that runs through the middle of the time. It sort of seems like an artifact of the analog clock as when I switch to that view it seems to be part of the design.

  • Brian

    Does not work for gingerbread. Tried flashing this on my Droid Charge and it removed my stock android keyboard.

  • Jon

    keyboard works great. I don’t need a video or instructions to use this keyboard. It just works. I could never say that about swype. I watched the video and never got the hang of it.

  • Josh

    Any of you know what weather widget this is? http://goo.gl/hvh6p

    • Beautiful Widgets. The OG of weather widgets.

      • archer


    • TheDrunkenClam

      Wait which wallpaper is this? I didn’t see it in the nexus 4 download from this site.
      Also, how do I add images to the wallpaper selection (the one that comes up when you long press on the home screen) because cropping these isn’t ideal. I hope this makes sense as to what I’m asking here. Thanks.

  • Pmagent2013

    can someone just make the keyboard an apk like the early version? i have a razr maxx hd and am not ready to root it yet. Thank you in advance

  • Robert MacDonald

    Works great on Galaxy Note I717

  • al brown

    keyboard works on the razr maxx.. awesome

    • zUFC

      Did you ue the APK? or are you rooted

  • Inquizitor

    Sweet! I held off on the first one, but I’m now ready to jump in. Plus the clock app looks amazing, first real update (that’s more than just a switch to holo) since it was made.

  • DanWazz

    Keyboard works well. Feels smoother than the last build. I like it.

  • Keyboard is just like Swype but DAMMIT its cool!

  • Just FYI. The clock and keyboard work fine on the nexus 7

  • if I flash this keyboard and I don’t like it, how can I get the default keyboard back?

    • KennyVeltre

      both keyboards stay installed.

    • ddevito

      rename the old keyboard in /system/app before flashing, then you can always revert

    • DanWazz

      Switch to it in settings.

  • SubMatrix

    Doesnt look like you can tap words and replace them with suggested words. Really handy when you mis-swipe a word and need to correct it. With this keyboard, you have to reswipe it.

    Anyone know if this keyboard would work on gingerbread?

    • RW-1

      I don’t seem to have that issue on my GNex, The windows showing what you its interpretation of your swiping is shown around the suggested words, if you let go you can still tap on the suggestions,

      • SubMatrix

        I’m talking about after you’ve already swiped the word, then go back to change it (usually because it guessed wrong)

  • ddevito

    I’m loving the design of the clock app – a clean modern looking UI. Cheers Google.

    • Raven

      Personally, I think it is too clean. At least give it some tick marks. I would like to see 4 big ticks at the big quarters and maybe some dots for the other hours.

  • Flyinion

    Anyone actually use the stock keyboard over something like swiftkey………assuming you already own something like swiftkey. I.e. have you dumped a keyboard app to go back to the stock keyboard? I think it’s cool that Google is adding functionality to what used to be a really poor keyboard, but I’m also wondering if I’m missing out on something now by continuing to use swiftkey over one of the stock ones.

    • Justin Swanson

      I usually use Swype. I have spent the last few days using the old build of this keyboard and actually really liked it. I don’t know if I’ll keep with it or go back to swype, but it is definitely faster. It’s also easier to add words that the Swype Beta. I don’t know why they took out the tap to add words when they switched to “Beta”

    • Jwhap

      I don’t know……. I actually have used both swype and swift key. I wanted to use stock for a bit and have been for about six months. I would not call it a really poor keyboard. I think folks get used to things like swype and think that the stock keyboard sucks. It is actually very functional.

      • Flyinion

        Nah you misunderstand. When I saw poor I’m talking back in the OG Droid days of eclair, froyo, and maybe even gingerbread era stock keyboards.

        • Jwhap

          Agreed on that……. But ICS on Hs been good.

    • DanWazz

      I’ve been using the stock keyboard since I bought my Nexus. Its much better than it used to be. The word prediction isn’t as good a swiftkey, but I like the stock look and feel.

    • lostsync

      I use stock usually, but lately I’m on “Jelly Bean Keyboard Pro,” which I like for the split layout in landscape, and the ability to make the keyboard generally smaller. I’m a pretty good mobile typist these days and I don’t really need the keyboard to take up more than 1/3 of a 4.65″ screen. I’d rather be able to see more of the message I’m replying to or whatever.

    • PigHeaded

      Just wait for Swiftkey flow. It’s the best of both worlds.

    • jab416171

      I’ve been using the stock keyboard on my gnex since I bought it last year, and I just installed swiftkey about a month ago to get used to it again after hearing about their swipe update. I used to use swiftkey as my primary keyboard on my thunderbolt, but since ICS (and JB), I went back to stock.

  • usmitcboy

    I have NEVER liked that clock widget

  • guest

    The files have been pulled.

    • Rajiv Kanumilli

      still up for me

      • Justin Swanson

        I just downloaded them

  • Gs3 perfectly fine.. Rooted Verizon

    • Steve Young

      anyone have any luck on stock unrooted gs3? I was able to install the one from a couple days ago via apk but this one won’t install… any ideas?

  • Brittany N

    I wish the keyboard was available as a apk since I’m not rooted

    • Justin Swanson

      Do you have a non-AOSP phone? (Something Samsung/HTC) you might be able to extract the APK from teh zip and install it.

      • Brittany N

        I have an rezound…how can I do that?

        • lostsync


          *Disclaimer: Their instructions look right, but I can’t vouch for their downloads, as I haven’t tried them myself.

          • Brittany N


          • NCSUgolfer01

            What happens if you install this file on a non-rooted galaxy nexus?

          • lostsync

            I don’t think it’ll install on a non-rooted galaxy nexus because it’ll conflict with the AOSP keyboard.

  • for whatever reason the keyboard worked for me but not the clock, also the camera app doesnt work for me either the other day.. on GNex

  • Ashot Harutyunyan

    I love this community. we pretty much have android 4.2 by now lol

  • Jared

    Is this a more stable version of the keyboard than was posted before? I am waiting for something that people say works. Otherwise, I’ll just wait for 4.2 in the form of a ROM.

    • Brien Gerber

      Works great on AOKP 5 on Galaxy Nexus

  • Brian

    Clock force closes on me if I set an alarm. Anyone else?

    • Same here but on launch

      Edit: FC’d on my once at launch now just on setting an alarm. I believe the dev who zipped this mentioned it as a known issue.

      • sam_evans7

        Same here; when hitting + to set an alarm… (I’m running Eclipse 2.1.)

      • Patrick Cedrowski

        To fix the Force Close issue after flashing the zip:
        1) Uninstall or Disable the original Clock app
        2 ) Clear data in the new Clock app
        3) Reboot

        • I’ve done exactly that and it still FCs when I try to create an alarm. Oh well, I’ll just wait. I’ve already got the new Gmail and camera so the clock isn’t a big deal.

          • dhirensavalia

            I was having the same issue. I renamed the apk from “DeskClockGoogle” to just “DeskClock” and then everything started to work fine.

          • Hothfox

            This helped me – the new clock wasn’t even showing up at first until I renamed and rebooted. No FCs either.

    • I read about people w/ the same issue going to the app setting section and clearing data would fix that

    • I had the same problem. Go into Titanium Backup, uninstall the old clock and reboot. That should fix it.

      • Yeah I forgot to mention that when I sent it in sorry.

    • chanstar

      Backup old Clock. Delete the old Clock apk from system/app and possibly data/app and reboot. Issue resolved.

      • Greyhame

        Is uninstalling a simple delete from those folders?

        • chanstar

          Yes, with something like Root Explorer.

        • chanstar

          (Not sure if this is a duplicate post) But yes, with something like Root Explorer.

  • I don’t understand the clock widget. Why have something that tells you a vague estimation of the time when you have a clock on top? Even if you have bad eyes, this will only get you within a minute or 2 of the actual time. /shrug

    • PuzzleShot

      Just aesthetics I suppose. Form over function?

    • balthuszar

      every clock widget i’ve ever used has used the system time to give the time…unless i’m mistaken…?

      • I think he was saying he doesn’t understand why you’d use an analog clock widget on a digital item like a phone. The time will be correct whether digital or analog but if it’s analog you really can’t say oh it’s 12:42 for sure, you can just guess that it looks like its 1245 or something.

        • socalrailroader

          For looks, like watches, digital is boring 🙂

          • KreeTerry

            most digital is boring, some are kinda interesting. while i do admit clock widgets are redundant but i just love the look of it

        • balthuszar

          ah, ok…i understand now…thank you 🙂

    • Nostalgia. Lots of people just love the look of an analog clock and most people really don’t care about time to the minute in most cases.

    • AranelAlasse

      Actually, I prefer analog clocks in some situations. Like if I have a deadline.

      There’s just something about the angle of where the minute hand *currently* is compared to where the minute hand *should* be when the deadline hits that has real meaning to me. It gives me a much better idea of how much stuff I can get done in between.

      In the same deadline-driven scenario, with a digital clock, I have to actually *read* the time and then imagine that time on an analog clock. Then I can finally realize how much stuff I can get done before the deadline. Digital clocks make me do an extra step.

  • Bogdan Gechka

    whats the icon pack that i see in the previews?

    • Tersus from Kovdev. Search for it on Google Play.

    • landon

      Tersus by Kovdev. In play store.

  • Fernando Montenegro

    The keyboard app is an update from the last one?

    • James Jun

      The one before seemed to be an early build, this is the one that was running on more recent software as seen on the Verge and other sites.

    • Yes, it’s an update. MUCH better. Trust me! 😉